Customer – Sheryl (Auto)

We will transport it, sheryl auto

Take an inside look into the auto transportation process of a real customer! Listen to a recorded phone conversation between We Will Transport It, Inc. and Sheryl from California transporting her Volvo.

WWTI:   Transport.

Customer Sheryl:   Hi!  This is Sheryl. I just received a message from someone named Gregg, and I’d like to know how much he’s talking about …I mean how much to place a bid to transport my vehicle?

WWTI:   Okay, not a problem.  Let me just pull your file ma’am.  A lot of people don’t understand there’s a big difference between direct care like ourselves and a broker outfit.  When were you needing to get this vehicle picked up?

Customer Sheryl:   Probably not before the 5th of May.

WWTI:   And have you ever transported before ma’am?

Customer Sheryl:   No.

WWTI:   Alright. In this industry the good thing about it is you can see my company, every single company on a review site called Transport Reviews.  I mean I understand every customer wants the best price but on the end of the day because this is a service industry you get what you pay for, and just like there’s good and bad hairdressers and plumbers, there’s a lot of good truckers, there’s a lot of bad ones. We send you out the actual documentation of the drivers ratings and reviews, this way you know your car’s in good hands, and that’s why we maintain a five-star rating on Transport Reviews.

Now the problem about a lot of brokers out there, if they don’t tell you about Transport Reviews because everybody’s licensed, insured and registered on there, and they start everybody, the DOT starts everybody off on Transport Reviews with a five star rating.  Now what happens is when customers or clients or dealerships like yourself, customers, go on there and they post either positive or negative feedback, they actually have to have a signed order form or a credit card receipt.  So unlike the Better Business Bureau which charges you, unlike the Yelp or Google, everybody needs some type of documentation so this way competitors, friends or ex-employees can’t just go on there and post bad reviews.  And that’s why ma’am honestly you’re receiving different prices.  Some people will tell you a great quote, exactly what you want to hear, but on the end of the day the vehicle never gets accepted, your car never gets picked up, and then you have to call another company only to delay the process of picking up your vehicle.  What the care is are accepting your vehicle, going at approximately 21 … 2,102 miles, you’re looking at 875 ma’am.

Customer Sheryl:   Okay.

WWTI:   Now will you get lower emails?  Yes of course I could send you an email right now for $400, and that’s why these companies will not tell you about Transport Reviews because they’re four-star, they’re three-star, you’re going to see customers like yourself posting up reviews, “Oh they told me 600 and then two days before they said, Oh the truck broke down.”  They knew what they were doing, they were locking you in with a order form and a credit card, they were doing the bing switch.  And then they up the price and they keep the money.  It’s a very bad tactic.  Are you in front of the computer right now?

Customer Sheryl:   Yes I am.

WWTI:   Okay Transport Reviews…

Customer Sheryl:   I’m on that.  I’m on that app right now looking at some of the reviews.

WWTI:   Lot of customers right now won’t take the time to look that up, and that’s what’s going to make the difference in your vehicle either getting picked up or somebody just telling you a long story of how the truck broke down and they need more money.  Honestly they wanted to give you a lower quote, get your hopes up, and then your vehicle never ever gets picked up. I mean I don’t make the price of fuel, drivers they have overhead, and if you’re a good driver and you maintain your truck so it’s not breaking down, that’s the price you’re looking at.  Now you’re not going to…you said this month you’re looking to transport, or next month?

Customer Sheryl:   Next month.

WWTI:   Okay let me see here…you said okay April, May…May 4th you said?

Customer Sheryl:   That’s a Sunday, yeah.  Somewhere between the 1st and the 4th, yes.

WWTI:   Okay Friday, Saturday and Sunday just like anything else drivers like to already be on the road.  Monday’s a very popular day for pickup and Friday as well.  I have you at 875 ma’am okay.  I don’t know how much wiggle room there is, you can see my company we’re five out of five, it’s We Will Transport It.  The worst companies you want to watch out for Seven Star, they’re one; Lightning Auto Care, Plaza, oh my good…Plaza, they’re always low ball.  And I might be able to help you out maybe if you have Triple A…

Customer Sheryl:   I do have Triple A.  I do have Triple A and I do have AARP.

WWTI:   Okay.  Now it’s going to be a real discount 25 maybe 50, maybe I can’t even drop it at all, but I want to get working on it because if you pre-advance something, it’s very very smart, just like buying a airline ticket that’s why I’m able to do this.  I have a dispatch manager, his website’s California Transporter, all he does is deal with truck drivers in and out of California.  If I was able to grab him, offer you some type of discount, would you consider setting up a reservation ma’am knowing that it’s risk free and I could see what I can do for you?

