Customer – Fahad (Truck)

We will transport it, fahad-truck

Take an inside look into the vehicle transportation process of a Chevy Truck, from Texas to Utah! Listen to a recorded phone conversation between We Will Transport It, Inc. and Fahad, a real customer.


WWTI:   We Will Transport, this is Dave.

Customer Fahad:   Hi Dave.  This is…I just receive an email from you guys that you are able to transport my truck from Texas to Utah.

WWTI:   ‘Kay, when do you need the truck picked up?  Let me see…is this the phone number you called…when you went online?

Customer Fahad:   Yes.

WWTI:   Cause I can’t find it.  Do you have the order number?

Customer Fahad:   No I don’t have, but let me check my email now while you are on once again.

WWTI:   Okay.  What year…where is it going?  I’m sorry.

Customer Fahad:   It Chevy truck 1986 going from…yeah a 1986 Chevy truck…

WWTI:   It’s coming from where?

Customer Fahad:   It’s coming from Texas, yeah, to Utah.

WWTI:   Okay.  Alright let me…give me one second, I’ve got to pull up a different way of finding this.  No that’s not it…I’m going by every…let me try Texas to Utah.   Alright, destination…Texas…Utah.  I tell you what, why don’t we do this, how do you spell your name?

Customer Fahad:   Fahad, F as in Frank, A as in apple, H as in Hector, A as in apple, D as in data.

WWTI:   Okay, let me see, that might do it now.  See I’ve got like 22 hundred…okay let me see.  I’ve got a Ford Escape, that’s not you. How about your last name, was your last name on it?  Okay now I’m going to try this.  There it is!  I don’t know why when I put your phone number in it didn’t…the order didn’t come up but I’m looking at it now, that is the right phone number.  Okay.  Alright let me just see…okay…I’m trying to see which truck it is cause I know we’ve got…

Let me just explain, we do a door-to-door transport okay.  The vehicle’s inspected, it’s put on the truck and then it’s a direct transport to Utah.  When it comes off the truck in Utah at that point it’s inspected again just to make sure it’s in perfect condition, at that point the driver’s paid and he hands you the keys okay.  Now I know you’re getting all kinds of quotes from all kinds of companies, the bottom line is the drivers decide what gets on the truck, and they make that decision based on the price okay.  There’s a certain cents per mile that covers their overhead, if you go below that…if you go below that they don’t respond.  So if you had set this order up with somebody else before and they couldn’t get it picked up it’s because it wasn’t priced high enough okay.  We have you at 1195, but let me do this, I’m going to grab the gentleman who talks to the drivers, he knows what we have cause I think it’s a driver in San Antonio.  How far are you from San Antonio?

Customer Fahad:   Eighty miles.

WWTI:   Oh 80 miles.  Okay good.  Give me one second let me grab the gentleman and I’ll put him on the phone and we’ll see if we can’t get it picked up for you like tomorrow.

Customer Fahad:   Okay.

WWTI:   Alright give me one second.  Thank you.

Hello sir.

Customer Fahad:   Yes.

WWTI:   Yes my name is Bill, the Dispatch Manager.  How are you doing today?

Customer Fahad:   Good good.  How are you Bill?

WWTI:   Pretty good.  Just looking over this route.  I’m sure Dave was explaining to you with my company we give our driver’s name and number, not just a quote.  I’m sure a lot of people are sending emails, but drivers they got the final say in the pick up, and very simple it comes down to the pick up location, you know we like to go to the more populated cities. You were trying to get this picked up today or tomorrow?

Customer Fahad:    Today or tomorrow no matter, it’s ready.

WWTI:   Oh it’s ready.  It’s just in a tough location but I got drivers are there.  Let me see, they’re going to have to dead head 40 miles there, 40 miles back, and you know on the end of the conversation I give you the driver’s name and number and not just a quote.  I’m sure you’re getting a lot of those.  Let me see where he’s at right now…wow, looks like he got calls.  Just texting my carrier right now.  So I guess brokers are calling you left to right, right to left about this one.  You’ve been talking to a lot of brokers uh sir?

Customer Fahad:    Yeah.

WWTI:   Yeah they’ll stroke you along for a while.  You’ll get tired of the headache.  I’m going to give you the honest price okay and you pay everything on delivery.  The honest price to get this picked up today, tomorrow or next year is 1575, and that’s the honest price.

Customer Fahad:   How much is it?

WWTI:   1575.

Customer Fahad:   One Thousand, Five Hundred and Seventy Five?

