Properly Preparing Your Boat for Transport

preparing a boat for transport want to reach its destination in excellent condition and free from any damage. First, you need to carefully check your boat for existing damage and take note of it. This way, you will be able to identify any new damage in the rare event something should go wrong during transit.

If you are unable to prepare the boat for transport yourself, you should have an experineced boat yard that is qualified for such projects to take care of it for you. You might even want to have your boat inspected by a marine surveyor as well. Before the transport truck arrives, make sure your boat is ready to go. It is recommended to prepare it early in case the transport company needs to come a day or so earlier because of the weather or any other pending issues.

Before you dismantle anything that is on your boat, you should take pictures of your watercraft so you have something to refer to when you are putting your boat back at its new destination. Take all of your personal items out of your boat. Clean the exterior of the boat, carefully checking for any damages. Make a list of any problems then take photographs stamped with the date to show existing damages. The transport driver should go over a condition report with you when you both check for damages at the time of pickup.

  • Your boat should be at a boatyard or marina that offers a clearance of at least 14 feet so electrical wires and branches won’t interfere with the boat’s removal.
  • Make sure any gear that is loose on the boat gets secured properly.
  • After closing the hatches, secure them by either tying them or taping them. If they leak, avoid water damage by sealing them.
  • From the outside, latch then tape cabin windows.
  • Drain the water and fuel tanks and take out any of the hull’s drain plugs.
  • During the winter months, to prevent damage you should drain the water from all air conditioners, water systems, and pumps.
  • Batteries should be disconnected and their cables should be secured to avoid contact.
  • Remove any anchors or valuable electronics. Secure and properly pad all the items that you can inside the boat’s cabin. Do the same with any windshield or plexiglass extending over the flying bridge.
  • If there is something large, such a dinghy, secure it on board the boat and pad it properly.
  • Any fly-bridge or radar arch might have to be removed. If removed, they must be padded then properly secured to the boat.

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