When transporting an oversized unit, there are several pieces of information that you should have on hand and keep in mind. First, you should have the dimensional parameters, which include the unit’s length, width, height, and weight. These will need to be to the highest or widest part of your piece, be it a vent on top or mirrors on the sides. This all counts into the dimensions.

If the item moves under its own power is also important, if it does not it can still be transported but a winch or secondary truck will need to be utilized for the loading process.

Keep in mind that pieces that fall into the permitted category will cost extra for each state’s permit required and if large enough, spotting vehicles and sometimes police escorts are required for especially wide, tall, or heavy units.

Items coming out of auction sites usually require at least a buyer and item number but sometimes an actual release form has to be presented from the driver on site before the unit will be released.

Loading can occur very quickly in most cases depending on the location, but with a permitted item, it can take up to 5 days for some states to permit. This only pertains to items 70,000 lbs and over in some states and 12ft wide and over. Anything less requires a simple permit and is quickly processed. Even with over dimensional units that have a long permit process, loading can still occur out of a yard but the truck has to sit and wait on the permits before getting on the road for transport.

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