oversized equipment transport companiesAs one of the most reputable and known oversized transport companies on the planet, we know what it takes to transport any size equipment or machinery safely and legally. Here at We Will Transport it Corp. We have an enormous wealth of knowledge and well over 20 years of experience when it comes to hauling trailers or any type of equipment, so you can rest assured that the process will go smoothly.

Based on the dimensions of the equipment or units being shipped we will determine the best and most cost effective method in which to transport your load. The equipment we use and dispatch out for heavy equipment shipping include: Flatbed trailers, Stretch and extendable trailers, Removable gooseneck trailers up to 20 axles, Lowboy trailers, Over dimension lowboy trailers, step deck trailers, Double Drop Trailers, Hot Shot trailers and all type specialized trailers and configurations available.

Once we have determined which type trailer will be needed or can handle your load, we will then determine the safest route possible. Some states may require certain over-sized permits and additional insurance requirement’s when transporting between states and other countries, tax and duties may apply. Here at We Will transport It Corp. the price we give you will cover all inclusively everything and anything needed to safely and legally transport your over-sized or over dimension load. Once your heavy equipment has been picked up by one of our fully experienced, licensed, insured and bonded carriers, our dispatch department alongside the representative appointed to your order will be in constant communication updating you throughout your entire transport until delivered. Our driver will also contact you 24 hours prior to your scheduled loading as well as 24 hours prior to your scheduled delivery.

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