Enclosed Vehicle Transport Services

enclosed vehicle transport servicesIf you have a vehicle that needs to be transported, you can rely on We Will Transport It, Inc. to provide you with the quality transport services your project requires. If you have a special vehicle, such as a rare vehicle, antique or collector car or a sports car, it is only normal that you want to make sure it is given the utmost protection in care while it is transported to its new destination.

When it comes to transporting your car from one destination to another, there are some very specific differences in enclosed transport and open car transport. When you are contacting us to get a quote, there are several things to consider before getting a quote so you can tell us if you want your vehicle to be enclosed or sent by open transport.

The Differences in Opting for Enclosed Vehicle Transport

Just as the name implies, enclosed transport carriers are completely enclosed. The semi-trailer has side and roof panels that protect the vehicles that are being hauled from the elements as well as road hazards. Enclosed carriers can only carry two to four vehicles depending on size, which is less than half the capacity you would find on an open trailer. Because the trucks cannot transport as many vehicles in an enclosed trailer, the cost of using enclosed transport is much higher.

There are certain transport situations that definitely require enclosed vehicle transport. As an example, if you are shippingย  a vehicle that has a high value, such as an exotic sports car, a rare care, or a restored antique car. When you ship with an enclosed carrier, you are going to have higher insurance protection. An enclosed carrier has coverage equal to $1 million per vehicle. If you have a vehicle valued at $100,000 or more, antique or classic car, expensive exotic luxury sports car, or a customized motorcycle, it is usually worth the extra cost for enclosed transport.

Transport Services You Can Trust

Here at We Can Transport It, Inc., we use experienced A+ DOT carriers, all our drivers are licensed and insured, and we have a proven track record of 5-star service with more than 400 reviews giving us 5 out of 5 stars. When you choose us, there are no hidden fees and you won’t be asked to pay upfront deposits. Our drivers will assess your vehicle for damage both before and after delivery to make sure you are pleased with the results.

The Costs Affiliated with Enclosed Vehicle Transport

As previously mentioned, a trailer that is enclosed can haul only two to four vehicles compared to the eight to 10 that an open trailer can haul. That means the transport your vehicle, the cost will be divided between two or four vehicle owners instead of eight or 10 vehicles. When it comes to enclosed auto transport companies located in Florida, people have come entrust We Will Transport It, Inc. with their needs. Call 855-600-1118 today to get your free enclosed transport quote.

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