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    So you bought a tiny house and now you need some tiny house movers. No matter your location we are your tiny house transport company. Moving tiny homes is what we do. Our tiny house transport service includes a total transport service. If you need a company we are the right one. We work with most tiny house builders in the United States.

    Tiny Hose Movers From Tiny Home Builders & Manufacturers

    The transport tiny house process is quite simple as long the tiny house manufacturers have not yet made any changes to the house. The axles and the tires need to still be in place. This will make the transport really easy.

    Moving tiny homes with the axles and wheel still in place is the easiest way to transport these houses. If you bought your house from any of the tiny home builders in Florida, we work directly with them. We also work with other tiny home manufacturers all over the United States.

    Tiny home builders and tiny home manufacturers both depend on tiny house movers to get the homes to the customers. No matter where you purchase your tiny home we are the company that can help you. You probably found our company by searching for โ€œtiny house movers near me.โ€

    We can help you. We make the tiny home transport process quite simple. We are of the best tiny house transport companies in the United States. We even provide micro haus transport/micro-house transport services. We can ship any size tiny house. This may seem like a new thing, but we have been a tiny home transport company for over 20 years.

    The one thing to keep in mind when looking for a company that can transport your tiny home is customer service. You are always going to want to go with a company that can provide you with a positive experience.

    Moving tiny homes is a process that requires not only a technical skillset, but a company has to be friendly and patient when dealing with customers. At We Will Transport It, we can offer you the experience and the service that will make the process simple. Our team of tiny home transport specialists is ready to provide you with a quote.

    Tiny House Movers

    All of our drivers are certified to transport these homes. All of our drivers are A+ Rated, professional, and ready to transport your tiny home. We are able to provide this service in a timely manner.

    Looking for Tiny House Movers near me? We work together with the Tiny Home builders & manufacturers

    We will provide a driver and a truck to hook up to your tiny home and transport it to your new location.

    Moving Tiny Homes

    This process is easy. Tiny homes are small mobile homes. They have axles and wheels and they have a tongue that can be hitched to a truck with a ball. Most tiny homes do not require any type of permit because they are small. This makes moving then very easy.

    Tiny House Transport

    Our company has a track record of quality performance when it comes to the tiny house transport process. You can feel safe when using We Will Transport It on homes measuring over 400 square feet. If your tiny home does require permitting for transport, we have the ability to handle getting permits too. We have pictures of the recent tiny houses we have moved to.

    Tiny House Movers Near Me

    Our company has several different locations across multiple states. You can always call any of our locations and they will be able to help you find the right micro haus transport/micro-house transport company.

    How much does it cost to hire someone to build a tiny house

    We service all 50 states and we can easily provide you with the right tiny house transport service for you.

    How to transport a tiny house?

    The easiest way to transport a tiny house is by using our hook and pull service. This service requires that the tiny house still have its axles and tires on the tiny home. It also requires that the front harness still is in place so that the tiny house can be attached to the ball on the back of our transport truck. If for some reason the tiny house requires additional permits for transport, we can take care of those too.

    How much is it to transport a tiny house?

    There are many factors that must be considered when calculating the cost of transporting a tiny house.

    These factors include the size of the house, which is used to determine if permits are needed, the pickup and drop-off location to determine the length of the transport, and the condition of the house to determine if there are any additional services we have to provide before the transport.

    The basic rule is that the bigger home and the longer route will always make the price to transport the tiny house more expensive.

    Can I hire someone to move my tiny house?

    This is exactly what we do. Our company is one of the premier tiny house moving companies in the United States. We cover all 50 states and we have the ability to handle your transport no matter the size of your tiny home.

    We can provide any additional services if needed prior to the transport or even after the tiny home is delivered.

    We provide many service options for your tiny home transport. Give us a call and speak to one of our service reps. We are here to provide you with an excellent experience.

    How much does it cost to hire someone to build a tiny house?

    The cost for building a tiny house will vary based on what bells and whistles you want in the house. The average reasonable cost for a tiny house is between $30,000 to $60,000. They can also cost as little as $8,000 and as much as $150,000.

    Most tiny house manufacturers can provide you with options that will fit into your price range. Keep in mind, like any other home; there are so many options that are available. The more options you add, the more expensive your tiny home will cost.

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    Jobs we have done for customers looking to Move a Tiny House

    Transported a 2015 Tiny House with a 3500 diesel For truck by bumper pull. The dimensions of the unit were 24×8.6x12x12k lbs. We picked it up in Cincinnati, Oh and shipped it to Warren, VT.

    2015 Tiny House with a 3500 diesel For truck by bumper pull

    Hauled a 2021 Hurst Tiny House Trailer on a double axel trailer. Shipped with a 30 Ft hotshot trailer, with ramps. The size of the unite was 26×8.6x13x14k lbs. The pick was Ewing, KY to Hiawassee, Ga around 354 miles.

    2021 Hurst Tiny House Trailer on a double axel trailer

    Shipped a 30 Long, 8.5 wide, 13.3 Height and 9k lbs, with the proper straps we hauled it from Pompano Beach, Fl to Loxahatchee Groves Fl. The customer was very impressed with our customer service.

    Shipped a 30 Long, 8.5 wide, 13.3 Height and 9k lbs, with the proper straps we hauled it from Pompano Beach, Fl to Loxahatchee Groves Fl

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