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Shipping a Boat from California to Florida

Boat Shipping to Florida Company in the US, we are Shipping a Boat from California to Florida experts, Florida Boat Haulers in South Florida, Nationwide and Overseas. One of the best Florida Boat Transport Companies!

Boat Transport Florida

Similar to other states, Florida Boat Transport demands compliance with state regulations. Generally, when a company is operating in Florida, the regulations aren’t that strict. Once a transporter moves the vessel to the major highway system, the route is typically clear.

Boat Shipping Florida with We Will Transport It

The major Interstates 75 and 95 have high clearance and minimal hindrances to contend with an oversized vessel. Boat transportation in this state is a huge business because it’s a great vacation destination and considerable transport activity originates from boat owners shipping from the north to the south.

For stress-free boat shipping to Florida, we have your needs covered. Moreover, our professionals will transport your boat safely while adhering to the regulations. If you’re thinking of shipping a boat to Florida, check out our great online ranking. This invaluable guide will also help you prepare for transportation.

Regulations for Boat Transportation in Florida

  • A pilot car is necessary when the boat surpasses 12ft wide and two pilot vehicles are necessary when transporting a boat that surpasses 14ft wide. Florida boat movers and haulers must acquire permits when boats surpass 8.5′ wide and more than 13.5′ tall loaded.
  • If the loaded boat’s height surpasses 14ft 6 inches, an escort is necessary. However, if the height surpasses 16 ft, two escorts are necessary.

How to Prepare Your Boat for Shipment

Although a reputable company will gladly walk you through the preparation steps, you can implement some instructions and tips.

  • When preparing your vessel for transportation, it’s vital you secure everything regardless of the distance your boat is traveling. Make sure you secure anything that extends past the hull and anything that could damage the boat during the journey. Consider securing hatches using tape to prevent leaks and potential water damage. Remember to tape the interior cabinet doors as well.
  • Clean and inspect the boat.
  • Shipping a Boat from California to Florida

Boat Shipping to Florida with WWTI

Boat Shipping Florida with We Will Transport It


Certified Boat Shipping to Florida Company in the US

A thorough vessel inspection is of great significance to evaluate any pre-transit modifications you might need to make. Take note of your boat’s general condition to the detail.

This way, you’ll be informed of any repairs that might worsen after transportation.

Take photos as proof in case of damages after the shipment. If you can’t do so yourself, consider having it inspected by a licensed marine surveyor.

    • Eliminate hazardous substances such as fuel

You have to drain your vessel off the fuel. If possible, do so to the last drop. Although it’s unlikely, there’s always a 1% probability of fires and accidents during boat shipment. Beware that the existence of fuel may intensify the circumstance. In this case, you’d rather be safe than sorry.

  • Examine the Tires and the Wheel

Your boat trailer’s wheels must be in proper condition when it comes to grip and pressure. The tires should have proper inflation to support the vessel’s weight. Beware that an improperly inflated one might blow up during transit and could lead to a serious accident.

The pressure shouldn’t be too low or too high either. You should also have a spare tire for your trailer. After all, accidents occur all the time, so it’s best to be prepared. It’s advisable to inspect the wheels, ensuring the proper greasing of bearings and tightening of bolts.

  • Disconnect Connections

Unscrewing the antennas, flag masts, and disconnecting electronics from your boat makes general transportation easy, particularly for the loading procedure. You should also disconnect batteries and anything electrical. You should lower anything greater than 13ft to prevent any inconveniences during transit.

  • Don’t use boat covers, shrink wraps or canopy

The transportation of boats occurs best contrary to popular conviction. You might argue that your boat needs covering to protect it against potential damage and dust. In most instances, however; strong winds rip the covers, causing it to flap against the vessel and particularly the windshield.

Listing Your Vessel for Transportation

Start planning your vessel transport at least weeks before the shipping date. This will give you sufficient time to research your choices when it comes to selecting a boat carrier and shopping for quotes while preparing your vessel for pickup.

You should hire your transporter, verify pickup and drop-off dates at least two weeks before shipment. For global international shipping, carriers will require extra time to research quotes and prepare their vessel properly for protracted transport.

You’ll need to recognize your boat’s measurements in order to obtain the most precise boat transportation quotes.

Looking for Boat Shipping Companies in Florida?

As a Florida Boat Transport Company, it is important to collect precise measurements when during measurement to ensure suitable transportation and eradicate costly fees. This information can offer a quote for the shipping, including permits and licenses.

Boat Shipping Florida with We Will Transport It

The best way of obtaining the most precise bids from the most competent transporters involves building a fully detailed listing. Make sure you include photos and measurements, listing any unique requirements your vessel might have.

Selecting a boat transport company is all about reliability and safety. Our company guarantees the safe and timely delivery of your boat once you hire us.

We also do International Boat Shipping and International Yacht Shipping

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