Customer – Ronnie (Oversized)

We will transport it,, ronnie-oversized

Take an inside look into the transportation process of Komatsu PC49LC, Caterpillar D6 and more, from Morgantown, West Virginia to Monticello, Arkansas! Listen to a recorded phone conversation between We Will Transport It, Inc. and Ronnie, a real customer.


WWTI/John:                   Yes, can I speak to Ronnie please.

Customer Ronnie:           Yeah, this is Ronnie.

WWTI/John:                   Hey Ronnie, this is John at We Will Transport It. You have gone on our website and enquiring about moving a 336?

Customer Ronnie:           Yes sir, actually I have got a 336 to move.  I need a Komatsu 490 moved and I need a D6T.

WWTI/John:                   Komatsu?

Customer Ronnie:           Yes sir.

WWTI/John:                   Okay.

Customer Ronnie:           I got everything.

WWTI/John:                   Yeah, yeah.  Are they going on the same route  this other one is going on?

Customer Ronnie:           Yeah, sure are Monticello, Arkansas, it’s about  970 miles total sir.

WWTI/John:                   Yep, yep. I was looking at it.  Morgantown, West Virginia to Monticello, Arkansas, and what else do ….You have a Komatsu?

Customer Ronnie:           Yes sir, it’s a Komatsu PC49LC.  It weights 107, 000 pounds

WWTI/John:                   Wait, wait, a  two, two, the Komatsu was a two two what?.   You keep breaking up on me a little bit sir.

Customer Ronnie:           I’m sorry, it’s a Komatsu PC, P as in Paul, C as in cat 490

WWTI/John:                   490, okay.  And it weighs 107,000 pounds?

Customer Ronnie:           Yes sir, that’s correct.

WWTI/John:                   Okay, and you have got lamps on it.

Customer Ronnie:           Yes sir, I’ve got everything. I’m walking to my car so let me get to my car…

WWTI/John:                   Sure, take your time, there is no rush, take your time. What did you do, you got   somebody autograph the cat for you?

Customer Ronnie:           Yes sir, I  got somebody to but I hadn’t have any….I got somebody there to do it  but it might  be next week and I am trying to get out of here  man.

WWTI/John:                   Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We can get you up out of there very quick.  That Komatsu, that’s going to take a, that’s going to take a RGN with a hell of a pay load on it.

Customer Ronnie:           Okay, I’ve got everything.  Ready?

WWTI/John:                   Yeah.

Customer Ronnie:           Okay, on the Komatsu sir,  it’s a…the weight is 107,000 pounds total, the  height is 4 feet 12, it is 12 feet 6 inches wide.  Okay the  tunneling, because it is a  machine,  it’s 40 feet but the real base,  the flat base is only 19 feet.

WWTI/John:                   40 feet, 19 feet of well space?

Customer Ronnie:           Okay, yes sir.  The rest there is just a….you know, the bucket.

WWTI/John:                   Yep, yep. Okay, that’s that one.  Now you said you had another one?

Customer Ronnie:           Yes sir, I have a D6.  It says the weight on it is 50,500, the width is 13’ 4 inches wide  and that’s just the blade sir,  but the blade doesn’t come off on this one, you have to turn it sideways.

WWTI/John:                  Thirteen feet, four, okay.

Customer Ronnie:           But it’s still 13” 4 sideways.

WWTI/John:                   Okay.

Customer Ronnie:           Okay and the height on it is 10 feet  6”

WWTI/John:                   10’  6”,  and that’s a Komatsu also?

Customer Ronnie:           No sir, it’s a caterpillar D6.

WWTI/John:                   Oh, a D6 bulldozer.  Okay, D6, Cat D6

Customer Ronnie:           And the [inaudible – 02:12] base  on it is 18 feet, and the overall length on it is 23 feet.

WWTI/John:                   23 feet overall.

Customer Ronnie:           Yes sir.

WWTI/John:                      Okay, can you give me about 10, 15 minutes Ronnie and I’ll give you a call back on this number?

Customer Ronnie:           Yes sir that will be fine.  If you could help me out I would sure appreciate it

WWTI/John:                      Yeah, we can help you out.  I am just going to generate a proper price here, get in contact with a couple of guys who can handle weight like this.  The bulldozer is not too bad, that Komatsu that’s a big unit, 107,000 pounds, I believe I can get an actual 8axel RGN for that make sure I get one in the area in the time frame.  You are looking to go with these fairly quick, correct?

Customer Ronnie:           Yes sir, like I said, you know, if you are going to try to get them loaded   tomorrow but if not, you know, it looks like Saturday.

WWTI/John:                     Yeah, absolutely, we are pretty good at it Ronnie so give me about 15 minutes and I am going to discuss this with my dispatcher over  here and see what we can do for you.

Customer Ronnie:           Okay, who are you with now?

WWTI/John:                      We Will Transport It Corporation.  You’ve gone on our heavy hauling website ?

Customer Ronnie:           Yes sir, I have gone on the website the other night and  I have  been on the phone line and  I’ve tried to contact the owner but it wouldn’t let me, all it would let me do is to stayed on line?

WWTI/John:                      Yeah, we have been having trouble with our 800 numbers.  I’m actually getting calls from people looking for jobs, driving trucks,  you know what I mean. I don’t know what’s going on.  We pay Google a whole bunch of  money and the whole number is getting routed all over the place so give me about 10, 15 minutes Ronnie and I will be right back on the phone with you and we  will see if we can get it sorted for you ASAP.

Customer Ronnie:           Okay,   thanks for your help man, thank you.

WWTI/John:                      Okay.