Customer – John (Auto)

We will transport it, john-auto

Take an inside look into the auto transportation process of an Oldsmobile being shipped to New York! Listen to a recorded phone conversation between We Will Transport It, Inc. and John, a real customer.


WWTI/Bradford: Hi, this is Bradford over at We Will Transport It. I was speaking with John about getting the Oldsmobile back in the Brooklyn area.

Female: Hold on one second.

WWTI/Bradford: Yeah, not a problem.

Customer John: Hello!

WWTI/Bradford: Hi, John?

Customer John: Yes, how are you?

WWTI/Bradford: I am doing fine sir. How are you doing today?

Customer John: Pretty good. I forget, I call you on my wife’s phone but what happens is, it seems it wasn’t picking up and so I told this girl and stuff that, I said, you know, I won’t to get in touch with him and I’m not putting up 300, and he told me he was going to put money into my account but he didn’t answer the phone call.

WWTI/Bradford: Alright, keep me posted. You want me to call you back tomorrow and see where we are at?

Customer John: Yeah. What time are you leaving?

WWTI/Bradford: Well I got…I dispatch right here. Out of Lauderdale. I dispatch about three trucks a day that run the route. I could pick up tomorrow. I’ll pick you up Friday, Saturday, it doesn’t matter.

Customer John: Okay, I’ll tell you what, I’m going to give you my personal number because if she be at work then she can’t answer.

WWTI/Bradford: Alright John. What’s the best number for you? Hang on just a minute, I’ll put it up for you.

Customer John: Okay.

WWTI/Bradford: Go ahead when you are ready. I’ve got it.

Customer John: Okay.

WWTI/Bradford: Do you want me to just give you a buzz back tomorrow man and see what we are going to do or…I could, I mean…

Customer John: Yeah, give me a buzz back.

WWTI/Bradford: I could still…I could pick this up tomorrow and we wouldn’t have to put a payment method down until, you know, Friday. I could do anything you need me to do if you want it, I could drive where I could get it. I’d get it picked up. I mean, it ain’t about that, if the vehicle is going to be delivered before, you know, they finish paying on it. So that’s how that works but it’s up to you man. If you want me to get it picked up tomorrow all I have got to do is have you sign off.

Customer John: Yeah, but what I’m saying, I can sign off but then what’s going to happen is…I wouldn’t worry about my money because as long as he put it in the account but what I’m talking about, yow, he get there and he don’t pay you the $500 then I have got to turn around and pay that too, you know.

WWTI/Bradford: No, no, he’s got to be there to pay the 500, you are right.

Customer John: Yeah, yeah, that’s what I’m trying…I’m thinking of, like hey, if I don’t pay tomorrow somebody has got to pay. You know, I can pay my 325 but you know what, he is going to pay… is he is going to pay the 500 or am I going to be stuck just paying that too? And I am not doing that.

WWTI/Bradford: And I don’t blame you.

Customer John: Because he talked good yesterday, telling me a whole lot about putting it in my account but he won’t answer the phone when I’m calling him. So Just call me before 12:00 tomorrow or like 9:00 o’clock or 9:30 because, you know, if I get in touch with him in the day then I can just tell you to come pick it up tomorrow if you like.

WWTI/Bradford: Yeah, you call me first thing man and it could still get picked up tomorrow, no problem at all.

Customer John: Okay.

WWTI/Bradford: Thanks brother, you be good.

Customer John: It’s going to be 800 total or 825, that’s some voluntary discount.

WWTI/Bradford: Eight twenty five, 825 is total door to door.

Customer John: Okay.

WWTI/Bradford: And that’s a residential delivery so ain’t nobody is going to be inconvenienced. We will pick up, you know, right there at the Golf View Circle and we will deliver right to him in Broken Arrow.

Customer John: Okay, it’s got to be good then because the, you know.

WWTI/Bradford: Yeah, and we load it right there man, not a problem.

Customer John: Okay, well you call me tomorrow about 9:30, 10:00 and then I should know because I just told him I don’t like doing business like that but he told me to call and get to see how much transport. I’m not the only one who you know.

WWTI/Bradford: I understand completely. Not a problem at all John, we’ll talk to you then sir.

Customer John: Okay, thanks sir.

WWTI/Bradford: Okay, bye.