How to Handle Vehicle Damage from Vehicle Transportation

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Vehicle Transportation

Many people may be worried about shipping their car to a transport company due to possible damages. There are accidents, car fires, and irresponsible drivers that make most clients wary about putting their vehicle into the hands of another person.

What most people don’t know is that transport accidents are extremely rare, transport truck fires almost never happen, and drivers for reliable transport companies are experienced, fully licensed and certified. By choosing a certified company with a high customer service rating, you minimize the possibility of damage to your car or vehicle.

However, even with the best transport companies, minor to major damage may happen. There are some things you can do before transport that will make the process of claiming any damage due to transport easier.

Preparing Your Car for Transport:

● Make sure you choose a company that has coverage for your vehicle while in transport. Ask for the amount of coverage your vehicle will receive.

● Remove any parts of the car that are easily removed and cover areas that are fragile or sensitive to the elements.

● Take pictures of your vehicle and give copies to the transport company. These pictures will make it easier for both you and the transport company to cover any damage that may have occurred during transport.

● Pick a highly recommended transport company with a good customer service department. Not all transport companies are able to deal with customer complaints and problems. Make sure you find one that can.

What to do if Your Vehicle is damaged at Transport

Vehicles are carefully secured in either an open-air carrier or container, but damage does happen from time to time. If you find that your vehicle was damaged in the shipping process, this is what you should do.

1. Point Out the Damage to the Driver – If you notice the damage right away when you go to pick up your vehicle, tell the driver or the person in charge. They will more than likely have you note it on the Bill of Lading or the receipt that you have received your vehicle. The transport company will use this form to help them pay for the damage or see if it actually occurred during transport.

2. Contact the Shipping Company – If you don’t notice the damage until you get home, call the transport company right away. Let them know about the damage and that you know it happened during transport. This is where pictures were taken before transport come in handy.

3. Let the Transport Company Take Over – Transport companies, with good customer service, will help you get the money you need to fix any damage that happened to your vehicle during transport. Most of the time, small damages are handled quickly. Bigger damages may take a bit more time to cover as those need to be covered by the carrier’s insurance.

We Will Transport It has excellent customer service representatives. We are here to help you understand the shipping process, locate your vehicle during transport, and help you with any problems that may come up. Choose a reliable transport company to ship your vehicle. Contact We Will Transport It today if you have any Vehicle Transportation needs!

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