Customer – Joe (Auto)

We will transport it, joe-auto

Take an inside look into the vehicle transportation process! Listen to a recorded phone conversation between We Will Transport It, Inc. and Joe, a real customer.

WWTI: Transport.

Customer Joe: Yeah. Arte?

WWTI:   Speaking.

Customer Joe: Hi this is Joe.  How’re you doing?

WWTI:   How’re you doing?

Customer Joe:   Good, good.  I know you spoke to my son earlier…

WWTI:   I did.

Customer Joe:   Okay, so what’s the consensus?  What are we looking at?

WWTI:   Well this is a…I was explaining to him and then he gave me the breakdown.  I guess you had to do a little bit of legwork on your end as opposed to the vehicle getting picked up, you had to do some Power of Attorney and a tag. And I was explaining to him that my driver could pick it up and could wait until later on this evening/afternoon/late evening to pick this up, it’s just the only reason why I got into that route is cause he actually contacted me and said, “Hey Arte, listen do you have anything going from Cali over to the East Coast?”  And I said “Well you know hold on,” and I was looking through my holds, and you were on my holds and I said, “Listen and the guy had a price of a thousand dollars,” he goes, “I’ll do it for 11.”

I said, “Well I have it priced at 1225.”

And he was like, “I’ll do it for 11”, “like when can you pick up?”  He goes “I can pick up today and pick up in three hours I can pick up.”
And I said, “Well that’s not going to work cause when I spoke with you it just wasn’t going to be in your timeline.”

So I said, “Well listen if the gentleman gets off work say 6:00/7:00 o’clock tonight, is it available then?”

He goes, “Yeah I can send out a step … with ramps, you pull it right on there.”

I said, “Well I think he would like that even more because now you got this brand new vehicle going on to a trailer by…yeah a trailer by itself as opposed to being put on a seven to 10 car hauler with all these other vehicles.  I think you’d appreciate that a little bit more.”  I said “Well I’ll touch base with him.”  So he just contacted me about 10/15 minutes ago and I asked him cause when I spoke with your son I’m like, he was saying to me, “Do you think you could pull off and wait till tomorrow?”

I said “Well I’ll try. The driver said that he is here, if he gets a load he’s got to take what he can get.”  So I can’t even guarantee that, I can’t put him on standby and then something was to come up and you didn’t go and it just wasted his time and if he was going to base a load you know it wouldn’t be right so.  Were you able to do it sometime this evening by any chance or like I was explaining to your son it doesn’t have to have a tag on it.  I know you wanted to put it in the glove compartment but for the rate that you’re getting you might be able to just hold on to that and then UPS it overnight you know, what?  Forty/50 bucks.

Customer Joe:   Yeah I have everything ready I just have to put the license plates on and put the proof of insurance in there…

WWTI:   Right, all that’s …go ahead.

Customer Joe:   The Power of Attorney form I have at home, that’s just something I can fill out in a few minutes.

WWTI:   Okay.

Customer Joe:   What’s the latest this evening you can pick it up?

WWTI:   That’s what I’m going to do…a matter of fact if you want to wait one second I will…hold on I’ll call on my cellphone right now.   Give me one second okay while I got you on the…

Customer Joe:   Do I pay you or I pay him?

WWTI:   What’s that sir?

Customer Joe:   Do I pay him when he picks it up the deposit, or how does that work?

WWTI:   Well whatever the loading portion is going to be on it you’ll leave a… I got to send you over an e-sign, you sign it, you send it back, that point in time we’ll put a credit card our part for the loading portion which I think it’s going to be a hundred and 50…let me see where we’re at …yeah we’re looking at a hundred and 50, no more than a hundred and 50 …a hundred to a hundred and 50…the remaining balance is going to be paid by your son in forms of cash, cashier check and money order upon delivery.

Customer Joe:   Okay.

WWTI:   Okay just bear with me one second, I’m going to get him on the line.  Place you on a brief hold okay?

Customer Joe:   Yeah, no that’s fine.  Okay.