Common Myths about Heavy Equipment Transportation

Heavy Equipment Transport From Alabama To Arkansas

Myths about Heavy Equipment Transportation

Heavy equipment like bulldozers, shovels, tractors, or dump trucks is necessary for any major construction or harvest job they are made for. Getting this heavy-duty equipment where it needs to be, on time, can sometimes be a difficult process.

Myths about Heavy Equipment Transportation

Bigger companies tend to have their own vehicles for shipping, but what about smaller businesses? Many times, one’s lack of knowledge about the shipping process can cause more problems than are necessary. Let us dispel some of these heavy equipment transportation myths for you.

Transporting Heavy Equipment is Unsafe

Many businesses are worried about the safety of their heavy machinery. They are expensive pieces of equipment and letting them out of one’s sight during the transport process can be a little daunting. However, heavy equipment transporters have the experience and knowledge to move your vehicles safely. If you have any worries about your transporting company or broker, do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. A good shipping company is unafraid of questions.

Pricing is Unpredictable

Pricing is not unpredictable if one goes with an experienced and well-established transporting broker or company. If pricing is unpredictable, it is because the company you are working with does not have the experience needed to give you a proper quote. Well-established brokers will have a registry of transporting companies they can call upon to get the job done for you. Some brokers can even transport your machinery themselves. Yet again, questions are key to making sure you are choosing the correct people for the job.

The Cheapest Option is the Best Option

Picking the cheapest option or quote available is a common mistake among those who wish to transport their heavy machinery. Businesses run to make a profit and the cheapest option for shipping seems like the best way to make more money on a project. However, the cheapest options rarely ever come from the best shipping companies. Some transporters will quote a low price but not meet the delivery window needed to start your project on time. Picking a well-respected transporter or brokerage with positive reviews is necessary to make sure your equipment arrives safe and on time.

Transport Brokers are a Waste of Money

Transport brokers will charge an extra fee to find a shipping company for you and facilitate communication between you and said company. Many people feel this is an unnecessary expenditure and would rather work directly with a shipping company for a lower price. However, this is not always as easy as it sounds. Many shipping companies do not have customer service so contacting such a company and asking about the status of your equipment can be extremely difficult. Also, if one has to ship over a great distance, more than one shipping company may be needed. All this planning and need for communication can be handled by a transport broker.

We Will Transport It has the ability to transport your heavy equipment for you or to find another shipping company that can. We have the ability, knowledge, and experience to get your vehicles where they need to be and within the appropriate time frame. Please contact us for a free quote or any shipping questions you may have.

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