Customer Sheryl:   Definitely.  Now do I have to do a deposit or anything like that or it’s just paying at the time of delivery?

WWTI:   Absolutely.  No deposits, only pay when the vehicle’s picked up or the vehicle’s delivered, that’s it all. You’ll never see a bad review on us, we don’t charge nothing. Nothing should be charged until a service is rendered.  Let me grab him and see what we can do, and hopefully he can offer you some type of discount.  Hold it one second okay.

Customer Sheryl:   Okay.  Alrighty.

WWTI:   Sheryl?  Thanks for holding Sheryl. My name is Carlo, I’m actually the dispatch manager, how’re you doing today?

Customer Sheryl:   I’m good.  How are you?

WWTI:   Good, good.  Thanks for asking.  Bill was asking me regarding to what we had coming out next month, if we could do something to help you out, so I was just looking the route up.  Camarillo isn’t the easiest area for these drivers to navigate through because if there’s not as much freight, but I mean honestly if we set this up in advance for…cause you’re not looking to move until next…is it next month, first week and a month?

Customer Sheryl:   It’s in about three weeks.  It’s in about two and a half/three weeks.

WWTI:   Alright let’s see cause we have a driver that’s going to be in Thousand Oaks and I should be able to kind of slide you in there…see.  So we’re thinking the 1st, 2nd or 3rd for pick up Sheryl?

Customer Sheryl:   Yes.

WWTI:   Okay.  And is it going to be your…

Customer Sheryl:   More like the 2nd/3rd; more like the 2nd/3rd.

WWTI:   The 2nd/3rd, okay let’s see.  I think I can kind of nail the 2nd.  Afternoon or morning? What do you prefer?

Customer Sheryl:   It doesn’t matter.  Preferably…it doesn’t matter.  The car is in the shop right now so you’ll be going to the shop to pick it up.  So I think it opens between 8:00 and 4:00, so you’ll have…

WWTI:   Oh that’s easy. Yeah, no I can most likely get it 9:00 or 10:00 o’clock there on the 2nd, and then delivery will be…it’s normally five/six days after we pick up depending on other pickups and drops. And then I’ll be looking at…this driver will probably be heading to Chicago, he’ll drop you off on the way, so might be even before five days at most.  Is it going to be able to start up and run when we get there to pick it up?

Customer Sheryl:   Oh yeah.  Oh yeah. Oh yeah.  It better after it being in the shop and I’m paying for, it better.

WWTI:   I know, right now I mean we do an inspection before we load it.  You get a hundred thousand full premium, and we don’t load it off, load it or drive it.  Once it gets on my rig we bring it right to you, you get another inspection on delivery of what the mechanic or whoever released the vehicle to us must sign a bill of lading, so that means we do an inspection with them and then you pay the balance to the driver, so.  I’m not sure if Bill went over it with you but we don’t require a deposit or a hold or anything.  You don’t pay anything until we load the vehicle up, and it’s a small portion, it’s only going to be 200 from the total and you pay the balance on delivery.  So it’s pretty much that simple.  But give me a quick second Sheryl cause I want to make sure the 2nd will work, and that they’ll let me at least take some kind of money off the order for you reserving in advance okay.  Can you hold on just a brief second for me?

Customer Sheryl:   Hmm hmm.

WWTI:   Thank you Sheryl.  I’ll be right back.

Thanks for holding Sheryl.  Alright, this is what they’re telling me:  Saturday is the 2nd, are they going to be open on Saturday cause we might be able to do Friday.

Customer Sheryl:   Okay, I will talk to him cause he’s usually open Monday through Friday…

WWTI:   We could do Friday or Saturday.

Customer Sheryl:   Okay…

WWTI:   Yeah we can do Friday/Saturday as an open window until you find out if he’s open Saturday, and if he’s not we’ll do Friday; if he is we can do Saturday if you want. Price wise, put it this way, just to say we gave you a discount, I knocked 50 bucks off, it’s just not much leeway we have when you come out of Camarillo where you’re headed to, but I can get it from 875 to 825, and it includes everything.  It’s door-to-door insurance coverage and you don’t pay until we load the vehicle.  If the mechanic doesn’t have it ready we can reschedule another truck, it doesn’t cost you anything.  So we don’t charge anything til we physically load it.  You can check with him to see if Saturday works, if it doesn’t we can do Friday.  Do you know if it’ll be ready by then or is there a chance it’s not going to be ready?

