Car Shipping FAQ

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Car Shipping FAQ

Car Shipping FAQ, We Will Transport It

How do I pay for my transport service?

You can choose to pay in full online as we accept all major credit cards and PayPal. You can also pay in cash at the time of delivery. If you choose to pay in cash, there is a small partial payment of $199 or less (depending on the distance of your shipment) when you place your order to secure your car’s spot on a truck.


Should You Ship Your Car Open or Enclosed?

About 97% of all vehicle shipments are sent in an Open Trailer. Itโ€™s proven to be a very safe method with statistically very few problems. You may notice new cars being delivered to dealerships in an open trailer, and thatโ€™s because itโ€™s safe. If you have a collector car or really expensive automobile, say around $100,000 or more, then we recommend shipping it in an Enclosed Trailer. Expect to pay about 33-50% more for Enclosed transport. Our auto shipping costs calculator automatically adds the extra Enclosed estimate to your quote, so you can experiment with the quotes if you like.


What about shipping very expensive cars and classic cars?

Many Auto shippers and car transporters provide enclosed trailers as an extra service to protect cars from the elements.

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Can I ship more than one car?

Yes. In fact, many car shippers will actually have your car(s) on trailers with up to 8 to 10 other cars for at least part of the way.


Should I pay a deposit before being given a carriers name and contact info?

In our opinion, you are crazy to do so. Have you ever been paid up front for the work that you perform for your employer? Why would you pay a fee up front when there are reliable and trustworthy companies like ours that won’t ask for it until we provide you with your carriers details?


Is it Car Shipping door to door delivery?

Door to door delivery means that the car carrier will get as close to your place of residence as physically possible without risking damage to your vehicle or the car carrier. Many cities, towns or communities may have restrictions regarding large trucks and prohibit them from entering residential areas. Car carriers are large (75 to 80 ft long) and need enough room to maneuver. If access to your residence is restricted by low bridges, narrow streets, tight turns, wires, branches/overhanging trees, or other reasons, then the driver will contact you to meet in a mutually agreed upon convenient place to pick up and deliver your vehicle.

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