Customer – Austin (Oversized)

We will transport it, Austin Oversize

Take an inside look into the vehicle transportation process of a Truck, from Pennsylvania to Colorado! Listen to a recorded phone conversation between We Will Transport It, Inc. and Austin, a real customer.

WWTI:   Transport, please hold one minute.  Transport, thank you for holding.  Can I help you?

Customer Austin:   Yeah, is this Ben?

WWTI:   This is Ben.

Customer Austin:  Yeah Ben, this is Austin at Rocky Mountain Transload.

WWTI:   Hey Austin, how’re you doing?

Customer Austin:   I’m doing pretty good.  Hey I want to set up a thing to get that job done that you gave us quotes on.

WWTI:   Gotcha.  Alright, very good.  What was the timeframe that you finally worked out?

Customer Austin:   Well they’re talking about possibly doing it next week.

WWTI:   Next week.

Customer Austin:   Yeah.  Is that possible?

WWTI:   Yeah, that’d be fine.  What portion of next week are we thinking?

Customer Austin:   Well they’re going to have two guys drive out in a service truck and then we’re going to have a forklift there already and we’ve got to get everything assembled…disassembled, whatever…

WWTI:   Right.

Customer Austin:   They’re talking probably like Wednesday or Thursday of next week.  I’m trying to nail down an exact date so if you can have trucks there…

WWTI:   Gotcha, and are we going to need all the loads out the same day or…

Customer Austin:   You know that’s a good question, let me check with my boss and I can give you a call back on that.

WWTI:   That’s fine, can we…

Customer Austin:   Can it be done that way?

WWTI:   Yeah, let me pull this up.  I know we’ve looked at…now which method did they decide they wanted to go with?  Did they want to do the stretch loads or did they want to…

Customer Austin:   Yes.

WWTI:   Okay.  So they want to leave…

Customer Austin:   Because they want to do the unit in one piece…there’s two of them.

WWTI:   Okay… so okay let me see, step and then we looked at…okay so it’s going to be the same thing, so we’re going to need the two pieces that are over length, so two stretch loads then you needed the one RGN for the rail car and the two step decks for the rest, correct?

Customer Austin:   Yes I believe so, yeah.

WWTI:   Okay so five loads total.

Customer Austin:   Hmm hmm.

WWTI:   Okay, and let’s just…we’ll start from the beginning on that, get the dimensions.  What’s the dimensions again on the stretch loads, the full pieces?

Customer Austin:   Oh…good question? (Chuckle)

WWTI:   Let’s see…

Customer Austin:   Let’s see, they were 60..

WWTI:   Here we go, 60 feet long, five feet wide and nine feet high, and those were 15,000 pounds each on the two Wilsons right?

Customer Austin:  That’s correct, yes.

WWTI:   And there were two of those.  Yeah, here we go, I kept the notes.  So that’s the two stretch loads, okay, and those were going to be…those are 7,000 each on the stretch okay.  Then we have the rail car, now let’s see…

Customer Austin:   And we were going to try to get the truck on there.

WWTI:   Right. The rail car…

Customer Austin:    If for some reason it can’t…if for some reason it can’t one of the guys will drive it back I guess is what they said, but if they get it on that would be better.

WWTI:   Okay.  So we got the railcar with that, 13 feet long, 10 feet wide, 12 feet high, 35,000 for the rail car right?

Customer Austin:   Yes, yes.

WWTI:   RGN, and then if we can’t fit…I know we had looked at…okay we looked at if we can fit the truck it’ll be 55 hundred for that;  if we can’t fit the truck then it’ll just be 5,000.

Customer Austin:   Right.  Yup.

WWTI:   Okay…if we can fit truck 55 hundred, if not 5,000…okay.  And then that’s the two; and then we had the two step deck loads which…let’s see…

Customer Austin:   They’re 11 wide by 24 foot long…

WWTI:   That’s right.

Customer Austin:   …and two foot high

WWTI:   Right we had the six pieces…

Customer Austin:   Yes.

WWTI:   Okay, so two step deck loads, and those are at 45 hundred each.  Alright very good.  And we are going from…these are going from Taylor, Pennsylvania…

Customer Austin:   You know what I’m going to have to double check on the…where it’s going here in Colorado cause originally I was told Commerce City.  I want to make sure…I want to double check before you figure out your…whatever you got to figure out.  Pretty sure it’s still going there but it might be going to a place called Lucerne in Colorado which is 20 minutes from us, it’s not that far away, 25 minutes.

WWTI:   Lucerne?

Customer Austin:   Yeah, L-U-C-E-R-N-E, Colorado.