Customer Sheryl:   It’s already be ready, it’s a chance cause I’ll have my paycheck by then.  The pay will…

WWTI:   Yeah no worries, listen, and it’s a good thing you told me that because if for whatever reason something comes up and you need to hold off on getting the transport done, we can reschedule it and we’ll resend another order forward with a different date, and we don’t charge til we load the vehicle. So you don’t have to pay anything til you’re ready to ship it, and then it’s 200 at that time and then the balance on delivery.  So you wouldn’t have to pay the  620 until it’s done.

Customer Sheryl:   How long will you be able to hold this price for me?

WWTI:   Put it this way, as long as you approve the order form, as long as you want. All I have to do is forward the order form to you and then you just approve it if the dates work. If they don’t I’ll resend you another order form.

Customer Sheryl:   OK.

WWTI:   So as long as I can…I can forward you the email, I’m allowed to hold this spot until obviously you find out, we’ve got plenty of time.

Customer Sheryl:   OK.

WWTI:   But keep in mind drivers pick and choose what they haul a couple weeks in advance, so even though it sounds like we’re ahead of the eight ball, we’re not, you know, so the easiest thing for you to do is just accept the email and then find out with the mechanic, and then obviously if you are going to have the funds to do it then; if you do, you approve the form and we send the driver up. You don’t have to pay anything until we load the vehicle.  We do obviously take down whatever debit or credit cards you use, we just don’t charge it til we load the vehicle, and if that date doesn’t work I will resend another order form, same addresses but with a different date, so the price wouldn’t go up on you.  If the diesel went up you don’t pay the difference, we lock in the rate for you.  So I can send the form to you?

Customer Sheryl:   Yes.

WWTI:   Do you know the address where the vehicle is in Camarillo so I can fill it out for you?

Customer Sheryl:   It’s on Aviation Road, I know that much…

WWTI:   Watch this, I’ll find it.  Aviation Road…do you the name of the…

Customer Sheryl:   Camarillo Volvo and Mercedes, or Mercedes and Volvo.

WWTI:   I’ll find it in two seconds… NB and Volvo Auto Repair?

Customer Sheryl:   Yeah.

WWTI:   I knew it!  It’s crazy.  We actually own California  We have all the major drivers up in Canada, California, so all this stuff comes up on the…on our website.

Customer Sheryl:   That sounds about right.  Hmm hmm.

WWTI:   I knew it.  I nailed it.  Alright I’m going to send…

Customer Sheryl:   Okay is that a good thing or a bad thing?

WWTI:   The good thing is we know where it is and we can pick up the car when you’re ready.  So I’ll put it on here, and I’ll put it on the order form for when I email it to you. And have you ever done an electronic signature before?  An e-sign?

Customer Sheryl:   Not…yeah.

WWTI:    Yeah, it’s simple.  What it is it’s basically everything you and me are going over.  It’s going to be in an email, you open it, you click on it, you approve it and then we just wait on if the vehicle’s ready and if you’re ready to send it out, and if you’re not we just edit it.  The…let’s see, the person’s name, do you know who you’re dealing with there for the order form so I can email it to you?

Customer Sheryl:   David.

WWTI:   David, alright.  And I actually have a number on file with them, so we’ve actually picked up before.

Customer Sheryl:   That might be it. You know what, I can’t find the number.

WWTI:   That’s fine.  No, don’t worry about it.  It’s not like we’re looking it up right now.  I mean I just have a couple required fields I need on the order form.  I’ll email it to you and I’ll give you our direct number, you just call back when you find out what David’s doing with the car. Then obviously if you’re letting him move it out, you got your…

Customer Sheryl:   You know the thing over this, I know it’s ready, I’m sure it is because he’s really quick, it’s just he’s waiting for me to give him the balance, that’s all.

WWTI:   Of course, I mean that’s going to be…I mean if you end up getting the funds a little quicker and you’re ready to go quicker, as long as you give us a five to seven-day notice we can pull it off.

Customer Sheryl:   Okay, cool.

WWTI:   We can always, as long as you have a couple of days notice.  Like I tell all my clients, if you’re at least 30% sure you’re going to need it moved on a certain day, just let us send the order form, you okay the order form and we play it by ear. So if you need this spot on the trip, we have it, you don’t have to wait; and if you don’t then we have to edit it, we just resend another order.  So regardless we’ll get it moved, this just comes down to when you’re ready.  What about delivery Sheryl?  Where will my driver deliver the vehicle to?

