Customer – Kevin (Boat)

We will transport it, kevin-boat

Take an inside look into the boat transportation process of a boat being shipped from North Carolina to Florida! Listen to a recorded phone conversation between We Will Transport It, Inc. and Kevin, a real customer.


WWTI/Brad:                      Transport- please hold.

WWTI/Brad:                      Transport, this is Brad.  Thanks for being patient.

Customer Kevin:              Hey, Brad.  I have that address in North Carolina.

WWTI/Brad:                      All right.  Let’s put this trailer in Reno’s 140.  First portion of the order… First Street…  Go ahead.

WWTI/Brad:                      Do I have a contact there?  Somebody I should have a driver contact to get into the yard to pick up the trailer?

Customer Kevin:              I’ll have to get that for you. I think it’s Mike , but I’m not positive.  I will get that for you, though.

WWTI/Brad:                      Kevin, your best contact number for me, is it —EDITED OUT—.

WWTI/Brad:                      Will you be down here in Florida to greet the driver upon delivery at the marina?

Customer Kevin:              I will.  And do you take credit card for payment?

WWTI/Brad:                   Yeah, we’ll put one on file with the order and then once we’ve got the dispatch order, which I can do tomorrow- I’ve got to order permits with DOT anyhow- I’ll call you and we’ll verify the account.  We put it on file with the order. That’s fine.

Customer Kevin:              Ok.

WWTI/Brad:                      Apollo Beach.  What marina are we utilizing?

Customer Kevin:              It’s called Land’s End Marina.

WWTI/Brad:                      Land’s End?

Customer Kevin:              Uh Huh.

WWTI/Brad:                      Good choice.

Customer Kevin:              Do you know them?

WWTI/Brad:                      Yes, yes.

WWTI/Brad:                      And I think it’s Ed over there is the dockmaster? 813-645-5594, if he’s still there.

Customer Kevin:              When would you anticipate delivery there? Cause I gotta get everything there.  I talked to them, but I wasn’t sure…

WWTI/Brad:                      To be honest, I’d like to pick up the trailer on Wednesday.  We’ll load that boat, hopefully for Thursday, and then we’re going to have a weekend or a Monday delivery back here. If I’m plus a day, it would put me for Monday.  Travel of service at Land’s End, I don’t think will take inbound boats on Saturday, so there’s be no reason to push him down.  Wednesday load would procure a Kingston load on that trailer Thursday afternoon or Friday, and the delivery slated for Monday.  That’s going to work best.  I’d say Monday the 7th.

Customer Kevin:              Okay, that’s fine.

WWTI/Brad:                      Okay.  I’ve got all the information on file.  Give me just a second.  What color is she?  Is she the off-white or the beige or white?

Customer Kevin:              The white.

WWTI/Brad:                      The white. Alright, I’m sending you the final order. You’ve got my direct number.  Take this  down- this is going to be the order and tracking number on the vessel. This will also go with DOT, so they’ll know what it is, coming down Florida, and you can ID it here with us.  Total load, $3689.  We break the payment down two different ways: if you want to utilize a credit or debit card for the entirety, that’s fine.  Your total costs for dispatch, the surveys- each side-or inspections, and then DOT permitting and fuel is $1239.  The carrier pay on delivery would be $2450. And if you’d like, we can make the payment to the driver on your behalf, that’s fine.  I’ll put whatever account you want to place on file today.  It does not process, but it does allow me to spend money with the DOT.  It could be corporate or personal credit or debit. and it’s your choice.

Customer Kevin:              Mm-hm.

WWTI/Brad:                      Alright, I sent you a copy of the final.  You’ll notice on transit directives that there’s two lines for the initial for the pickup.  I’m going to await the e-sign on this, which you don’t have to print, scan or fax.  You’ll do the endorsement.  I’ll print this out, I’ll sign it, send it to the driver.  I’ll send you an alert confirmation this afternoon.  I will be back in contact with you, Kevin, on Monday afternoon once these permits come in, I’ll sign off and give you a heads-ups.  I’ll then reach out to the yacht, Jeff’s, make sure that he’s got the travel lift slated, and we’ll move on from there.

Customer Kevin:              Okay.  Now what will I have to do with the e- what’d you say, e-sign?

WWTI/Brad:                      It’s an e-sign.  Yeah, you’ll pull it up, you’ll click to download and review it.  You’ll type in your first/last, send it back with your e-mail address, and then I’ll send you a copy, an updated copy of it.

Customer Kevin:              All right. Very good.

WWTI/Brad:                      Thanks again. I appreciate it.

Customer Kevin:              Thank you guys.

WWTI/Brad:                      We’ll talk to you on Monday.

Customer Kevin:              Yep, okay. Bye.

WWTI/Brad:                      Bye now.