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Transport Cars from State to State

We are Transport Cars from State to State experts. Shipping Cars from State to State is our main service. Get up to 10% off by calling now. Cars, trucks, and SUVs are designed to get you around from place to place.

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However, there are times when you might need to get your passenger vehicle itself from one place to the next. When you need to transport a car from one state to the next, those of us at We Will Transport It is standing by to help you get this done.

Why Choose We Will Transport It?

Arranging to transport cars State to State does take time. However, the experience shouldn’t be stressful for you. We offer convenient methods of transporting cars from state to state across the country. Whether you’ve done State to State auto transport before or it’s your first time using car transportation services, we have all you need for a simple process.

Shipping cars from state to state can actually be a very simple affair. Work with us to find the best car transportation services suited to your particular needs. We have the options you can choose from to find the car transportation solution that meets your needs and circumstances. Contact us soon enough, and we can get you 10% off. Plus, you can book your reservations without putting down money in advance or having to deal with a deposit at the time.

Shipping Cars From State to State Offers Many Advantages

Using State to State car shipping can have quite a few benefits. Consider how many of these might apply to your personal life or business.

  1. You Save Time

    Driving a car across the country can take days. Even just driving it across your state might take you a day to get there and then back. Trusting a State to State auto transport service with the job will leave you free to take care of the million other things you probably have going on in life.

  2. You Can Buy or Sell Anywhere

    State to state car shipping means you can find the deal, make, model, and year vehicle you want in any state and have it shipped to you. By having someone transport cars state to state for you, you can also buy vehicles in any state and have them brought to you. You can do this both as a private citizen or a business. Whether you’re dealing with a dealership, a private owner, or an auction, you can get a vehicle to or from any destination across the nation.

  3. You Won’t Have the Hassle of the Road Trip

    Driving a car somewhere doesn’t just eat up your time. It also costs you gas, food, and potentially lodging. There might also be the matter of getting back if the car is staying at its new home and you’re not. Even with GPS technology, seasonal changes in weather can impact roadways, and certain routes might be temporarily closed. Avoid issues in unfamiliar surroundings by letting someone handle the transportation for you.

  4. Your Car Will Be Safer

    Cross-country travel involves a lot of miles. Just one exhausted driver error can mean catastrophic damage to your vehicle, but that’s a lot less likely to happen on a carrier truck. A professional truck driver knows how to handle their carrier safely at all times, and the sheer size of their vehicle means that yours is going to be physically safer up off the ground.

  5. Your Insurance Won’t Get Hit

    When your car, truck, or SUV rides in or on a transport carrier, it’s covered by the carrier’s insurance and not yours. Of course, you don’t want even their insurance to be triggered, but if something happens, it won’t be your personal rates that wind up going up due to a claim.

  6. Fewer Miles for Your Vehicle

    Even though your vehicle might actually travel thousands of miles to its destination on a carrier, its odometer won’t move more than a few dozen feet when it’s parked or backed off of the truck. This is less wear and tear on everything from the tires to the suspension. Your car will show up in just as good operating condition as it was picked up in.

  7. Ship Anywhere Across the Country

    The worst-possible trip for any car might be something along the lines of San Diego in Southern California all the way to Portland, Maine. Miami, Florida to Portland, Oregon is also another long haul unlike any other. Driving this yourself could realistically take a week. A car carrier might need two weeks to get it done, but they can spare you that drive.

  8. It’s More Affordable Than You Think

    Every trip is different, but a standard 4-door sedan crossing two or three time zones might still cost you less than $1,000 to ship. Think about your gas, food, lodging, and time off if you tried that yourself, and you can quickly see how a car carrier might actually save you money from trying to DIY.

  9. It’s Safer for Your Family

    If you need to ship a car as part of a move, then think about what it might do to your family to take a road trip that long. Exhausted drivers can make mistakes, everyone can get cranky, and there is likely to be sore lower backs along the way. This is an exhausting ordeal to handle after you just packed up life in one community and you’re about to start over somewhere else.

  10. So Free of Hassle

    Your transport will get as close as it can to your home or business where they can park the truck without getting stuck. Just meet them there to hand over the keys, and they’ll take it from there. Then, they’ll meet someone at the destination for dropping off, where things go just as smoothly. It’s practically door-to-door service in many cases.

  11. Sleep Well at Night

    Rather than dreading another day on the road in a hotel room, you can sit back and relax knowing your vehicle is in the hands of a trusted professional who is skilled at moving passenger vehicles for a living.

Top Transport Cars State to State FAQs

Transporting cars from state to state might not be something you do on a regular basis. It is, however, what we do every day of the week.

Transport Cars State to State, Shipping Cars from State to State, Car Transportation Services, State to State Car Shipping, State to State Auto Transport, Transporting Cars from State to State

Some of your questions are probably ones we get on a regular basis, so we’ve put together the most common ones and the initial information you should know about each one of them.

How to Transport Cars From One State to Another?

When you need to transport cars state to state, you basically have four options:

  1. Do it yourself.
  2. Have someone drive the vehicle for you.
  3. Tow it.
  4. Hire a car transport service.

In the first three cases, you or someone you know has to do the driving and then make arrangements to come back. You also put needless miles on your vehicle, even if it’s just tire mileage during towing.

Only professional vehicle transport saves you the time of someone driving and having to get back while also keeping your car’s odometer just where it is right now.

How to Transport a Car to Another State?

If you use a professional service for shipping cars from state to state, then the process is fairly simple:

  • Determine your pickup location.
  • Decide where you want it dropped off.
  • Figure out a pickup date.
  • Call around for quotes.
  • Choose a particular service.
  • Prepare your vehicle for pickup.
  • Give it to the carrier.
  • Arrange for someone to be at the drop-off.