WWTI:   Yes sir.  Now if you want to wait around for months and months at a time until you get tired and you get tired of not having your truck we’ll be back in two to three weeks but we’re the only ones that ride this, but I’ll send you out my insurance.  Any broker can never send you out no insurance, I send you out insurance, I’m a truck driver.  A broker owns a cubicle insurance property documentation, I own insurance.

Customer Fahad:   Ah, yes.  But dude did you check with the driver?  If he’s able to pick it up with thousand…one thousand, I will go with it.

WWTI:   I’ll tell you what, if you were coming out of a main city like San Antonio they’d pick it up for a thousand.  You’re talking to brokers, you’ve got to realize the difference.  If you were coming out of Dallas I’ll do it for 900.  You know where you’re at in Texas?  Do you have any idea?

Customer Fahad:   No.

WWTI:   Oh you don’t even know where you’re at.  You don’t own this truck then I take it.

Customer Fahad:   Uh?

WWTI:   You don’t own the truck?

Customer Fahad:   Yeah I own it but I just already bought it.  I never seen it, I just bought it from a guy, he just bought it for me, yeah.

WWTI:   Okay well let me explain something to you.  You got a computer?

Customer Fahad:   Yes I do.

WWTI:   Okay.  I want you to type this in, I’m going to spell it for you…I’m going to spell it for you okay?

Customer Fahad:   Okay.

WWTI:   Tell me when you’re ready.

Customer Fahad:    Okay, I’m ready.

WWTI:   Okay.  It’s U like umbrella…V as in Victor…A, apple…L, Larry…D, David…E, Edward; and then do a space and put capital T and capital X, that’s going to be abbreviation for Texas.

Customer Fahad:   Yeah.

WWTI:   Now MapQuest that right there and look at the images.  And you see where you’re at, that’s what’s called “No-Man’s Land” and that’s why you’re never going to get a…these are 18 wheelers sir, these ain’t just regular U-Haul trucks, they go a back on a U-Haul one car trailer, these are big seven to ten car haulers you know, and you might have got a nice truck, I like it myself, 1986, those shell sure beds like that…oh that’s at a full size too, but you bought from a bad location and you probably didn’t factor in what’s it going to cost you to ship it cause you probably got a good deal.  You probably got a real good deal on that truck didn’t you?

Customer Fahad:   I got like nothing yet, nothing.  I got a offer like two weeks ago where 1100.  I was negotiate with the others, I told them I’ll go with you…

WWTI:   I’m talking about your truck.  Your truck, you probably got a good deal on the truck because the guy is in the middle of no-man land.  Here’s the thing, you keep telling me about deals for 800 and 1100, has anybody picked your truck up for 800 or 1100?

Customer Fahad:   I never try with 1100 but I try…

WWTI:   Sir you’re on the board right now for 1100.  I don’t care what these guys are telling you’re on the board right now.  I’m looking at it right here, you’re on the board for 1100.  Let me tell you who you’re with, they might have told you.  I can call you up and tell you I’ll fly in the air like Superman but you can’t believe that.  Come on, you got to be smart man, there are city slickers out there that’ll just take your money and run.  You didn’t give them a credit card did you?

Customer Fahad:   Uh?

WWTI:   You didn’t give them no credit card.

Customer Fahad:   No no no no.

WWTI:    Whoo!  One of the smart ones here.

Customer Fahad:   I didn’t.  There is a guy who was interested but he was…set up appointment to put me on driver.  He told me about one thousand and then like 200 in the front…

WWTI:   They wanted to take that money.  See, that’s what you want to hear, you want somebody to call you up and tell you they’re going to pick it up for 1100 because they know that’s what everybody wants, they want the cheap price.  Problem is I can tell you 1100 too but when your truck sits there and the guy ends up selling it to somebody else in Dallas because they can actually pick it up, that’s what’s going to happen.  Truck driver, I send you out my insurance, you see the difference?  You’re talking to brokers, brokers ain’t nothing but a middle man that going to come to me.  So why in the world if I got a broker coming to me I’m going to deal with somebody that’s trying to low ball me and not even cover my insurance.  I got insurance and fuel.  1575, you pay everything on delivery like any other job.  We pick you up tomorrow. What’s the address for pick up so we can get this truck to you?

Customer Fahad:   Dude, would you accept the 1200?

