Customer – Joseph (Auto)

We will transport it, joseph-auto

Take an inside look into the car transportation process of a Chrysler Cordoba being shipped from Tennessee! Listen to a recorded phone conversation between We Will Transport It, Inc. and Joseph, a real customer.

Joseph:             Hello.

WWTI:               Hi!  This is Michael with We Will Transport It Corporation.  Is this Joseph?

Joseph:             Yes it is.

WWTI:               Hi Joseph!  Did you ever get your Cordoba picked up of Livingston?

Joseph:             No, I’m still waiting to hear.

WWTI:               Okay. Alrighty. What date were you looking to get it picked up?  Are they overdue or…

Joseph:             Well I mean I’ve been trying to be reasonable here, I’m not in no hurry.

WWTI:               Right, now I got you.

Joseph:             I want to get the best deal that I can.

WWTI:               Yeah, and there’s nothing wrong with that sir.  Just have you shipped before I take it.

Joseph:             It’s been a while since I’ve done it.

WWTI:               It’s gotten a little…as you can see I’m sure you found out real quickly based on how you requested your quote here.  It’s changed a bit.  So let me take a look here and see who they’ve…who’s working on your order and I’ll let you know. I don’t know if you were able to use  It’s a DOT website, it’ll give you a good background on whatever transporter you’re looking to talk to so you know you’re dealing with a reputable company.  It’s very important to avoid that bait and switch tactic that so many of them use.  We’re just not in the business of lying to people, we’d rather you call us back the next time you ship because you remember we have warned you or told you that we either can or can’t do it at a certain price and we’d rather part as friends than have you pissed when something doesn’t come to fruition that we promised.

Joseph:             No, I hear you.

WWTI:               Yeah, but we’ll see if we can take care of you man, and I’ll take care of looking at this here while we’re on the phone.  I’m going to pull up the board.  Do you know what company you’re actually working with right now, or have you spoken to a few?  Yeah definitely I’m not going to…like I don’t spend time talking good or bad about other companies, it doesn’t behoove anybody involved, so you know at the end of the day just make sure you do your due diligence with the Department of Transportation, and whoever you are using, if you’re using Nation or even if you were using us I would ask you to take a look at who we are and look at our credentials, insurances, things like that.  It’s very important regardless.

Joseph:             Yeah I know, that’s one thing I know when it comes to the insurance and stuff.

WWTI:               Yeah exactly, and I’m sending you a link.  Am I talking to you on your cell phone sir?

Joseph:             No, you’re on my home phone.

WWTI:               If I shoot you an email, I know you’ve got a lot of those.  You might want to write it down, it’s got some helpful information for you since you haven’t shipped in a while so that I don’t waste your time and mine talking about things that really don’t help move your vehicle you know.  So I’m going to shoot that off while we’re speaking.  You can answer that phone cause I’m going to put you on a brief hold so I can pull some things about the order and see what we can do for you.

Joseph:             Okay.

WWTI:               Or is this a bad time to talk?

Joseph:             No no.  I’ve got about 15 minutes.

WWTI:               Okay, I won’t take that long cause I’ll be gentle sir.  Thanks.  Alright, you with me Joseph?

Joseph:             Yes I am.

WWTI:               Alright.  Yes, I see actually it’s a funny thing, Nation called us and said $898.65 is what comes up with…off the computer-generated price. I think we can do a little bit better than that.  What did they tell you they could do it for you?  They probably told you $650…

Joseph:             Yeah, that’s what they’re looking for.

WWTI:               Yeah.  I mean I don’t know what your budget is realistically, most of the carriers on this route…how long have they been working on this?  Because it looks like…I mean…

Joseph:             Let’s see…Friday.

