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Ship Your Vehicle

There are so many reasons to ship your vehicle. Read today’s feature to learn about different situations where vehicle shipping comes. When you think of shipping your car, you might envision receiving a job offer across the country.

Ship Your Vehicle

But there are many other reasons that people ship their vehicles. Some of them might surprise you!

  1. Off to School

Jobs aren’t the only thing that results in relocation.  Going off to college can mean traveling a fair distance as well.  And there are plenty of college freshmen who might not want to start their first semester exhausted by a week-long road trip—or they don’t have a car suitable for such a trip.  In any case, we ship plenty of cars for new scholars!

  1. Serving Uncle Sam

Not all job relocations are voluntary, either.  The men and women of our armed forces volunteer to serve, but where they serve often changes every couple of years, and sometimes drastically.  We’re elated when we have the opportunity to help serve those who serve their country! From Fort Belvoir to the Presidio of Monterey and everywhere in between—we make sure their vehicles get there safely.

  1. Winter Migrations

Snowbirds and retirees love to escape harsh weather, and anywhere in the country that suits their mood is fine by us! You might be heading down to the Florida keys or you might want to sip margaritas in Texas.  Maybe Hollywood is more your style. When you want to go where the weather’s warm, however, sometimes you have quite a distance to travel. Don’t worry—we’ll make sure your car gets to you safely!

  1. Inheritance Handling

When someone’s lost a loved one, there are so many stressful arrangements to make.  If there is a beloved vehicle that’s part of the inheritance, and it’s to be given to someone that lives a distance away, it just makes sense to ship it.  That way, the recipient can avoid the stress and hassle of traveling during what is already a very difficult time.  We handle each vehicle we transport with the greatest respect.

  1. Buying Online

This is more common than ever before, and we expect it to continue to increase.  Sometimes the best deals are online, especially if the buyer is particular about the car they want.  If you just have to have that car, in that color, with those features, going online is probably your best bet. And naturally, you don’t want to put a ton of miles on a vehicle you’ve just purchased—let alone take time off work to travel to pick it up.

  1. Going to See the Specialist

When most of us have car trouble, our friendly neighborhood mechanic is where we go.  But for car collectors, classic car lovers, and luxury car owners, sometimes the local mechanic isn’t sufficient. We have transported many special, expensive, and vintage vehicles to renowned, specialist mechanics for repairs.

  1. Off to the Races

Race car driving is glamorous, even for amateurs—but that doesn’t mean everyone who races can afford a big fancy trailer (or even wants to deal with the hassle of transporting their racers themselves). We make sure that touring race car drivers have their vehicles on time and in great shape for the races.

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