Best 3 Tips for Hauling Classic Cars

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Check out these tips for hauling classic cars. We are a Classic car transport company located in South Florida. Best car shipping quote.

If you a Classic Car and need to move it you will need to know about the Best 3 Tips for Hauling Classic Cars, we are the best Classic car transport company in the US and the best car shipping quotes. Classic Cars, you have got to love them. Their ageless beauty and classic charm catch the eye of many car enthusiasts and novices alike.

Hauling Classic Cars, Classic car transport

If you have a classic car in your collection, chances are that vehicle is a labor of love and you want it to be well taken care of.

Get the best from our Classic car transport Service

If you need the vehicle relocated to another location, then you are certainly going to want it done in a safe way. Because of the effort that you have put into the vehicle itself, you are going to want it transported with the same tender loving care that you have put into it. We offer several different options when it comes to transporting your classic car. Because these vehicles usually carry a higher insured value, it may be necessary for the vehicle to be transported in an enclosed trailer.

Classic car shipping

Hauling Classic Cars, international classic car transportEnclosed car transport trailers have a higher insured value for the vehicles that are being transported. Enclosed trailers will protect your classic car from all the outside elements during transport. Our enclosed trailers offer several amenities that are not available with a standard open transport trailer. As we stated, the enclosed trailer will carry additional insurance for your vehicle. Also, the enclosed trailer will provide complete protection of the vehicle during transport because the vehicle will be fully protected inside the trailer. Also, most of our enclosed trailers have lift gates for loading. This is important for vehicles that have low clearance and cannot be driven up on ramps during loading because of low clearance damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle.

If you are looking to ship your classic car, here are some tips you should follow:

  1. Find an Excellent Shipping Company – The best thing you can do to keep your vehicle safe during transport is to research and find a highly recommended shipping company that has worked with classic cars in the past. There are a lot of companies that claim that they have the ability to transport classic cars. Please make sure that you take the time to research these companies to make sure that they are legitimate.
  2. Prepare Your Classic Vehicle – Before shipping, it is important to cover or remove certain parts of the vehicle to further protect it from environmental and road damage. It is also recommended to take pictures of your vehicle before shipping. Make sure that if when the paperwork is completed b the driver at the time of pickup for the vehicle that the paperwork accurately reflects the condition of the vehicle. Make sure you and the driver complete an extensive walk-around of the vehicle during the initial inspection.
  3. Consider Closed Container Shipping – Vehicles shipped in a closed container are commonly insured at a higher price than vehicles that are shipped on an open carrier. Furthermore, closed container shipping is safer for classic cars. As we discussed earlier, the enclosed car trailer is the most secure method of transport for classic cars. These trailers will provide you the greatest peace of mind during the transport of your classic car. Keep in mind that these trailers are considered premium trailers and do come with a premium rate for transport.

Classic car hauler

Hauling Classic Cars, Classic car transportAt the end of the day, you want your classic car transported in the safest way possible. This can be assured based on the company that you decide to use for your transport. Your company choice is going to directly affect the level of service that you receive during the transport process. That is why it is so important to make sure that you select a company that has the ability to handle your transport needs, especially when it comes down to transporting your classic car.

International classic car transport

If you need to move your classic car overseas, we are international classic car transport experts, we offer fast international car shipping and secure delivery. Also, we are experts shipping classic cars to Hawaii from California and vice versa.

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