How Do I Transport My Car to Another State?

Car transportation services can pick up your car and then load it onto a truck. That truck is what carries your vehicle to your chosen destination. You can have your shipping company either pick your vehicle up at your home or at a business. It works the same way for getting it delivered, as you can do the dropoff at either a residence or a business.

Transport Cars State to State, Shipping Cars from State to State, Car Transportation Services, State to State Car Shipping, State to State Auto Transport, Transporting Cars from State to State

Details like these are crucial to an accurate quote and reliable service, so make sure you go over everything with a representative in advance of booking service.

How Much to Transport a Car to Another State?

State to state car shipping doesn’t have flat rates or set costs. Some carriers might have average mileage fees based on the distances traversed, but there can still be many other factors that determine how much it will cost you, including:

  • ZIP Codes: The distance between pickup and dropoff ZIP codes will multiply the overall mileage charge. However, most carriers also charge less per mile on average for longer trips.
  • Route: The specific roads and highways the truck will transport a vehicle through can possibly involve traffic congestion, road construction, and even adverse weather.
  • Open/Enclosed Trucks: Over 90% of all car transports are open trucks that leave your vehicle exposed to the elements, but they are still very safe and carry your car in a secure fashion. Closed carriers are available, although there aren’t as many options and they tend to cost 30% more on average.
  • Shipping Date: The sooner you can reserve your booking, the better. You’ll have more options, and last-minute pricing can go up over time in many cases as availability goes down.
  • Kind of Vehicle: Most passenger vehicles fit on carriers just fine, but those that are longer and taller might need special circumstances. Also, motorcycles with passenger cars or vehicles with roof racks or oversized tires could also mean adjustments are necessary for secure transport.
  • Vehicle Condition: Your vehicle needs to be able to steer and roll, but it might cost extra if the engine is inoperable. If it takes physical manpower to get it on and off the truck, there will be more fees involved.
  • Seasonality: This varies based on each state and what time of year it is. For instance, transport services headed to sunnier states can be really popular with snowbirds looking to escape the winter where they permanently live. Spring and summer are also when a lot of people move and need their vehicles to follow them to their new homes.

How to Transport a Car From Another State?

If you need State to State auto transport to bring a vehicle to you instead of shipping a vehicle from where you are currently at, the process is identical.

You start by creating a shipment listing with the pickup and delivery ZIP codes. You’ll also enter the make, model, and year. We also need to know if the vehicle is operable.

Next, you’ll look over your quotes and choose your particular service. Even if you only get quotes from us at We Will Transport It, we might have more than one option for you based on delivery times, routes, and open or enclosed carriers.

Finally, you’ll secure your booking. Just accept the one that looks best to you, and we’ll work with you about what you need to prepare your vehicle before we actually pick it up. You don’t have to worry about payment until later since our services require no upfront deposit. You can even get 10% off by booking early.

Can I Pack Personal Possessions in My Vehicle?

Given how frequently car transport services are used for families or households that are moving, many people wonder if they can use their transported vehicle as a cargo carrier to save room in a moving truck.

The short answer is that each carrier truck has different rules, but these are the three common scenarios:

  1. Some carriers forbid personal possessions entirely for liability reasons.
  2. Other carriers allow up to 100 pounds of personal items in trunk spaces and seats or flooring so long as they stay under the window line for security and visibility.
  3. A handful of carriers allow you to pack the vehicle to the max with personal items.

Consult one of our representatives to find out your options. Also, be advised that carrier insurance for your vehicle might not also cover personal items you stow.

How Can I Save Money on Car Shipping?

Several factors determine your price, as you read earlier. Having said that, there are a few ways to possibly cut your costs:

  • Ask About Discounts: Contact us for potential discounts that might apply to repeat customers, military members, veterans, and the like.
  • Be Flexible: If you can entertain an open schedule instead of being set on a specific time and date, then you will have more quote options.
  • Bundle: If you can ship multiple vehicles on one truck, you’ll get a volume discount.
  • Call Us Early: We can save you up to 10% off your total cost without any upfront payment or deposit required.
  • Get Somewhere Urban: If you reside in a rather rural area, you should try to drop your vehicle off or receive it in a nearby city.
  • Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Operable: If your vehicle can run, steer, drive, and brake, then you can avoid the extra fees associated with inoperable vehicles.
  • Pick an Open Transport: The industry standard truck is far more available and is the most affordable.
  • Transport in the Low Season: Winter is usually a lot cheaper because there are fewer cars being shipped around the country.

How Long Does Car Shipping Take?

Distance is the biggest variable, followed closely by the route. Carriers often have stops and pickups all over the place. Having said that, they can usually cover approximately 500 miles each day. A cross-country trip might take up to two weeks, especially if they run into road closures and inclement weather. Detours of any kind can take auto transports longer since they can’t drive on all roads.

Let Us Move Your Vehicles Where They Need to Be

Trust our professionals at to move your passenger vehicles from where they are to where they need to be. Contact us right away for a free consultation or quote regarding transporting cars from state to state.

If you decide we’re right for you, then take advantage of your bonuses:

  1. Call Now for 10% Off: Making early reservations simplifies things for everyone, so we offer 10% discounts to customers who call early.
  2. No Money Down: Place your reservation for a pickup and dropoff without paying anything until your vehicle is actually in our hands!
  3. No Upfront Deposits: In most cases, you don’t pay a dime until your vehicle is safely delivered on time at the address you specify.

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