WWTI:               So yeah, that’s…yeah I’m seeing…I mean it’s only 703 miles, the problem is it’s just not a very frequented route, you get a few carriers ever so often and there’s no such thing as a starving carrier when it comes to going on a route where everybody is desperate to get their cars out.  But let me just get this down to brass tax, I know you’ve been played with a lot.  We don’t charge anything, we’re not about playing with the games, bottom line you just want to be a smart consumer and if it’s…I don’t know what’s your budget is working with, but I mean we can technically get you picked up as soon as the next 48 to 72 hours, but I know you’re very flexible, so let me see what’s realistic for you.  But I mean I see that we have carriers that are able to do that in the next three to five days, I have two of them that are open.  I’m waiting to see what an approval would be on the lesser rate.  Based on the price per mile, like I said right now it’s sitting at 898 but give me a second and I’ll be right back and get this taken care of bottom line.  One thing that’ll help if I get the pickup truck or a pick-up and drop-off addresses I can shave it down to the proper price per mile first of all which will help knock off probably about 20 bucks.

Joseph:             At 900 bucks 20 bucks isn’t…

WWTI:               No, but that’s…what I’m trying to say is that’s the first step to getting an actual carrier approved rate, meanwhile I’m just waiting on the answer to see what their lowest accepted rate is for flexibility. How much time do you have, seven to ten days or would you prefer within a week?

Joseph:             Yeah, like I said, you know I’m getting old, a deadline here cause I’ve already talked to the fellow that I purchased it from, he’s not…

WWTI:             So he’s going to take…that’s awesome.  So that helps you out significantly.  Let’s just get to …look that rate quick here and I’ll have you off in a brief moment.  When my dispatch manager comes over he’ll be able to take a look at it.  Are you a veteran or a Triple A member?

Joseph:             Yeah, both.

WWTI:               Oh.  Thank you for your service to the country and the owner always asks that we make sure that we extend our appreciation as well as a discount…make sure we give proper discounts in there for you.  We’ll have you off in just a moment and if you like what you have we have to say it’s not going to cost you anything, we can actually…you’ll see the difference between us and another company, you don’t have to guess where the driver’s at cause we give you the driver number, we give you the time of pick up, the time when they’ll…you have all that information, insurance provisions of the carrier coming to get you, all that’s in hand ahead of time, and that’s how it’s supposed to be done.

Few bits of information, I need the pick up address, drop off address and I’ll have you off in just a brief moment.

Joseph:             \\\\\

Alright thank you for that.  Alright. And very flexible…two weeks… Alright, bear with me one more second here and we’ll get you taken care of Joseph.  I appreciate the chance to earn your business.

WWTI:               Hello Joseph?

Joseph:             Yes.

WWTI:               Yes, my name is Bill, I’m the Dispatch Manager. Michael grabbed me so I can just look through my database here to get you a confirmed price.  It’s very simple if you got a dispatch department, I mean carriers it shows their tracking, where they’re at, where they’re located.  It all depends on your pick up and your drop off and the size of the vehicle.  This does start up and run right?

Joseph:             Yeah, it’s a running vehicle.

WWTI:               Looking through the spreadsheet here…let me see what the lowest they’ve been accepted for.  What’s your timeframe?  When you want it out, ASAP?

Joseph:              I’m flexible… so it’s the best dollar I can get.

WWTI:               Yeah well the best price you know that, as you already know with this company is not going to move you.  Where you’re looking at, the lowest that’s been accepted, I can get you down to 775, trucker’s got one last spot, that’ll be picked up in 72 hours.  The 775 sir, that’s everything included, that’s no hidden fees, that’s taxes, that’s tolls, that’s insurance, that’s everything included.  And of course you know truck driver he won’t have that spot forever but with a little basic information I can secure that for you and then the headache’s over with you know.

Joseph:             Aah…

WWTI:                I mean I understand Joseph, everybody wants the best price in life but there’s a old saying that’s been saying for a long…

Joseph:             I’m also realistic but I mean cause I haven’t done this for a while and I’ve been getting bounced around with different prices, and I just want to get something realistic and move on it.

