Customer – Jim (Truck)

We will transport it, Jim Truck

Take an inside look into the truck transportation process of an Isuzu regular cab with a 16′ box van being shipped from Escondido, California to Las Vegas! Listen to a recorded phone conversation between We Will Transport It, Inc. and Jim, a real customer.


WWTI/Reggie:   Hey sir, good morning.  How are you doing today?

Customer Jim:   Well, we’ll see! [Laughter].

WWTI/Reggie:   My name is Reggie.  I am your logistic transport specialist.  What kind of vehicles are you looking to get shipped sir?

Customer Jim:   It’s an Isuzu regular cab with a 16 foot box van on it.

WWTI/Reggie:   Regular cab, you said it has a 16 foot, what now?

Customer Jim:   Box van.

WWTI/Reggie:   Hmm mm, okay.

Customer Jim:   Aluminum.

WWTI/Reggie:   Alright.  Alright, what is the…where is this vehicle need to be picked up from?

Customer Jim:   Escondido, California

WWTI/Reggie:   And the zip code for that?

Customer Jim:   Pardon me.

WWTI/Reggie:   Do you have that zip code?

Customer Jim:   92029

WWTI/Reggie:   Okay.  And where do I need to have it delivered to, the zip code?

Customer Jim:   Los Vegas, aah, okay it slipped, hang on there.  Where am I? Ah, I must have….I have to go to my computer. I’m sorry.

WWTI/Reggie:   No sir, not a problem, not a problem.

Customer Jim:   89119

WWTI/Reggie:   Okay. Would you happen to have the height, the length and the weight dimensions?

Customer Jim:   I tell you what you should do is email me your contact information and I will return it with….and ask…and give me an idea what you need to know and I will get that back to you.

WWTI/Reggie:   Okay, what’s your email address sir?

Customer Jim:   …EDITED OUT…..

WWTI/Reggie:   Okay. Alright, I’m gonna go ahead and email you and…..

Customer Jim:   Where are you located?

WWTI/Reggie:   We are actually headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  We do a lot of….

Customer Jim:   Oh, oh.

WWTI/Reggie:  We do a lot of oversized.  We do nationwide but we do a lot of oversized, everything is door to door service so we give you one price…

Customer Jim:   What’s the….

WWTI/Reggie:   Yes sir, go ahead.

Customer Jim:    Okay, what is the name of the company?

WWTI/Reggie:   The name of our company is We Will Transport It Corp.

Customer Jim:   Okay, alright, well email me your contact  information and the questions you need answered and I’ll get it back to you because I am working on one right now but, and I do maybe four, five a year. I don’t do a lot.

WWTI/Reggie:   Right.

Customer Jim:    As far as shipping Isuzu’s, anyway.

WWTI/Reggie:   Got you.  What’s your best contact number Jim, just in case?

Customer Jim:    ….EDITED OUT…..

WWTI/Reggie:   Okay, perfect I’ll shot that over to you and then…what was your estimated time?  Just to be on so I can go through with the logistics, what were you looking for, you know with pick up and delivery?   How soon do we need to get it out?

Customer Jim:   I don’t know, I haven’t got to get a purchase order yet so I don’t have a deal at this point but I have to quote it.

WWTI/Reggie:   Oh, I see what you are saying.

Customer Jim:   It could be….yeah, yeah, you know, that’s obviously how this business works, just like, probably like yours??

WWTI/Reggie:   I got you.  So basically you…

Customer Jim:   You’ve got quotes and then somebody will call you back or maybe they won’t. [Laughs].

WWTI/Reggie:  Right, so basically you are looking to sell or you are looking to buy and you need one price for shipping and purchase so that you can get it all done in one shot?

Customer Jim:   Yeah.

WWTI/Reggie:   Okay.  Yeah, that won’t be a problem.

Customer Jim:   Alright!

WWTI/Reggie:   Alright, not a problem.

Customer Jim:   Yeah, and I have problem getting one of these transported because they require lowboys and a lot of the local brokers and a couple of these don’t run those so…

WWTI/Reggie:   Yeah we use that kind of lowboys as well but we don’t have any trouble shipping any type of unit no matter how big or small they are.

Customer Jim:   Okay.

WWTI/Reggie:  I will just send one of our units out, you know, to get the job done for you with no problem.

Customer Jim:   Okay.  Now you’re insured of course….because I have experienced last year with a guy that picked up the trucks and then demanded more money once he had the trucks.

WWTI/Reggie:  No, we won’t do anything like that with you Mr. Singer, I am trying to, you know,  earn your business for the long run, whether you ship only one unit a year or a million, you know. Either way, the way it would basically work, you know, is once I get the full dimensions of any type of unit that you are shipping, height, weight, width and length, as long as I get the dimensions then, you know, of course, picked up and delivery locations, with estimated time you want it picked up and delivered, then at that point I go in, locate my drivers, if there is not one in the area then I will route one  to you to get the job done for you.  You know, so we just do things…

Customer Jim:   So you are a broker, right?

WWTI/Reggie:   No we are direct, we have our own trucks.

Customer Jim:   Oh, you have your own trucks, okay.

WWTI/Reggie:   Yeah, we have our own.

Customer Jim:   Alright.

WWTI/Reggie:   So that won’t be a problem to get it done Mr. Singer.  Let me  send that email to you and  then I will wait for your reply and then if it comes back to me soon enough I will get you a reply back in about 15, 20 minutes.

Customer Jim:   Perfect.  Alright, thanks very much.

WWTI/Reggie:   You’re welcome Mr. Singer, thank you.

Customer Jim:   Bye bye.

WWTI/Reggie:   Bye bye.