WWTI:   Let me see the difference in mileage between the two.  Either one is not going to be a big deal, it’s just going to change the route that we come in on a little bit.  Lucerne it’s 50 miles, we’re coming from…Pennsylvania.  Yeah, either one is going to be fine, since we’re coming from Pennsylvania we’re going to be shooting straight over down 80.

Customer Austin:   Eighty?  You’re coming that way?

WWTI:   Yeah.  So we either…

Customer Austin:   You’re likely to hit Lucerne first I think before you hit Commerce City.

WWTI:   It’d be about the same either way.

Customer Austin:   About the same, yeah.

WWTI:   Yeah we either just cut over, you know get off the Interstate, get on the highway or just stay on the Interstate, so either way we’ll be fine, we’ll go with Commerce City for now, if we need to change it.  If we’re going to be meeting there are you going to be on site?

Customer Austin:   No I won’t’ be.  No.  Are you there?

WWTI:   Yup I’m here, you didn’t lose me.

Customer Austin:   He’s my boss and he’ll be out there.

WWTI:   Okay.  And do you have…you’ll be on delivery on site, right?

Customer Austin:   It depends on when they get here with it.  Someone here they’ll know about it anyway so.

WWTI:   Okay.  Should I list your phone number as contact though for out there?

Customer Austin:   Yeah, yeah.

WWTI:   Okay.  Alright, and we’re looking at Wednesday/Thursday next week.  And yeah just let me know by the end of this week exactly which day you’re thinking about, and if everything needs to be loaded on one day, if we need to charge a suite then I’ll enter.  You might not have enough time to load all that in one day, you might need to stretch it between two.  So just check on that and let me know when we need to get the trucks on site.  And then as far as payment wise, how you guys want to do payment?  Typically auto move we charge our insurance, permit, fuel surcharge, dispatch fees when the truck heads out and then you just pay us the balance on each load on delivery.  Usually cashier’s check, money order, company check, something like that.  You want to do it that way on a load-by-load basis or do you want to do a one lump sum like wire, what works best for you?

Customer Austin:   Do you have a lump sum already figured out?

WWTI:   Yes I did, let me see…

Customer Austin:   Why don’t you give me that and then I’ll talk to my people here?

WWTI:   Gotcha. I guess it would change slightly wouldn’t it depending on whether that truck will fit on or not.

Customer Austin:   Yeah…

WWTI:   But what we can do is we can do the lower amount and then if the truck fits you can just give us that upon delivery.

Customer Austin:   Would you guys accept the company check?

WWTI:   Yes, well…

Customer Austin:  The boss could write one out right then and there or how do you want that?

WWTI:    Right.  I mean if you wanted to do…if you want to do the company checks it would be a load-by-load basis cause the way that works is it’s made out in the driver’s name for each truck and he deposits it into our account on the road cause each one’s headed a different direction.  So if you want to do it that way we can put a corporate card on file, we’d run our permit and load fees off of that on each load when each truck heads out, and then you could pay the remaining balance on each one with the company check when it delivers out there if you wanted to do it that way, or on pick up if you wanted your boss to do it.  Pick up or delivery if you wanted to do it a load-by-load basis.

Customer Austin:   Okay.  Why don’t you give me the total?  Do you have a total on it for one shot one-time deal?  And I know I might change to the 500 but he could put the 500 on credit card or…

WWTI:   Yeah, whatever you guys wanted to it.  So it’ll cost for…and so we’re looking at 7,000 on each of the stretch loads, we’re looking at 5,000 on the RGN, and we’re looking at the two step deck load at 45 hundred each.  You’re looking at 28,000 total for all  five loads.

Customer Austin:   So the 45 hundred isn’t for two step decks?  Cause it says it’s for two step decks.

WWTI:   That’s for…

Customer Austin:   …so that’s each.

WWTI:   Right, that’s for each.  That’s each load, yeah.  That’s 45 for each step deck.

Customer Austin:   Twenty eight five right?

WWTI:   Yeah, 28 if no truck; 28 five if the truck fits.

Customer Austin:   Oh got you.  Yeah okay.

WWTI:   Yeah.  I just did the lower one just…if you wanted to do the wire it’d be 28 and then we could add the 500 on, whichever way you wanted to do it later, if the truck doesn’t fit.

Customer Austin:  Okay, yeah.  Well let me talk to them out here.  The main thing is I want to get it set up so that we get everything ready, and then what I’ll do is I’ll give you a call back, hopefully today, if not first thing in the morning with an exact date and which way they want to go.

