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A Quick Look at Shipping Multiple Cars Across Country

When you’re relocating and Shipping Multiple Cars Across Country, it’s not always convenient to drive your vehicle yourself. If you’re traveling by airplane or driving a large truck loaded up with everything you own, the last thing you need is additional wear and tear on your personal vehicle along the way. The good news is that it’s now possible to have your car waiting for you when you arrive at your new home! We are a Multi Car Transport Company with more than 25 Years of experience which will give you the peace of mind that you deserve when you are moving your cars from one State to another one.

Shipping multiple cars across the country, Cross country car transport, Ship multiple cars, Multi car transporter, Multi Car transport

Whether you want to ship a single personal vehicle or if you want to ship multiple cars, it’s both easy and affordable to book a space on a Multi Car transporter. Here’s a look at how cross country car transport works, as well as the answers to several common questions about auto shipping services.

Why Should I Ship My Car?

In addition to the hassle and inconvenience of driving your personal vehicles to your destination, fuel costs are always on the rise. If it’s a multi-day trip, you’ll also have to pay for overnight lodging and meals along the way.

You already have plenty of things on your mind when you’re moving, and cross country car transport obviates the need to pay for fuel and put a lot of additional mileage on your vehicles. It can also help you avoid the cost of long-term storage and the risks of being in a motor vehicle accident on your way to your destination.

How Does Car Shipping Work?

Drive-away services are a convenient way to hire a driver to transport your vehicle, but they have all of the same limitations as driving the vehicle on your own. In addition to paying the driver’s fees and expenses, you’ll be paying to put gas in the tank and putting more miles on your odometer. Multi Car transport is a more cost-effective alternative to drive-away services and one of the most common methods of shipping multiple cars across country.


Shipping multiple cars across the country, Cross country car transport, Ship multiple cars, Multi car transporter, Multi Car transport

You’ve seen plenty of Multi Car transport trucks on the road delivering new vehicles to auto dealerships, and it’s also a convenient way for individuals to ship their personal vehicles. Multi Car transport rigs can carry up to nine vehicles at a time, which allows shippers to share the expense of transporting the vehicles.

The vehicle shipping company can pick up your car and deliver it just about anywhere in the United States, and you can maximize your savings if you have some flexibility in your schedule and take some time to shop around for the best deals.

Modes of Transportation

Open-car shipping is the most economical and commonly used way to transport your vehicle. Your car will be transported on a Multi Car carrier or a flatbed trailer, and it will be subjected to the same road conditions as it would if you drove it to your destination. You can also book enclosed auto transport for your luxury or antique vehicles that serve as a “garage on wheels”.

If you need to transport RVs, boats, or oversized vehicles, it can affect the timing and pricing of your shipment. Many carriers offer door-to-door shipping, or you can arrange to have your vehicle transported to your choice of long-term parking or storage facilities at your destination.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Vehicle?

You can get a free shipping quote in minutes to get the most accurate pricing estimates, but you should budget about $500-$1500 for cross country car transport services. You can usually get a better price from the carrier when you travel a shorter distance and/or ship multiple vehicles.

Shipping multiple cars across the country, Cross country car transport, Ship multiple cars, Multi car transporter, Multi Car transport

Other factors can affect the price of shipping, including the pick-up location, the drop-off destination, and the size of the vehicle. You can expect to pay significantly higher pricing for international shipping, and you might also have to pay tariffs and other fees to ship your vehicle to certain destinations.

How Long Does Car Shipping Take?

You’ll get the best pricing on your shipment as long as you have some flexibility with your schedule. You can certainly pay a premium to schedule a priority pickup, but carriers often have empty spaces to offer at better prices if they’re making other pickups or deliveries in your area. Be sure to discuss your needs with your shipping company to get a more specific time estimate.

The transportation industry is currently experiencing historically high driver shortages, so it might take a little longer than usual to schedule a pick-up or delivery. Other factors such as travel distance, weather, and road closures can also affect your pick-up and arrival times. Your vehicles will often be on the same truck as other vehicles headed to other destinations, and your delivery time will be impacted by your location along the driver’s route.

Can I Ship Personal Items in My Car?

It might seem like common sense to use the valuable space inside your car and your trunk to hold a few boxes, but the additional weight could wind up increasing your shipping costs. It’s not a good idea to load your car down full of valuables and personal belongings, but most shipping companies will allow you to ship your car fully loaded. Be sure to let the shipper know that you intend to include extra cargo in your vehicle ahead of time.

Ship more than one car Nationwide or overseas FAQs

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you ever have any specific questions, feel free to contact our agents at any time by calling 1-888-885-5354

Can I use multiple brokers to ship a car?

There’s nothing wrong with shopping around to get the best rates, but if you need to ship multiple cars you’re better off using the same Multi Car transporter. Brokers, carriers, and DOT-registered companies all use the same central dispatch platform to post and pick up shipping orders. Listing your vehicle through multiple brokers can actually delay your ability to schedule a pick-up, and you’re typically much better off dealing with transportation companies directly.

Shippers place the highest priority on keeping their vehicles full, and wasted trips cost operators a lot of fuel and wasted time. If the carrier sees the same vehicle listed with multiple brokers, they might choose to pass on the job rather than find out that another truck beat them to the pick-up.

How much does it cost to ship two cars?

The cost of shipping more than one car is roughly the same as it is for shipping each car individually, but shippers are often prepared to offer multiple car discounts. It’s typically the highest priority for the shipper to fill as many available slots on their trucks as possible, and you’re a more desirable customer when you have multiple cars to ship.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car across the country?

Open-car shipping is the cheapest and most common way to transport vehicles, and it offers the best value for customers shipping multiple cars across the country. Carriers can fit up to nine vehicles on their trucks, and their customers share the expense of the shipment. An open-car transport won’t protect your vehicle from the elements in the same way as covered transportation will, but your driver will be fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Is it cheaper to ship two cars?

Shipping multiple cars will cost more than shipping a single vehicle, but carriers are usually willing to offer discounts to customers who can help them fill their trucks up more quickly. The more cars and recreational vehicles that you ship at once, the better the pricing you can expect.

Carriers have a lot of fixed transportation costs and base their pricing according to industry schedules. The carrier’s cost to transport each vehicle on the truck will be roughly the same, but drivers are happiest when they can make fewer stops. You can get the best possible price by shipping all of your cars, RVs, and Powersports vehicles with the same carrier.

Is it cheaper to drive or ship cars across the country?

It’s still slightly more cost-effective to drive your car for shorter moves, but fuel costs are always on the rise. If you’re moving more than 500 miles, the modest expense of using a Multi Car transporter is money well-spent. It allows you to ship multiple cars to your destination, and you won’t be putting additional miles on your odometer or on your tires.

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