getting your boat ready for spring boating seasonProperly maintaining your boat is the key to a safe, enjoyable boating season. Now that spring is here, you are ready to take your boat out of winter storage and get it to the water with the help of a boat transport service. You need to make sure everything is in tip-top shape, so you can prevent problems that could keep you from enjoying your time out on the water.

  • Fuel System – Take the time to check your boat’s fuel system thoroughly. Check for any leaks or damages. Carefully check hoses, tank surfaces, and all connections. If you see brittleness, cracking, or softness of a fuel hose, it should be replaced. Make sure all clamps are secured. Make sure the exhaust, engine, and ventilation systems are working right. Don’t use gas that more than 10% ethanol or your engine could be damaged.
  • Electric System – Check the electrical connections and make sure they are tight, clean, and free from corrosion. Brush any corroded terminals using a wire brush. Clean all cable ends. Charge your battery and have it tested. Make sure a qualified technician inspects the entire electrical system regularly.
  • Check All Belts, Hoses, and Cables – Belts, hoses, and cables can become dry and brittle then crack while in storage. Make sure the belts tightly fit around the pulleys, so they don’t slip. Check for any black residue near the pulley that might indicate the belt is worn. Check the steering control, shift, and throttle cables.
  • Fluid Levels – Check all the fluid levels, such as power steering, trim reservoirs, coolant, and engine oil. If you didn’t do so before winter storage, change the engine oil and filter and the drive lubricants.
  • The Hull and Propeller – Check the propeller thoroughly. Check for distortion, cracks, and dings. Make sure the propeller is properly secured and make sure bearings are replaced as needed. Check the hull for cracks, distortions, and blisters. Make sure the deck, hull, and topsides are cleaned using a safe, environmentally friendly solution.
  • Safety Gear – Inspect the life jackets to make sure they are in good condition. Have life jackets in the proper sizes for your passengers. Make sure all fire extinguishers are the right class for your boat and are fully charged and put in the proper place. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector for any enclosed or semi-enclosed areas.

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