new york boat transporterThe warmer weather is quickly approaching. Spring is in the air! When you are preparing for your spring New York boat transport, you need to consider what you need to do to get your boat ready for the move. Your New York transporter is licensed, insured, and experienced in hauling boats, oversized loads, heavy equipment, farm implements, and various kinds of vehicles. When you are getting your boat ready for the New York transporter, here are some tips in preparing for the haul.

What you need to do is dependent on the kind of boat and its size. Here are some boat prep tips for spring boat transport for different kinds of boats.

Yachts – Before your boat is transported, make sure you check its height. Boats cannot be hauled on the road if they are taller than 13.6 feet. You need to make sure the marina or location where the boat will be taken has an overhead clearance of at least 14 feet. You will need to secure all gear that is inside the boat. Disconnect and secure batteries, remove seat cushions, take the dinghy off davits, make sure all cradles are secured. Make sure the boat’s bottom is clean and there are no signs of mussels or other growth. Remove anchors from the deck, remove external accessories, and pack up the items and secure them inside the boat. Drain fuel and water.

Powerboats – When you are having your powerboat transported, you need to make sure you have a few things in order before the New York boat transporter comes to pick it up. You need to remove all these parts from your powerboat – lights, masts, antennae, propellers, outriggers, plexiglass, and electronics. Be sure that items are placed below and are properly secured so they will not be shifting around and get damaged during transport.

Sailboats – Before your sailboat heads out for spring boat transport with a New York transporter, there are a few things that you need to remove. Remove all winches, mast lights, rigging, radar, life lines, stern pulpits, and the bow. Also, make sure that the mast is not secured to the sailboat, so it won’t be damaged in transit. Usually, your New York boat transporter will secure the mast to the trailer.

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