WWTI:               Yeah, this will get you picked in 72 hours, I mean we’re in this business for the long run.  A lot has changed since probably the last time you transported.  There’s a lot of companies that will just sit there out of their little off…out of their mom’s garage in Miami and just bang you with a quote that’s four/five hundred dollars and then want your credit card, and that’s why you’re getting prices all over.  They’re not from Truck Drivers you know that, they’re from some brokers sitting in an office.  This price is guaranteed, it’s everything, 775.  And of course you know it’s the level of service, my carriers are a hundred percent rated.  It’s an older vehicle but I’m sure you care about it and you want to either restore it or it is restored.  Heavy, heavy, heavy guy too.

Joseph:             Yeah. Yes, alright do it for 775.  Yeah let’s do it.

WWTI:               And who’s going to be my point of contact out there my driver’s going to call?  What color is the vehicle for insurance reasons?

Joseph:             Let me check it out…I think it’s grey.

WWTI:               Is it already purchased, ready to go?

Joseph:             Yeah yeah. Yeah it’s grey.

WWTI:               Alright.  How are you with the computer there Joseph?  Do you have access to your internet and log on to your Yahoo?

Joseph:             Yes.

WWTI:               Okay.  I’m send you out the agreement form, it’s the same form that’s going to be sent out to the carrier, it’s coming from

Joseph:              Michael at We…

WWTI:               Will Transport It.

Joseph:             …Transport It, yeah.

WWTI:                It’s the same thing with the fax.  I’ll walk you right through it.  Let me know when you log on there.  Take your time.

Joseph:             Okay.  Looks like you sent me three emails.

WWTI:               Oh sometimes I get a little trigger happy here cause it goes to the Spam. All you have to do Joseph is just basically view or download it…double click on it, it’s going to open up, you’re going to see a big green or yellow button that says “I want to esign.”  It’s the same thing as a fax, just click on that.

Joseph:             Alright, so what am I supposed to do here?

WWTI:               Okay you see the big yellow button once view it or download it, says “I want to esign?”   Just click on that.  All you got to do is click on that with your mouse and then you’re going to see a start button on the left-hand side.  Once you hit the start button that says “Click here to sign,”  pretty neat.  Just type your first and last name in there.

Joseph:             Wait a second, Sign in, you need to sign in one location?

WWTI:               Yeah you just click your mouse in there and type your first and last name, it’s the same thing as a fax..

Joseph:             Okay alright.

WWTI:               Yeah it’s pretty convenient because we ship a lot of cars for dealerships, people at the auction I mean how’re you going to get them to go to a fax machine when you’re shipping 20/30 cars at a time?  Now I want you to type your first and last name right below that Joseph, right below it.  You’re going to see an “Apply” button. Click on the  Apply button.

Joseph:             Now wait a minute now, so I hit the start…green start button?

WWTI:               Yeah hit the start button first and it’s going to bring you…and it’s going to bring you down to “Click to sign” you just click your mouse in there and type your first and last name.

Joseph:              Now once I sign this I’m obligating myself to this $775 right?

WWTI:               Yeah once you sign this, this is going to sent out to my carrier to secure the spot before it gets filled.

Joseph:          Alright now what happens if something…he can’t make the pick up?

WWTI:               Listen Joseph, I’m not going to ask you for no money, it would be stupid of me to waste my time or your time.  He’s going to make the pick up unless for some reason, a tornado or it drops down to 40 below.  Now in Pennsylvania it might drop down to 20 right now, cause I’m originally from Aerie, Pennsylvania okay, but it’s clearing up, it’s 40/50 degrees right now, they’re probably out there in their bikinis.

Joseph:             Well it’s 70 here so…

WWTI:               Well you’re in Tennessee, you’re in a beautiful land. Where are you by Nashville or Knoxville?

Joseph:             No I’m south of Knoxville.  I’m closer to Chattanooga actually, well I’m in between them.

WWTI:               Oh yeah, beautiful spot, my… See the button below that says “Apply” sir?

Joseph:              I did all that but I’m back to “Click to sign” again.

WWTI:             Okay once you type your first and last name in Joseph, right below that there’s an Apply button.  Once you hit the Apply button right below that, key word below, you put in your email address okay.  I want you to have a confirmation for yourself so that you see 775 is the total price, nothing changes, no upfront deposit.  So put in the email address so you have a copy for yourself.  We ain’t trying to hide nothing from you… want to go through this headache.

