How Can I Have My Classic Vehicles Transported?

classic vehicle transportationWhen you are transporting your classic vehicle from one location to another, you want to find a reputable hauler that you know will get your vehicle safely to its new destination. By choosing a reliable carry, you can relieve yourself of lots of stress and worry. To choose a reputable carrier, you need to ask a few questions.

You can often find ads for auto transport companies online or in vehicle publications, but just because a company has paid for an ad doesn’t mean that they are experienced and reliable. To learn about some quality auto transport services, check for online reviews, ask auto collectors, check with auto clubs, ask auto museums, or call a few major auto auction companies. Any of these groups have had experience in getting vehicles transported so they probably can make recommendations.

Deciding on a vehicle transport company shouldn’t be based on price alone. Most companies offer similar pricing, and sometimes an unusually low price is a bad sign. You should ask any prospective transporting companies how many years they have been in business and how many cars a year they usually transport. Check with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Safety Administration’s website to learn about customer satisfaction, the safety record, and the insurance status.

Ask the options for transport and decide how you want your vehicle to be sent. You can ask for an enclosed trailer or an open trailer. While open transport is usually much less expensive, it does come with greater risk of damage to your vehicle. If your vehicle is in need of restoration, you need to be aware that you might be charged additional fees for winching the vehicle into the trailer. Many open trailers aren’t equipped for hauling non-operable vehicles, so you need to make sure all fees are understood and agreed to up front.

You have invested time and money in your classic car, so make sure the vehicle transport company understands any special instructions for the transportation process. Prepare written instructions that include needed information, such as alarm instructions, information about any hidden switches, cut-off switches for batteries and fuel, and anything else needed in regards to getting your car started and running. You shouldn’t have more than a quarter of a tank of fuel in the car because that adds to the weight. Make sure the car’s battery is charged and check the antifreeze so your car will be okay in different climates.

Keep a copy of the inspection report that will be completed when your car is picked up initially. Any pre-existing damage will be noted in detail. A similar inspection should be performed upon the car’s delivery. You or your representative will need to make sure the car hasn’t been damaged in transit. Note any issues before signing off on the delivery of the car because you might want to file a claim to take care of the damages that occurred during the vehicle’s transit.

If you are in need of classic vehicle transport, contact We Will Transport It Co. We are experienced in transporting a variety of vehicles, including classic and collector cars. With an established reputation and proven safety record, we can make sure your vehicle reaches its destination in good condition. We will locate a carrier at a reasonable price that works for you.

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