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Long Distance Boat Shipping

Shipping a boat is much complicated than transporting any other kind of vehicle because it involves various procedures and considerable planning. Whether your vessel is in a trailer or at the docks, you want your vessel to arrive at the intended destination without damages, regardless of whether you’re transporting it across the country or overseas.

Long Distance Boat Shipping

If you’re thinking of long-distance boat shipping, you must locate the appropriate transport company to accomplish the task. Remember, not every transport company offers boat shipping services, so ensure you conduct online research.

It’s also important you check out their reviews, ratings, and testimonials to ensure they have a positive reputation. Once you find those that interest you, inquire about the price for long-distance boat shipping. If you’re seeking these services, here’s what you should know.

Tips on a Long Distance Boat Shipping

  • Planning

    Needs careful and detailed planning. Therefore, it’s advisable you start planning your vessel transport at least a month before the shipping date. You can use this period to research your options on trailers and select a boat carrier.

    You’ll also have to contact competent boat transporters, obtain their quotes, and complete a fully-detailed listing. Don’t forget that you’ll also require time to prepare your vessel properly for transport and pickup.

  • Obtain Quotes

    Looking for boat transportation services is similar to searching for a full-service moving company. Therefore, you’ll need to request quotes to compare your choices. Remember, boat movers should have Department of Transportation consent besides insurance proof.

    The best way of receiving the most precise bids from companies that do long-distance boat shipping is by offering all the pertinent information. This comprises precise boat measurements, photos, weight, and any unique requirements you might have. To establish the boat’s overall length, measure from the tip of the vessel’s bow to the center-most part of the stern.

    Make sure you include all stern rails, bow pulpits, swim motor brackets, platforms, and the motors’ length. For precise height dimensions, measure from beneath the keel to the highest non-detachable part of the vessel.

    Upon processing this information, a boat transporting company can offer a quote for shipping that comprises permits and licenses. The final transportation cost will depend on the distance.

  • Boat Preparation

    Once you choose our reliable transport company, the next step involves preparing your vessel for shipment. This includes taking out all your personal stuff from the vessel and securing loose items that might damage your boat during transportation.

    You should drain water from the vessel’s air conditioners, water systems, and pumps thoroughly. Additionally, you should disconnect and secure batteries. If the vessel’s anchored, you should remove it from the deck.

    It’s advisable you seek consultation when it comes to boat preparation. The professionals at We Will Transport It are more than eager to guide you through boat preparation, so don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t forget to remove the electronic items, pack, and secure them.

    Ensure you lock the cabin, tape and latch all cabin windows as well. Beware that most movers will hold you accountable for the preparation process, which needs careful planning and attention to detail.

  • Insurance

    When transporting your vessel, your personal insurance probably won’t cover any damages during transportation. Therefore, you must verify whether the shipping company offers additional insurance.

    Make sure you review its insurance policy before you hand over your vessel. Bear in mind that a basic liability policy won’t cover your vessel, so ensure your transporter provides a cargo policy. In the event that the company’s policy doesn’t cover your vessel’s value, ask about buying extra coverage.

    Good communication with your transporter is the key to a good experience for you both. Ensure you ask about the company’s drop-off and pickup locations as well as unloading and loading practices. Before you hand over your vessel, ensure you have moving-related documents, for instance, the bill of lading.

Factors Affecting Long Distance Boat Shipping

If you’re thinking of transporting your boat, bear in mind that these factors will affect the cost.

  • Dimensions and Size

    Boats come in various sizes and shapes, both of which drive the shipping cost. Larger kinds of vessels may need special trailers or equipment to transport, adding to the cost. For vessels that won’t fit, this becomes especially tricky.

  • Location

    Depending on the boat’s size, location can have a huge impact on the cost you can anticipate paying. A truck can transport smaller boats to their destination unlike larger ones, which are more demanding.

  • Temporary storage

    Short-term storage is accessible, and in most instances, essential when shipping a boat. Any established transporter will be in a position to coordinate storage for a small fee.

If you’re looking for a long-distance boat shipping company, we’re the ideal transporters for your needs. Just contact us and we’ll be glad to offer an estimate for our services.

Long Distance Boat Shipping

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