WWTI:   Listen, one thing with me and…family okay, if I told you 1200 I’d set it up with you and I’d call my driver, he’d hang up the phone. I have not been dispatching for 10 years, I’m not going to lie to you like the other guys. See here’s the difference between me, you and the other guys, the other guy calls you up and you say “Hey man could you do 800?”  And he goes, “Yeah, not a problem.”  But your truck never gets picked up.  It’s 1575, it’s been like that for the last two years.  Now if they drop the damn policies and insurance then maybe I could help you out.  I don’t ask you for a penny man, I’m just trying to get your truck picked up, but I’ve got  to cover the driver’s overhead, he won’t go lower than that.  I’ve gotten 1700 for deals like this.  Where did you say we’re picking it up at?

Customer Fahad:   Uh?

WWTI:   Where do you want it picked up at?

Customer Fahad:   When?

WWTI:   Where?  What’s the address?

Customer Fahad:   It’s in the U-Haul…

WWTI:   I got to put in the physical address for my truck driver.  I put the information in a spreadsheet, I send it over to him.  If he signs off on it while we’re on the phone, I give you the driver’s name and number and I give you your tracking number so you know you have solid concrete and not just another email that you’ve been dealing with for the last couple days and nobody picking you up.  That’s the difference between a truck driver sir and a broker.  Brokers are going to lie to you til the end of time and then the prices are going to go up.  When I tell you man to man, shoot your skirt from the hip, I transported cars from this area for 1700, it’s no-man land, you’re looking at it right now.  You don’t want the guy that’ll sell the car from underneath you cause you can’t get it picked up for a month now do you?

Customer Fahad:   No I don’t.

WWTI:   What’s the address for pick up?

Customer Fahad:   Ahh!  1500 that’s a lot because I ship overseas it cost me 1800 total inside and outside. But I don’t know about 1500 dude!  I don’t want to waste your time but there is no more open, let’s go with 1300, I will do it with you now.

WWTI:   Hold on one second, let me text him and see if he would even consider 1300.  Give me one second…

Customer Fahad:   Okay I’ll be waiting.

WWTI:   1375.  He said he’ll pick it up tomorrow afternoon just because he’s got one other off that either.

Customer Fahad:   Ahh!  Dude…

WWTI:   It’s a honest truck driver that’s going to get the truck out of there man.  I can’t believe he even dropped down from 15 there.  You pay everything on delivery like you do any other service.  I don’t want to lose the spot, let me tell you why.  Four days to get there, maybe three, he likes to hog tail.  What’s the address for pick up?  What’s the name of the guy where we’re picking it up from, what’s his name?

Customer Fahad:   His name…I’m not sure, I just bought it from him without name.

WWTI:    You already paid for it right?

Customer Fahad:   Yeah I already paid for it.

WWTI:   Alright what’s his number?  I’ll call him “Seller.”  What’s the address where we’re going to drop it off at your house in Utah?  Now I want to be safe and make sure we call you; besides this number I got here that we’re speaking on and it is 6372, you have an alternate number?

Customer Fahad:   Yes.

WWTI:   This vehicle starts up and runs right?

Customer Fahad:   Yeah.

WWTI:   Okay.  Now let me sign off on this.  Let me just text him. Alright, you ready for your order confirmation sir?

Customer Fahad:   Yes I’m ready.

WWTI:   Okay. Dispatch Number, so you can actually speak with the carrier, if you don’t pick up it’s going to go to the dispatch line.  Tell me when you’re ready.

Customer Fahad:   I’m ready.  Is this the driver’s phone number?

WWTI:   That’s the driver, if you don’t pick up in three rings then it’s going to go to the dispatcher because they don’t like picking up the phone all the time when they’re driving because they got seven cars on the rig.  When he picks it up tomorrow afternoon, depending on traffic and weather, we’re going to call you before pick up; we’re going to call in the middle transit on delivery.  We want to earn your business for the international shipping too, we do that as well.  You made the smart ideal when the car’s getting dropped off, you have 1375 cash, money order or anything certified.  We Will Transport It is the name, everybody else is a game.

Customer Fahad:   Okay, so the whole amount I have to pay is 1375.

WWTI:   Yes sir.

Customer Fahad:   Okay, it will be ready when it’s delivered.

WWTI:   Yes sir.  Let me give you one more number for Dave if you ever need to call him.  Don’t answer other any phone calls, you call the driver, the headache’s over with, you don’t have to deal with no more brokers, you’re dealing with the direct hauler.  I’m going to send you over the insurance, your order confirmation, you don’t need to talk anybody it’s over and done with, you’ll have your vehicle in three to four days.

Customer Fahad:   Okay, well done.

WWTI:   Thank you for your business sir.

Customer Fahad:   You’re welcome.  Thank you very much sir.

WWTI:   You’re welcome.  Bye.