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Car Shipping Florida with We Will Transport It. Sunshine auto movers, Florida is known as “The Sunshine State,” and rightly so; this southern peninsula receives over 200 sunny days a year, on average. Even so, much of the state is besieged by severe weather, particularly hurricanes and thunderstorms. Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Wilma are two of the most costly hurricanes to ever hit the United States, and both struck in the state of Florida. We are the premier company for Sunshine State Auto Transport!

Despite the regular occurrence of severe weather, Florida is a major tourist destination, and the tourism industry makes up a significant portion of the state’s economy. Attractions such as Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando,  as well as scenic beaches, drive flocks of tourists to the state each year.

Transportation in Florida is served by many interstate routes, including I-4, I-10, I-75, and I-95. The Ronald Reagan Turnpike, also known as the Florida Turnpike, is a state toll road that runs north-south through eleven Florida counties. This is the 3rd heaviest traveled turnpike in the country.

What you should know about Car Transport Florida

Regarding Auto Shipping Florida clients often wonder about how costs are calculated on shipping quotes. Fuel costs, toll roads or turnpikes, and weigh station costs will all factor into the quoted price. The size and weight of your car and current demand for carriers (depending on the season or time of year) will also figure into the cost of your auto transport Florida quote.

Car Shipping Florida. Since many people from northern states tend to relocate to Florida during the winter, the season in which you require transportation will play a large role in the total cost of your quote. If you are in Florida and need your car shipped during the late winter or early spring, you may well be fighting for a spot on a truck with dozens of snowbirds who are shipping their cars home. This will drive up the cost of shipping.

With all these diverse factors at play, you may be worried about how you can get the best cost for your auto shipping Florida needs.

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Car Shipping Florida, we will transport it car shipping florida

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At We Will Transport It, we only work with car transport carriers that have A+ DOT drivers, plenty of goodwill in the community, and a lengthy reputation for superb customer service and reliability. Every We Will Transport It customer can rest assured knowing that their car will be in good hands, no matter which of our listed carriers they use.

When you request a quote using our online form, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible with a couple of quotes from nearby carriers.

Florida Auto Transport

Door-to-door car transport, open-air carriers, enclosed carriers, and even more options are available through the carriers listed with We Will Transport It. The worry and stress of moving may make car shipping Florida seem like a hassle, but with our auto transport specialists, you can enjoy an easy, worry-free experience.

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Car Shipping Florida

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