Tips for Hauling Classic Cars

Classic Cars. You have got to love them. Their ageless beauty and classic charm catches the eye of many car enthusiasts and novices alike. If you have a classic car in your collection, chances are that vehicle is a labor of love and you want it to be well taken care of.

If you are looking to ship your classic car, here are some tips you should follow:

1. Find an Excellent Shipping Company – The best thing you can do to keep your vehicle safe during transport is to research and find a highly recommended shipping company that has worked with classic cars in the past.

2. Prepare Your Classic Vehicle – Before shipping, it is important to cover or remove certain parts of the vehicle to further protect it from environmental and road damage. It is also recommended to take pictures of your vehicle before shipping.

3. Consider Closed Container Shipping – Vehicles shipped in a closed container are commonly insured at a higher price than vehicles that are shipped on an open carrier. Furthermore, closed container shipping is safer for classic cars.

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