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Oversized Equipment Transport Companies

As one of the most reputable and known oversized transport companies on the planet, we know what it takes to transport any size of equipment or machinery safely and legally. Here at We Will Transport it Corp. We have an enormous wealth of knowledge and well over 20 years of experience when it comes to hauling trailers or any type of equipment, so you can rest assured that the process will go smoothly. We Will Transport It is by far one of the top-rated oversized and heavy equipment transport companies in Florida.

Oversized Equipment Transport Companies

As one of the premier oversized equipment transport companies in Florida, we specialize in transporting construction and mining equipment, farm equipment and all other types of heavy equipment. With service to all 50 states in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, we also provide service to Canada, Mexico and about 11 other international countries. We are the preferred shipper of oversized equipment all around the country. We also can provide you with a fair and budget-friendly oversize cargo transport cost quote.

Based on the dimensions of the equipment or units being shipped we will determine the best and most cost-effective method in which to transport your load. The oversize cargo transport cost for your equipment will vary based on the specific needs and the size of the equipment.


The equipment we use and dispatch out for heavy equipment shipping include Flatbed trailers, Stretch and extendable trailers, Removable gooseneck trailers up to 20 axles, Lowboy trailers, Over dimension lowboy trailers, step deck trailers, Double Drop Trailers, Hot Shot trailers and all types specialized trailers and configurations available. As the top-rated oversized and heavy equipment transport company based in Florida, our fleet allows us to be able to service all of your needs no matter where your equipment needs to be picked up from or delivered to.

Once we have determined which type of trailer will be needed or can handle your load, we will then determine the safest route possible. All oversized equipment transport companies follow the same basic routes. The major difference is that top-rated oversized and heavy equipment transport companies such as ours provide you with a worry-free experience as we handle all of the paperwork and permits from the individual states.

Some states may require certain oversized permits and additional insurance requirements when transporting between states and other countries, tax and duties may apply. Here at We Will Transport It. the price we give you will cover inclusively everything and anything needed to safely and legally transport your oversized or over-dimension load. Our oversize cargo transport cost quotes are always all-inclusive. Once your heavy equipment has been picked up by one of our fully experienced, licensed, insured and bonded carriers, our dispatch department alongside the representative appointed to your order will be in constant communication updating you throughout your entire transport until delivered. Our driver will also contact you 24 hours prior to your scheduled loading as well as 24 hours prior to your scheduled delivery.

How much does it cost to haul heavy equipment?

The cost to transport heavy equipment is based on several different factors. The size of the equipment is the main factor. If the equipment is oversized and will require permits then this will cause the price to be increased. Some additional factors include pickup and drop-off locations and the length of the transport route.

How do you transport large equipment?

Large equipment is usually transported on specialty trailers that can accommodate heavyweight. Commonly used is the removable gooseneck trailer. These trailers can handle a lot of weight because they have multiple axles. They can also accommodate equipment that is up to 12 feet tall. They also have the ability to detach the trailer from the transport harness so that the equipment can be driven directly onto the trailer without the use of additional ramps.

How much do heavy haulers make a year?

Heavy hauler salaries per year vary. Most drivers are paid not based on a set rate, but on a price per mile traveled during transporting. Therefore, based on the number of miles that a heavy hauler travels throughout the course of the year will determine how much money they make for the year.

How do I ship heavy equipment overseas?

To ship heavy equipment overseas, you are going to first have to find a company that transports it overseas. Once you have found a company that can you help you, the next step is getting your equipment to the port where they will be shipping your equipment from. You will also need to make sure that the transport company handles all of your customs paperwork if you do not plan on working with your own customs broker. Lastly, you need to reference your owner’s manual for your equipment to see what needs to be done to your equipment prior to shipping it overseas.

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