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Boat Transport Tips


If you have a boat, odds are you are going to need it transported from one destination to another. Before deciding on who to haul your boat and how to proceed with this process, you need to understand the basics so you will know how to properly ship your boat anywhere you want to go. You might want to take your boat to cruise the waters of the Bahamas or St. Thomas. Maybe you want to go boating along the coast of Alaska. Despite the freedom a boat offers you, it has limited routes and distances. You can overcome those restrictions with a dependable boat transport service.

Boat Transport Tips

You need to understand that loading a boat on a tractor-trailer and sending it on its way is not as simple as it might sound. Because of restrictions for different-sized loads where height and width come into play, it might not be a straight shot from point A to point B like it would be if traveling by a passenger vehicle. The route may involve zigzags and going miles out of the way to reach the destination. Some areas only allow oversized loads to pass through a specific area or on a certain roadway on certain days of the week during specified hours.

However, transporting a boat as an oversized load is usually much more economical than taking the boat across the water. As an example, a boat that is 13 feet, 6 inches tall and 12 feet wide would end up costing more than $7,000 to take up the coast from Florida to Maine. The truck could get it delivered in about four days. If you chose to take your boat that distance by water, you are going to get about one mile per gallon and spend more than $7,000 on fuel. Plus you would have dock fees, food, and other expenses to add on top of that.

Often, transporting a boat overland is much safer than trying to reach your destination on the water. As an example, you might want to go boating around Prince Edward Island and along the coast of Nova Scotia. However, taking the boat there by water can be very dangerous. You will face high ties, icy waters, dense fog, and a shortage of facilities that can make the trip strenuous and even life-threatening. So choosing an experienced overland boat hauler is much more economical and much safer.

Also, be informed about insurance when you are transporting a boat. If your boat is being hauled on a trailer and someone runs a stoplight and crashes into the trailer, resulting in your boat flipping out onto the road, does the carrier have the right insurance coverage? You don’t want your boat insurance policy to be responsible for something like that. In those cases, you want to make certain that your boat transport service has sufficient cargo insurance to take care of any damages that you might suffer if an incident like that should occur.

If you are needing a boat transported, call the experienced team at We Will Transport It, Inc. We offer safe overland transport services for boats of various sizes and styles. Call today for a free estimate.

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