Moving a Shipping Container without a Forklift or Crane

53ft shipping containers, moving 50 yards from Auburndale Fl

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How to Haul a container without a forklift or crane?

Moving a Shipping Container is a service for experts only. First, you have to be knowledgeable and in the field of logistics to be able to accommodate this. You will need several tools and must be a skilled driver. With so many containers backing up at the ports with materials and supplies, this has become a major effect on the economy.

Moving a shipping container without a forklift or crane

As We Will Transport It, we have mastered the way to ship your 20 ft or 40 ft container from point A to B. Hauling a container without hiring a high price crane service or even a wrecker service will only work if the container is under thirteen thousand pounds.

Preparing your shipping container for pick up and delivery.

You will need to have enough room for the Heavy Duty truck to be able to come in and maneuver to the unit. Usually, min. is a 14-foot width so the driver can easily have access to the container. Also, having it on a solid ground surface always helps because when we lift it up with our tilt bed trailer, we need to put wooden blocks to secure the unit in the air. Having communication with your driver and sending pictures is always the best way to make sure the job hauling gets done properly.

What you will save shipping a container without a forklift company or crane services?

Depending on your location for pickup and delivery, you will save thousands of dollars. Crane companies will charge anywhere from five hundred an hour to 1,500 an hour. Many forklift companies have a min. of 4 hours and can cost up to $150 an hour.

Moving a shipping container without a forklift or crane

Having a skilled driver with a tilt bed trailer, two sections of chains and wooden blocks can save you thousands. Make sure you always do your research on google and the BBB before hiring anyone. This can save many headaches.

What is the process to ship a container?

First, you have to clear out the path for the Heavy Duty truck with a tilt bed trailer to get access to the container. Make sure you tell the driver the size and weight of the container. The majority are all standard height and width so you will not need to worry about that. Once the hauling company gets backed up flush to the container, he will drop his or her trailer fully tilted to the container.

Moving a shipping container without a forklift or crane

Then, they will connect the trailer to the container by chaining through the corners of the castings. Once he raises his tilt bed, they will get back out of the truck and put blocks underneath the unit on each corner. Lastly, we take the chains off and slowly lower the trailer and back it completely underneath. Most importantly is having a skilled driver to adjust the height as you go. We are experts Moving a shipping container, then, just call to help you with the process.

Equipment Needed to ship a container:

  1. Tilt bed trailer with a Heavy Duty Truck
  2. Two sections of Chains.
  3. Two wooden blocks
  4. A knowledgeable and skilled driver

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