Joseph:             When he delivers the car what do I do?  Just put it on a charge card?

WWTI:               Yeah I’ll go over payment with you, let’s finish this process first okay.  Once you to put in your email…I don’t want to get anybody confused here, I want to finish one thing…

Joseph:              You’re breaking up on me.  You’re on a cell?

WWTI:               No, no.  I’m on a desk line.  Can you hear me better now?

Joseph:             Yeah okay.

WWTI:               Okay.  Now I want you put in your email address Joseph.

Joseph:             I said that already.

WWTI:               You click the blue button right below it?  Click the finish signing?

Joseph:             Yes, it shows my signature and my email address.

WWTI:               Okay and then right below that Joseph there’s a blue button that says “Click to finish signing”  Did you click on that?

Joseph:             Yeah, there’s nothing left.

WWTI:               Joseph real quick, I do this about a hundred times a day.  Once you put in your email address, below there there’s a blue button, when I say below I mean like two centimeters below and it says “Click to finish signing” right below the email address.

Joseph:             That’s what I’m saying, there’s nothing here, I already hit that.

WWTI:               Alright, not a problem, let me check the database, make sure it came through okay.

Joseph:             Alright.

WWTI:               One second sir.  You’re right Joseph, that’s my fault.   You’re smarter with that computer than I thought you were.  So that came through.  Now you wanted to talk about payment right?

Joseph:             Right.

WWTI:               There’s two ways you can pay, you can provide a credit card at the time of pick up and we can charge 175 just like when you start a construction job, that’s from the 775, don’t get worried there; and then you can provide 600 on drop off, cash, money order, anything certified, or you can pay the whole 775 on drop off.  Most customers like to get the little reward points for the 175 so they put a card on file.  Whatever, it’s up to you.  What card would you like to put on file sir?  Perfect.  Now your tracking number okay where you can call us at any given time.

Joseph:             Okay.

WWTI:               This is where you can call in to us any given time.  Roughly once we’ve picked it up, and I’m going to call over there to schedule that, it’s only going to take about two days, that’s it …for delivery.  And we’re going to call you before pick up and we’re going to call you in the middle of trans and on drop off as well.

Joseph:             Alright so what are we looking at, Friday or Saturday?

WWTI:               We’re looking for Friday evening/Saturday morning, we’ll always arrange that.  Now let me give you the direct number, hold on one second.  Let me give you direct number here Joseph okay.

Joseph:             Okay.

WWTI:               So you can always call me, again my name is Bill alright?  That’s 954 628 5297.

Joseph:             5297.

WWTI:               You made the right decision, you call us anytime when you want to get something moved.  I’ll always price you as low as I can but I’m going to price you to move, you know what I mean?

Joseph:             Well I’ll tell you, the one thing…the one reason I’m doing this cause I’m trying to fit the other company cause I’ve called them and called them and nobody’s ever getting back to me, and I finally get through yesterday and they said yes the other phone’s setting up now, still never get back to me. So I’m…

WWTI:               Yeah because you know why…make sure…did you give them your credit card Joseph?

Joseph:             Yeah I did.

WWTI:               Alright this is what I want you to do, make sure you go check your bank statement right there. Make sure that company didn’t charge your card. If they did…

Joseph:             I’ve been checking, no they haven’t charged it.

WWTI:               Good, good, good, good.  The only company that you’re ever going to see charge is We Will Transport.  Let me get on the horn with this carrier.  Appreciate your business, did a smart thing.  Listen you Joseph, you call me seven days a week, if I don’t pick up one of my representatives.  One thing that we pride our self on is communication, we ain’t running from nothing, we don’t have nothing to hide, we’re in this business for the long run.  I want to tell all your buddies when you’re out golfing and drinking those greygooses or greyhounds to give me a call alright.

Joseph:              Alright.

WWTI:              Alright sir.  Thank you.

Joseph:             Okay.