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An Enclosed Auto Transport Carrier service protects cars from the elements and potential damage by shipping them in a secure, fully enclosed trailer. Shipments of this type are ideal for vehicles with high values or classics.

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Are you considering shipping your vehicle in an enclosed carrier? There are a number of factors to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to ship your car enclosed.

The choice should be based on your individual transport needs, but here are some things to consider when making your decision.

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enclosed auto transport, we will transport it


Enclosed transport refers to the type of trailer you will ship your vehicle. An enclosed car carrier will be enclosed on all sides. The enclosed trailer protects your precious vehicle from transit elements such as extreme weather or road debris. While the risk of damage to your car during the transport is small, it does exist. Enclosed shipping might be your best option to eliminate this risk.

Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers it is more secure in 2023

Enclosed auto shipping is optimal for someone shipping luxury, classic, or high-valued cars. It is also a standard method for shipping motorcycles. While the price of shipping a vehicle enclosed will be higher when compared to open carrier shipping, some customers prefer to pay more and have the comfort of knowing that their car will be delivered in the exact condition that it was picked up in.

Two Main Types of Enclosed Carriers

  1. Hard-sided: These carriers are enclosed by steel or aluminum walls on all sides. This carrier provides the utmost protection from outside elements and hazards that could harm your vehicle. Hard-sided trailers are the ideal choice if you ship a precious, classic antique or luxury vehicle.
  2. Soft-sided: This type of trailer is enclosed with soft walls made from canvas. A soft-sided carrier will generally be the cheaper of the two. However, it offers less protection than the hard-sided trailer.

Other Factors That Affect Car Transport Prices

  1. Time of year: Believe it or not, the season can affect the transport price. During an area’s busy season, the demand for transportation will increase. This will subsequently drive prices up. If your transport dates are flexible, our representatives can help you find the cheapest time of year to ship in your area.
  2. The size of the vehicle: The length, width, height, and weight of the vehicle will factor into the price to ship the car. A vehicle of greater size or weight will take up more space on a carrier and, thus, cost more.
  3. The route and distance of the trip: This factor will play the most significant role in calculating the price of your transport. When truck drivers price their loads, they will do it based on a fixed price per mile. Therefore, the more miles your vehicle travels, the more the transport will cost. If your car is being transported to or from a remote area far off the beaten path or challenging to get to, this too can drive up the transport price.

Increased Insurance Coverage with an enclosed car carrier

An enclosed carrier has a 1 million dollar insurance policy per vehicle, whereas an opened page has only a 100,000 dollar insurance policy per vehicle. So, people transporting their cars valued at 100,000 dollars or more should ship them in an enclosed trailer or Enclosed Auto Transport.


The most significant benefit of shipping your vehicle enclosed is the safety and security of the vehicle. The enclosed trailer(Enclosed Car Shipping) protects your vehicle from all elements of the air and the road. It is also climate-controlled.


As we already discussed, the price is the most significant disadvantage of shipping in an enclosed carrier. Enclosed auto transport will be more expensive than shipping in an open auto carrier.

Ship your car with a company you can trust

If you are searching for an enclosed auto transport company, you have come to the right place. We take pride in offering the best car transportation services available.

As a trusted and experienced enclosed car transport company, we offer door-to-door transport services while adhering to your requirements. Our representatives will guide you through every step of the process.

One of the most impressive facts about our Enclosed Car shipping company is our immense industry knowledge. We have made the transport process simple and easy. Our mission is to take the stress off of the customer and deliver premium services. Please don’t trust your precious vehicle with anyone but the best; We Will Transport It.


  • Motorcycles transport
  • Antique or classic cars transport
  • Expensive luxury sports cars transport
  • Any vehicle valued at $100,000 or more

The difference between enclosed and open car carriers transport

Open car transport carrier

Most people choose this option due to its cost-effectiveness. Multiple vehicles can be transported simultaneously on open carriers, reducing per-vehicle costs. Then, the main benefit is that shipping a car using an open car carrier is cheaper.

Enclosed car transport carrier

The extra protection provided by this option is ideal for cars with high values, such as classics, sports cars, antique cars, and luxury vehicles. Therefore, enclosed carriers will cost more to ship cars.


Why is shipping enclosed more expensive?

Shipping a car using an enclosed trailer is more expensive because enclosed carriers can only transport 2-4 vehicles, less than half of what the open carrier can. While the carrier is only holding half the capacity of the open carrier, they will still have the same expenses for the trip.

Then the only disadvantage is that shipping cars is more expensive. Enclosed transport trailers are more expensive due to higher levels of care, higher insurance coverage and fewer cars are moved this way.

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