Shipping a Large Boat on a Truck

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Boat transportation is a thriving industry and more people are hiring experts to transport their vessel from one location to another.

People tend to transport all kinds of canoes, boats, and luxury yachts. Therefore, it’s imperative to select the best boat haulers such as, where we strive to surpass our clients’ expectations.

If you’re thinking of shipping a large boat on a truck, you’ve come to the right place where you’ll find a company with a great average rating online. This invaluable guide offers tips on how to ship a huge boat.

Boat Preparation

We recommend you prepare your vessel thoroughly for travel. This will help ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Make sure you secure everything and recognize any pre-existing damage before our large boat haulers transport your vessel. This way, you’ll be prepared in the unlikely event that your boat sustains damage during transit.

If you can’t prepare the vessel yourself, boatyard and marinas personnel can assist you. Some even opt for an inspection by a qualified marine surveyor. You must have your vessel prepared for pickup before our team arrives.

If possible, prepare early in case our company needs to arrive a day earlier for weather or other reasons. Before you dismantle anything on the vessel, take photographs so that there’s evidence when reassembling the vessel after the transport.

Before you dismantle anything on your vessel, take photos for reference purposes. Then, take out all personal belongings from your vessel, clean the boat’s exterior, and examine for any damage generated by your failure to prepare the boat securely, including damage caused by shrink wrap or boat coverings.

Feel free to consult us for any questions regarding this. Our professionals will advise you on these matters before shipping large boats. In the event that you don’t prepare your boat properly for transportation, transport will typically occur as is and the transporter won’t accept liability for any subsequent damage.

Preparation Tips

Shipping a Large Boat on a TruckSecure Loose Gear

You must secure gear stored below and no water should exist in the bilge throughout transport. During winter, you should drain off water from pumps, water systems, or air conditioning.

Remove canvas

It will fly off or tear during transit and while the driver will transport a shrink-wrapped vessel, the wrap will fly off or tear in transit and the company won’t be liable for any resulting damage, dirt, or loss of unsecured stuff.

Examine all cradles carefully

In the event that cradle breakage occurs during transit, causing boat damage, the driver won’t accept responsibility. If you’re shipping your vessel on its trailer, the driver can’ accept liability in case the frame or rollers cause damage or if your trailer comes apart, causing damage.

Seal the Desks and Hatches

A boat won’t sit in a similar position on a truck as it does in water. Therefore, the company won’t be liable for rainwater penetrating through a leaky deck or hatch.

Select a Professional Company

You can depend on our successful company and drivers because of our combined experience working with different kinds of vessels. Moreover, our drivers won’t move your vessel in an unsafe manner.

Another reason you should use our company for your transport needs is that our dedicated and experienced drivers possess the driving skills and knowledge to transport your boat professionally and safely. They’re experienced and trained at transporting over height and width boats.

It’s crucial to your boat’s safety to be certain that oversized vessels being moved use the necessary high poles when required by state regulations. Thankfully, our professional yacht transporting and boat-hauling drivers know how to balance, support, secure, and stabilize the boat to the truck. You can relax knowing that our drivers will also conduct a thorough examination of your boat before loading and upon offloading.

How to check the trailer for roadworthy transport

Examine tires

Make sure you check them for dry rot, wear, and rough surfaces. You should also watch for bubbles, gouges, or cracks in the rubber. If you find dry rot on the tires, consider replacing them. It’s important you replace old tires to prevent an expensive and dangerous blowout.

Replace or service the wheel bearings

Numerous breakdowns arise because of neglecting this area. If you haven’t maintained the bearings on a stringent schedule or it has been over six months since their last inspection, hire professionals to do so.

Numerous companies offer boat transportation companies, so it’s imperative you conduct research to ensure you obtain premium services. At We Will Transport It, we won’t disappoint you.


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