Customer – Joe (Military / Truck)

We will transport it, Joe Military Truck

Take an inside look into the vehicle transportation process of a Dodge Ram, from California to North Carolina! Listen to a recorded phone conversation between We Will Transport It, Inc. and Joe, a real customer.

WWTI:    Transport, can you please hold?

Customer Joe:   Yes.

WWTI:    Thank you.  Transport.

Customer Joe:   Yeah.  Hi Art, this is Joe.  How’re you doing?

WWTI:    How’re you doing Joe?

Customer Joe:   Good, good.  Hey, so the guy that I’m working with, or tried working with is a ding dong too.  I tried to get out of the …

WWTI:    Yeah…yes sir, but if you’d bear with me one second Joe, okay?  I’ll get into the notes and let me get this route pulled up.  Did you call from…hold on, is this the son or is this the father?  I’m sorry.

Customer Joe:    This is the dad.

WWTI:    This is the father.  Okay, what was the other number I called…okay I got it right here.  Bear with me Joe.  There it is right there, let me see who…California to North Carolina…let me just see where you’re at on the board real quick.

Customer Joe:    You guys all you get to see is this board uh?

WWTI:    Well I mean they post it to the board, we’re direct haulers so we can actually look at the board.  What I mean by ‘direct haulers, we have our own fleet of trucks.  If for reasons that we need a broker like if all of our trucks are filled, we can broker it out to a hundred percent rated carrier with the Department of Transportation.  I’m just looking over the notes, dang it, and it had the driver that wanted to pick up the same day.  Let me see if I can’t get a hold of him.  Let’s see..(Reading)  I’m just texting my driver right now okay.

Customer Joe:   Okay.  How’s your day going so far?

WWTI:    Mine’s going good, it’s a little hectic you know, a lot of the same thing just like yourself. This is like the third client that I’ve dealt with over the weekend that had called back, they went with a lower price and then unfortunately…you know that’s what happens I told you from Day One you know, you’re going to get lower quotes, it’s just not going to move your vehicle.  Let’s see… and your son was the one that graduated the…

Customer Joe:    He’s the one that…yeah.  He graduated military school.

WWTI:    Yeah he jumped school, exactly.  Okay.  I think your son had called me once on this as well.  Okay let me just do this right now.  Waiting on my driver to text back, see if I can still get him, if he’s still in you know, it might be another day though, I’m not even going to lie to you Joe.

Customer Joe:     Okay.  It’s ready to go.

WWTI:    Okay.  Alright Joe, yeah he did fill that load. We do have another carrier that’s in the area that could be there within the next 48 hours, but I’m going to tell you right now, you’re looking at twelve 25 door-to-door.  I mean if you could push off until Friday or Monday pickup, if I can work that, push that out a little bit on that flexibility on the price, but I think our thing is your son’s going to be…we got to set it up a time that he can come and meet us out at the gate .if we’re not able to gain clearance on to the military base.

Customer Joe:    Correct.

WWTI:    You tell me what you want to do boss, it’s in your hands.

Customer Joe:    So when’s the next 48 hours, what does that mean?  I know that’s two days, obviously…

WWTI:    Well within, it can be within five minutes from now or it’s going to be up to 48 hours I’ll have a driver out there.

Customer Joe:    Okay…

WWTI:    You know it’s just the paper work I’ve got to send you over to e-sign, you send it back, name and contact on both ends; you review it, send it back to me, I dispatch it to my driver.

Customer Joe:   Okay.  I can do twelve 25.

WWTI:    Okay.  Let’s go ahead and get this thing put to rest right now.  Joe I’ve got the pick up address, who’s going to be my point of contact out there Joe?

Customer Joe:    It’ll be myself or my wife.

WWTI:    Okay.  Now the actual drop off in Fort Bragg?

Customer Joe:    I guess the gate.  I don’t know, he’s still processing in, he doesn’t have any actual…

WWTI:    Okay. What I’m going to do is when I send this order form out, reservation form out to you Joe, is I’m going to put the contact name, the phone number and the address on the delivery side as TBT, to be determined, that way we’ll have a little bit of time.  I’ll try to touch base with your son, he’s going to be my point of contact so let’s go ahead, put his name?

Customer Joe:    Yes.  His name is Oscar.

WWTI:    Oscar, okay.

Customer Joe:   Yes

WWTI:    Oscar, got it.  And then so just on the delivery side, there’ll be TBT on the address.  I’ll touch base with your son, see if we can get that address, if not then I’ll just cross-reference it.  We Transport we own Military so we can definitely get it done.  For the insurance purposes Joe, it is a 2015, what color is that Dodge Ram?

Customer Joe:    It is a…I think they call it granite…metallic, a metallic granite or something…or gun metal…let me see if I get…I might have the paper here in the back of my truck.

WWTI:    Okay, perfect.

