Preparing for Yacht Transportation

Preparing for Yacht Transportation

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Preparing for Yacht Transportation

With the proper preparation and knowledge, yacht transport can be done quickly and easily. Many often think that transporting a boat such as a yacht is the same as transporting any other vehicle, but in fact, there are a few differences.

Preparing for Yacht Transportation

Are you ready to list your boat for transport? We understand that transporting your boat can seem like a daunting task which is why we suggest you begin researching your options as early as possible. This will help you gather the needed info on what options you need and being able to make an informed decision with no pressure.

Prepare the Yacht for Shipment

Before takes over we want you to know that while in our care your boat will be taken care of. However, before handing it over to us we recommend that all clients take the needed time to remove any loose items, personal belongings or anything that you may need access to while the boat is being transported.

In addition to smaller sized boats, yachts may require extra preparation such as working to secure the mast by removing all stays, spreaders, shrouds and external halyards. You should always label each before securely packing them inside the boat. This should include securing all turnbuckles so they will not come to lose during boat transport. To simplify things you can also remove the mast headlights, wind instruments and even any removable antennas. There is just a few suggestions and as always we can advise you on other aspects if need be.

We also encourage that you ask any and all questions in advance to ensure that you understand the entire process and allow us to put your mind at ease. You may even want to consider contacting the marina or end destination to find out of there are any specific rules that need to be followed when your boat is moving from one body of water to another.

Most docking areas or marinas will be able to give you more in-depth information on how to properly prepare your boat before transport. When contacting us for a quote we will be able to give you different options to review and help to find the most affordable solution to fit your individual needs. can ship your yacht by water or land so getting it to where it needs to be will not be an issue.

Yacht transportation services

Our Yacht Transportation Services is the top of the line if you need to move your yacht nationwide or overseas.  If you are in need of shipping your boat we encourage you to contact us today so we can help make this process an easy one. We are available via phone or email to answer your questions and address any concerns that you may have.

First, you’ll want to be sure and clean your boat and take photos to document the condition of the Yacht prior to transportation. Document any damage or wear and tear that may already exist on the boat.

Next, provide your yacht transporter with accurate vessel specs, so appropriate stowage space can be allocated.

Make sure all of your possessions on the yacht are secured. If a feature or item isn’t completely nailed down or could easily be damaged during even the slightest of voyages, you need to take measures to protect it in advance.

Be sure to drain all fuel and water tanks and also consider flushing and sanitizing your tanks, so the boat is as light as possible. Also, disconnect all batteries to conserve power.

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