Customer Sheryl:   Street.

WWTI:   Street. How did your car get stuck out there?  Did you…were you out there…living out there?

Customer Sheryl:   No I live in California and I’m moving to this address…

WWTI:   Oh you’re going to actually move to Indiana.  Oh, okay I got you…and I’ll put you as my contact on delivery Sheryl, so you’ll be there to pay the driver?

Customer Sheryl:   That’s why I’m trying to push this off to  as late as possible so I will be.  But otherwise the other person I contact would be Chance, C-H-A-N-C-E…

WWTI:   I’ll put him on the order form…

Customer Sheryl:   You know what, just forget about Chance.  Just forget about Chance, yeah I’ll be there.

WWTI:   Alright.  Keep in mind, I mean a lot of things could change between now and the day that you’re ready to get it shipped.  If you find out Chance is going to be there or somebody else, we just put their name on file, you don’t have to technically be there to sign the form, but at delivery it’s important because the 200 that’s charged when we get the vehicle on to the truck we’ll have 625 due upon delivery, so you’d have to have somebody pay 625 on delivery…

Customer Sheryl:   Right.

WWTI:   …  the balance.  So that’s all, as long as you can have a friend or family member or you being there, it’s fine.  I’m almost done here now and I’ll send out this form for your approval.  Now the Volvo, what color is it for the insurance?

Customer Sheryl:   White.

WWTI:   Okay, and it’s a 1990 right?  For the insurance.

Customer Sheryl:   Hmm hmm.

WWTI:   Alright one last thing and then I’ll forward this to you and I’ll give you my direct number so if dates change, which they might; or you might be ready before, you might hit the lotto tomorrow and you…no I’m just kidding…

Customer Sheryl:   Oh that’d be nice.

WWTI:   You’d probably be buying a Lamborghini, but we’d be out of a shipment.  But I’m just…I’m being sarcastic.  You might get your money ready a little sooner and say “You know what, I got to go. Let’s go.”  And then…why don’t you give us a couple days notice.  Sometimes I can pull it off the same week, but normally we need at least five to seven days so we get a truck that’s coming out.

Customer Sheryl:   That’s fine.

WWTI:   Thank you Sheryl.  Alright. And then you said you’re at for me to send the order form to you?

Customer Sheryl:    Correct.

WWTI:   Okay good.  And then for the time that you’re ready for us to send the driver out so I can send your form out, which debit or credit card did you want me to leave on file Sheryl?

Customer Sheryl:   I got to give it to you now?

WWTI:   Well we put it on file.  We don’t charge it til pick up.  If you wanted you can literally put any card on file to send the form out.  We recheck whatever card you’re using when we load, so you can edit the card at pick up. There’s no charge til the vehicle’s on the truck, so I wouldn’t know if the card you’re giving me even has money on it til pick up.

Customer Sheryl:   Okay so let’s try this one.

WWTI:   Sure.

WWTI:   Do you have a pen and paper handy? You know how these emails are, I want to make sure you know how to reach me cause I know you got bombarded by the brokers and everybody Bill was telling you about.  Cause you’ll keep getting these emails, you’ll get five or six, they’ll tell you 500 bucks, you’ll get excited and you’ll find out they’re just trying to get your attention.  So you know which one our email is. If you don’t get it on my private and direct number here to the desk, I’ll give it to you when you’re ready.

Customer Sheryl:   Hmm hmm, I’m ready.

WWTI:   Alright. It is 954-251-0043…

Customer Sheryl:   Okay.

WWTI:   And that’s right to the desk.  It’ll say “We Will Transport It” same company, look it up just for reviews, that’s what the order form will say, you open it up, all you have to do is click on it to approve it.  It’ll walk you right through how to do it.  Any questions come up, the vehicle’s ready before that or if you say “You know what I need more time,”  you can email me or you can call this number and we’ll just edit you order, there’s no fees or penalties or anything like that.  So we kind of …we wait on you to see when you’re ready and then we’ll send the driver out.

Customer Sheryl:   Okay.

WWTI:    Okay Sheryl.  Awesome.  We appreciate your time.  Don’t forget to approve the forms so if you need to first pick up, we’ll have the first pick up ready for you.  Okay Sheryl?

Customer Sheryl:   Okay great.

WWTI:     Good luck with everything, and we’ll be waiting on you.  Okay sweetie.  Nice talking to you.

Customer Sheryl:   Okay.  Thank you.

WWTI:     You’re welcome, Bye bye.

Customer Sheryl:   Bye bye.