Customer Joe:   …better now.  Holy smoke!  I can tell you this is just a terrible pain in the ass.

WWTI:    I agree a hundred percent with you Joe.  It didn’t help matters worse that Florida was under a hurricane, taking a direct hit.  A lot the truck had to actually reroute and come down to Florida to deliver supplies to FEMA, then they got down here and didn’t get a direct hit then they had to go up the coast, Georgia, North Carolina.  Thank God your son’s alright.

Customer Joe:    “Granite crystal metallic” is what it’s called.

WWTI:    Okay I’ll just put granite.  Granite…crystal…metallic.  Got it.  Alright Joe I just sent you out the order form.  I want you to review it, make sure my addresses, phone numbers are correct.  All you have to do is…I sent you two just in case one goes to your spam or junk mail, all you have to do is review…open and review one and sign the other.  Now for the time of pick up, on the loading portion, what credit card do you want to put on file?  And your son is going to be paying the large balance when it gets over at Fort Bragg right?

Customer Joe:    Yes. Yeah I’m going to put money in his account so he’ll be able to pay cash when you guys get there.

WWTI:    Perfect.  So for the loading portion it will not exceed $250.  On a vehicle like this, I’m going to be real with you, it’s going to be probably 175 to 225, I say 250 because it will not exceed that, but that will come off the credit card after we inspect, the five point bill lading inspection, load the vehicle, that’s activate the insurance.  So the remaining balance will be paid upon delivery by your son in forms of cash, cashier’s check or money order to our driver.  And Joe have you had a chance…I don’t know if you’re driving or not, have you had a chance to look at your email?

Customer Joe:    I heard it come through, I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.

WWTI:    Okay so you’re set.

Customer Joe:   Give me a second to get in my truck.

WWTI:    Okay.

Customer Joe:   I’m a welding inspector, I’m actually witnessing a weld today.

WWTI:   You’re a welding inspector.  Well I did welding for seven and a half years, I love it.  Great trade.  How exactly…what are you inspecting, like…

Customer Joe:   They’re making an in-service weld on a natural gas pipeline.

WWTI:    Wow!  Do you x-ray that?

Customer Joe:   Well actually we did a…(Inaudible)

WWTI:    Wow!  Wow, that’s awesome.  Now the second one is going to be my Dispatch Department. I’m going to oversee this whole transport from beginning to end.  If for some reason you call and you got to have immediate access to it, find out something, to edit the credit card or whatever the case might be, I could give you my Dispatch Department’s line, they can bring you up to date status.  It is 954 628 5297.

Now Joe I’ll be honest with you, I’m going to go ahead and run this on the sole purpose that you’re going to do that e-sign. Keep in mind my driver does not like to accept it without that e-sign cause now you got another company working on it, if  he drives out there and the other company says “Well you know…”  so I got to get that e-sign as soon as you possibly can.  But I’m going to go ahead and forward this to my driver so we can get the thing picked up ASAP.

Customer Joe:   Yes.  So how long is the shipping time usually?

WWTI:   Let me see, on this run, you’re going 28 hundred miles, it’s going straight across…low end six days.  My general quote is six days bearing weather and traffic.  Good run six days, you know eight to ten at the very…you know if there’s problems getting into North Carolina due to the hurricane.

Customer Joe:   Yeah, it looks like it’s in pretty good shape now.  Where are you located?

WWTI:    We’re based…or headquarters is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but we got truck throughout the United States.  We actually own California as well as Military Transporter, so we definitely got the fleet of trucks to get you handled, it just a matter of once I have that e-sign my driver will accept it and then we can move forward.  And once he accepts it I contact you back Joe to put your headache to rest and I give you my driver’s name and number because he’s going to…he’s not just going to show up out of the blue and say…he’s going to call you hours in advance to set up a good time for both parties to meet up.

Customer Joe:    Perfect.

WWTI:    Okay.

Customer Joe:    Okay.  Let me see if I can get to my email and get that signed and then get that back to you.

WWTI:    Definitely.  As soon as you possibly can, that would be really really helpful okay Joe.

Customer Joe:   Okay.  Maybe I can do it if I keep you on speaker phone.  Let me go to my truck.

WWTI:    You might be able to do it.  It’s real simple, have you done an e-sign before?

Customer Joe:   No… (Inaudible)

WWTI:    Yes sir.  Well you need to check the one because there was one price at 11…I think one at 11 seventy five or 11 twenty five, that was several days ago when I had my driver that was sitting on standby, the newest one is going to be the 12 twenty five to get you out of there, put this thing to rest for you.

Customer Joe:   Okay, I see it.

WWTI:   Okay.

Customer Joe:    Where it says I want to e-sign.

WWTI:    Click on that and it should say “Downloading” or “Preparing document.”  I think you’re going to scroll all the way down to the bottom, you’ll see where it asks for your name and email address.

