The Different Kinds of Auto Transport Services

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Auto Transport Services

Learn about the different kinds of auto transport services and let us help you determine which option is best for you!

If you are in need of having a vehicle transported, you need to make yourself aware of the choices that are available so you can choose the best vehicle for your particular situation and individual needs. How you want to have your vehicle transported might also be dependent upon the kind of vehicle that you are having transported and its overall value as well. Auto transport is most often done by tractor-trailer trucks. Each kind of transport has its advantages and disadvantages, and both can get your car to its destination safely.

Open Trailer Transport

The most commonly chosen vehicle transport uses open trailers. Using this approach, the vehicles are loaded onto the trailer, which usually is a double-decker. A full-sized tractor pulls the double-decker trailer. It often makes stops along the way dropping off vehicles and picking up other vehicles. The vehicles are angled so the truck can haul the maximum load. Because it has no enclosure, there is a risk of damage to the vehicle. Usually, there is no problem in transporting the cars with an open trailer, but the vehicles are exposed to the elements and road hazards.

Auto Transport Services

There are several advantages to using open trailer transport and it can be used in many situations. Open trailer transport is much less expensive and is viable under the following circumstances:

  • When transporting a farther distance
  • Transporting a car that is used regularly or your everyday driver
  • If you want to transport your vehicle at a much more affordable price
  • If you are needing vehicle transport on short notice
  • If your vehicle is shorter than 7 feet and has at least 4 inches of ground clearance

Enclosed Trailer Transport

Enclosed trailer transport is used quite often for vehicle transport, but it isn’t used as frequently as open trailer transport. This transport service is more expensive because only four vehicles can fit in an enclosed trailer. Enclosed trailers offer a higher amount of protection for vehicles because there is no exposure to elements or road hazards. There is a different loading process as well because enclosed trailers use a hydraulic lift to load and unload and all vehicles are positioned at the same angle of 0 degrees. Enclosed trailers use a soft tie-down method, which doesn’t put any strain on the vehicle chassis.

Enclosed trailer shipping is not recommended for all vehicles. Because of the limited space for hauling vehicles inside a trailer, the additional cost isn’t worth it for moving your everyday driver from one place to another. There are some vehicles that can definitely benefit from enclosed transport. Among those vehicles are exotic vehicles, rare cars, or antique or classic cars that have been restored. Enclosed shipping is recommended for vehicles with less than 4 inches of ground clearance, a vehicle that would have its interior exposed to the elements if hauled outside, and if you are willing to pay more for transport for a moderate improvement in the transport services.

If you are looking for the right way to transport your vehicle, contact the experienced team at We Will Transport It Co. We will discuss the options, get the details about your vehicle, and help you make the best choice for your needs. We will then schedule a carrier so you can get your vehicle to its destination in a timely fashion. We are experienced and dedicated, so we will make sure your vehicle transportation needs are properly met.

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