You’ve probably heard some of these common car myths before—we’re here to bust them!

Warming Up Your Car

If your car is less than two decades old, it’s almost certainly fuel injected… which means warming up your car does nothing for your car itself on those cold mornings… you’re just letting it idle so you’re warmed up when you get in.

Got a Need for Speed?

When you get behind the wheel and see a higher max on the speedometer, does it drive home what a powerful, high-performance vehicle you’re driving? Well, think again. The max on the speedometer doesn’t mean much: car makers sometimes pad the max just to give you that impression.

Four Wheel Drive for Frosty Days

Four wheel drive is great, and it can get you out of some sticky situations. But front wheel drive with snow tires is a better bet than all-wheel drive on all-season tires. The takeaway? Tire type is more important.

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