Customer Joe:   Hold on, it says ” Adobe sign is detected.  The click functionality is disabled on your browser….”

WWTI:   Yeah you got to go…are you on an Apple product?

Customer Joe:   Yeah.

WWTI:    You’re going to have to go into your Safari settings, go to your cookies, and go “Enable Cookies Always” or “Always allow cookies.”   That’ll allow you to process the order.

Customer Joe:   And let’s see here, Safari?

WWTI:    Yes, Safari settings.

Customer Joe:    Hmm let’s see…sounds like you got a cold.

WWTI:    Yeah, a little bit.  A little bit under the weather, it’s that season…what’s that sir?

Customer Joe:    Okay…and allow cookies from…always allow?

WWTI:    Yes, always allow..

Customer Joe:   Yeah it’s thinking.  Okay just let me put my glasses on so I can read the…

WWTI:    Yo.

Customer Joe:    If I sign the document.  Now I don’t pay until pick up right?

WWTI:    You do not pay a dime, not credit card is ran, for all I know the card that you gave is either inactive, not a good one right now, doesn’t have no money, I would not be able to tell until the car’s actually…or the vehicle’s loaded.  But if that’s the case Joe and you got to edit your card, when I call you back with my driver’s name and number, try to get me the card that’s going to operate on there cause the last thing I want is when he gets out there to load it we go to run the card at that point in time and it doesn’t work, then that might delay the process, so.

Customer Joe:    I don’t know, we’ll begin whether it be this card…I have plenty of different cards, I’m sure I…

WWTI:   Right.  No I…you know a lot of people don’t like…it’s just a required field, a lot of people don’t like to give their credit cards and sometimes they just give us one that they haven’t hooked up or haven’t activated, what not.  So just be mindful, that’s all.

Customer Joe:    Okay…I don’t know what I did.

WWTI:    Did you type in your name?

Customer Joe:   It didn’t even tell me to.

WWTI:   Huh!

Customer Joe:   Say it’s thinking again.   Holy smoke!  Okay on the very bottom it says “Signature email” on the bottom right-hand corner.

WWTI:    Right, on the right-hand corner you’ll see…ask for your signature, right below that it asks for the email.  You’re going to type in your name, that’ll do the electronic signature, and then validate your email address.  After you do that click ‘Apply’ and it should say “Thank you for choosing We Will Transport.  It’s being processed.”

Customer Joe:   It’s a tougher on the phone than I’m used to. Oho!  It just let me put my email, it didn’t let me put my signature.

WWTI:    Something might be going on.  I tell you what we’re going to do right now, it’ll probably still send through with the email but I want to validate. I’m going to go ahead if it’s alright with you Joe, we’re going to a voice recording on our e-sign.

Customer Joe:    Okay.  Let’s see what it’s doing.  It’s thinking again.

WWTI:    Yeah, it’s probably going to go through.

Customer Joe:    I don’t know why it won’t.  See one has a real bright little asterisk and this one doesn’t even have an a bright asterisk…yeah, it’s not doing it.  Can we do a voice whatever?

WWTI:    Yeah we’ll go ahead…I’m going to go ahead and put you on voice record and I want you to state your name for the record here in one second we’ll go over the details okay.   Okay.  Well Joe could you state your name for the record?

Customer Joe:   My name is Joe.

WWTI:    Joe are you authorizing We Will Transport It to transport a one 2016 Dodge Ram 2500 from California to North Carolina in the amount of 12 hundred 25 dollars?

Customer Joe:   Yes I do.

WWTI:    Okay.  Perfect.  Alright Joe your e-sign has been accepted.  We were doing the electronic recording due to the fact that you could not enable it on your phone.  So you are set Joe. At this point in time I’m going to dispatch it to a driver, once I dispatch it to my driver I will contact you back or my Dispatch Department will be contacting you back to provide you driver’s name and phone number, okay?

Customer Joe:    Okay.

WWTI:    Now let me ask you something Joe, do you what a good time that I can touch base with your son, like I know he’s probably in training or in drills or something.  What would be a safe time that I can contact him?

Customer Joe:   I would say after 5:00 o’clock. You guys are on the East Coast, your time.

WWTI:    Yes sir.

Customer Joe:    Cause I’m on the West Coast, so.

WWTI:    So he’s got the same time as we do.

Customer Joe:    Yes.

WWTI:    Okay perfect.

Customer Joe:   Did you send me a text message the other day?

WWTI:    I did send you a text message, I was trying to…where was I at?  I sent several text messages to you, I know we were trying to set it up this weekend then we had problem with the e-sign, the power went out and then when I talked with you Monday you said “Can you call me back within five minutes,” and unfortunately he had already booked with someone else.

Alright Mr. Cortez I really appreciate you letting me earn your business. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to give me a call okay sir?

Customer Joe:    Alright.  Thank you.

WWTI:    Yes sir, you have a great day.

Customer Joe:    You too, bye.