WWTI:   Okay. Now basically I’ll go ahead and start scheduling and doing the permitting. What I need from you, I’m going to ask this as a piece-by-piece basis…what I’m going to do is just for expediency sake cause I have to break this down into multiple different loads and it’s going to be sent out one by one to each one, I’m going to send over…this is … and Pitt Bayer broken down five loads.   I’m going to put two stretch RGN, one regular RGN and two step deck, and I’m going to put truck additional, just put ‘truck add,’ because that’s all the room it gives me.  And then I’m going to send it over at the total amount 28 five and then if the truck doesn’t fit I’m going to put a note in here.  I don’t you’ll be able to see…I’m going to put it in the plate location, ‘Minus 500 if truck doesn’t does not fit.’  Okay. You got access to your email currently Austin?

Customer Austin:   Yeah I do.  Yeah it’s up right now in fact.

WWTI:   Okay I’m going to send this over.  This is just a work order so that I can start pulling the permit and allocating the trucks for you cause it’s a lot of trucks to clear out so we want to start doing that immediately.  Whether it’s Wednesday or Thursday next week doesn’t particularly matter cause we’re going to be holding the truck just for you anyway.  It’s going to be called ‘Shipping Order Form.’  Let me know when you see that come through.

Customer Austin:   Okay.  Looks like it just came through.

WWTI:   Alright…very good.  Just open that…

Customer Austin:   Can you hold for one second?  Hold on.

WWTI:   Sure, sure.

Customer Austin:   Okay, sorry.

WWTI:   No problem.  Open the attachment that’s on it, check to make sure that the addresses are correct.  Don’t worry about the year that I put on the conveyor unit, it’s just a place holder, the year doesn’t particularly matter on a equipment load like this.

Customer Austin:   Yeah the address, everything looks good.  The only thing that might change is if it’s going to Lucerne, and I’ll let you know on that.

WWTI:   Which doesn’t matter, they’re both right there, it’s just different road we take in.  Okay, sounds good.  Just click the yellow button there that says “I want to E-sign”, that’s going to load your second page, and I’m going to put in your…

Customer Austin:   Are you there?

WWTI:   Yeah I’m still here.

Customer Austin:  Okay….you’re there?

WWTI:   Yeah I’m still here.  Sorry it’s just there are some background noise so I cut it out for you.  Once it loads you see the green button on the left that says “Start”?

Customer Austin:   Yeah.

WWTI:   And click that, that’ll bring you down to the bottom, then you see two boxes, a signature box and an email box, click in the signature box and probably your company name rather than your personal would be best.  Just put your company name in there.

Customer Austin:    (Inaudible)

WWTI:   That’s fine.  And then just hit ‘Apply’ on that and then put your email address in the box below that…and just your personal email address is fine in there, that’s just where you get your notifications to.  And then once you have that in there just click the blue button, bottom right, it’ll process and give you a thank-you message.

Customer Austin:   (Inaudible)

WWTI:   I’m sorry.

Customer Austin:   Everything looks good.

WWTI:   Okay.  Did it give you a thank-you message after process?

Customer Austin:   It went to ‘Email Dispatch’.

WWTI:    Yeah, but it did…it didn’t give you an error message when you clicked the blue button right?

Customer Austin:   I didn’t see it, no.

WWTI:   Okay, it should be in.  Let me ask Dispatch if they received it.  One second.

Customer Austin:   Okay sure.

WWTI:   Alright yeah.  Sure did come through Austin, no problem there.  I’ll start clearing the trucks and we’ll get it scheduled. Some of the permits take a few days so we’ll start getting those in line and we’ll have everything scheduled for next week.  Just let me know how your boss wants to do it, whether he wants to do just a one-time wire or whether he wants to do it on a per load.  Whatever he wants to do, whatever is easiest for you guys.

Customer Austin:   Okay.  So if they do the pre-load they send separate checks, correct?

WWTI:   Right.  Well you would just hand it directly to the driver there when he either picks up or delivers so you know I mean we just put a card on file, process the permits on each load as each truck heads out, and then the balance…and we’ll let you know the breakdown on each specific one of course, then you can just be on site with the company check book and write each check as either the truck loads or as it delivers in Colorado, either way.

Customer Austin:   Okay.  Alright, that sounds good.  I’ll take it from here and let you know as soon as I possibly can, the exact address and the date.

WWTI:   Gotcha.

Customer Austin:   Alright?

WWTI:   Not a problem.

Customer Austin:   Alright. Thanks man, I appreciate it.

WWTI:   You’re welcome.

Customer Austin:   You have a good one.

WWTI:   You too, bye bye.

Customer Austin:   Bye bye.