5 International Car Transportation Tips

Many people are confused about the process surrounding shipping a car overseas. International car transportation can be difficult to understand and finding good information about the process can be time consuming.

If you are planning to ship a vehicle overseas, we have all the information you need to know about the process. Going into a shipping contract well informed is the best way to get your car delivered on time, safe, and at the best available price.

Here are 5 international car transportation tips!

1. Research and Choose an International Car Shipping Company

Picking the correct transport company is the first step any person needs to take if they want to need to ship their vehicle internationally. The company should be registered with the Department of Transportation, have a Motor Carrier (MC) registration number, and U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) registration number. It is also a good idea to check for complaints at the Better Business Bureau and see if those complaints have been resolved. It is also possible to find references for the company online and contact those as well.

2. Research International Shipping Rates and Time Variations

Shipping rates vary based on the type of vehicle shipped and the location is needs to be shipped to. For example, sport utility vehicles tend to cost more to transport than compact cars or motorcycles.

The location you want your vehicle shipped to determines the amount of time it takes for the automobile to get there. Shorter distances will, of course, take less time. Long distance transports will take much more time because the vehicle may need to enter and exit many different ports.

3. Understand the Shipping Contract

Most people will be asked to sign a contract before their vehicle is shipped. This is very normal. When one receives the contract, it is important to read it over carefully and understand what parts of the transportation process are covered by the transport company and what is not covered. Some shipping companies have customs brokers to help customers with the customs process. This is one thing to look for and ask about.

4. Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

There are some common steps most transport companies will ask customers to take before their car is shipped. Pictures of the car should be taken before transport. This will help you and the transport company determine if any damage happened during the move. Also, parts of the vehicle, that can easily be removed, should be removed and stored safely. The gas tank should also be ยผ full. Lastly, most transport companies will not allow people to ship items in their vehicle, so it is important to make sure the trunk and backseat are clear of personal belongings.

5. Verify Drop Off and Pick Up Times

Timeline is very important for the customer and for the transport company. Being late for drop off will not only delay your vehicleโ€™s transport, but other vehicles as well. Also, understanding the pickup time and location is also important.


If you have any questions about international car transportation, do not hesitate to contact us at WE WILL TRANSPORT IT. We can help you ship your vehicle internationally.

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