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Boat Transportation

The most crucial part of getting your boat shipped anywhere is finding a reliable boat transport company. Boats that are too big to be pulled behind a regular-sized vehicle must be professionally transported, and finding a suitable boat transportation company is vital to getting your boat where it needs to be safe.

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It can take time to determine which boat transportation companies are best and legal.

We have got the Best Boat Transportation Reviews

Research your boat transportation company thoroughly across all platforms to make an informed decision.

If you have any questions or would like to receive a free quote for boat transportation, look no further than We Will Transport It. Our team is available to address any concerns you may have and can safely transport your boat for you. With years of experience as boat shippers, we offer the best cost to ship boats across the country.

Whether you need to ship your boat overseas or transport it locally, we are the Florida boat shipper company you can trust to provide the best rates. We handle yacht shipping, oversized loads, flat racks, shipping vessels, and even shrink wrapping to ensure your boat arrives safely at its intended destination. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our services.

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What is the cost of shipping a boat?

From ToBoat Shipping Quote
Transporting Boats from Salem, Masshcutes to Boca Raton, Florida$5,975
Shipping a boat from Staten Island, New York to Los Angeles, California$14,500
Shipping a Boat from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Brookfield, Connecticut$7,500
Hauling Boats from Baytown, Texas to Miami, Florida$6,385
Shipping Boats from San Leandro, California to Sarasota, Florida$15,850

* Prices will vary depending on the driver, the cost of diesel fuel, the weight, and the type of trailer. Examples are for boats that we have transported, which are 28 to 35 feet in length.

Methods of Boat Transport

  • Ro-Ro

    This technique uses a flat-track trailer provided by the ship that uses a unique transport cradle or your boat trailer when it’s sufficient. To ship a vessel with this technique, prices can differ considerably depending on the vessel and its destinations.

    Europe is frequently the least costly destination from the United States with costs running about $400 per foot. However, the rates can and frequently differ considerably depending on the time of year that shipment takes place and numerous comprehensive specifics concerning your vessel.

  • Putting a Boat in a Container

    This is the least costly method and it applies when your vessel needs to be rolled into the shipping container. It involves shifting the vessel on its side and fitting it safely in a container using the tilt technique and a tailor-made shipping cradle.

    Fortunately, we have the facilities and experience to accomplish this without damaging your vessel when it’s sensible to save on shipping. The drawback is that most boats will require the removal of major components, for instance, windshields, hardtops, and particularly engines.

    Containers are ideal for vessels that fit within the 7’8″ height and 8′ width limits. Together with your vessel, you’ll be able to put other supplies and materials for the vessel within a secure container. The key to using this method is careful loading and preparation.

  • Lift on-Lift off

    Lo-Lo or Lift on-Lift off is an international transport technique that applies to yachts and bigger powerboats. The method applies when the vessel is too wide for the trailer or doesn’t fit a container. Even if the port fees and shipping rates are higher, the method can be economical to use.

    You’ll find the rates are higher because of the extra equipment, for instance, cranes, forklifts, and cradle costs.

How to Ship a Boat?

  • On a Trailer

    A one-ton diesel truck can often pull boats on its trailer. Depending on the boat’s weight, some drivers may need a CDL to transport it legally. Bear in mind that bigger boats on their trailers can be too heavy for a one-ton truck and need a bigger tow vehicle, for instance, a tower truck.

    Ensure you inspect your trailer’s tires to see if they are roadworthy and check whether there are sufficient treads and no indications of dry rotting. You should also examine your axles, bearings, and brakes before arranging for our trustworthy boat transportation company.

    Once the trailer undergoes inspection and clearance for shipment, you’ll want to ensure all the items inside and on the boat are secure. If you’re using a shrink wrap, ensure it’s secure and tight before hitting the road.

  • Without a Trailer

    If you wish to know how to ship your vessel without a trailer, you’ve come to the right place. We know how to transport a boat whether there’s a trailer or not. Furthermore, we offer expert boat transport at an affordable cost.

    Shipping your vehicle in the absence of a trailer can be stressful but we’re here to help. We have knowledgeable boat haulers with specific equipment required to ship your transport without a trailer. These boats will often need lifting onto the heavy trailers, so bear this in mind when you obtain a quote.

Take the Necessary Steps to Prepare Your Boat for Transport

Correctly measure the height, width, and length of your boat. These measurements need to be as exact as possible. Incorrect measurements could mean a larger trailer is used than what is needed. Larger trailers cost more money. Also, if the trailer ends up being too small, you will have to pay and wait for a new trailer.

Run a professional check to ensure your boat is ready for travel. Any breakdowns that occur during transport are on the owner of the boat, not the transport company.

Some necessary steps to take include:

  • Battery and Cable Disconnection
  • Ensure all tires, bearings, shackles & springs are in good condition and replace any that look worn down.
  • Drain all water tanks.

For a more comprehensive of how to prepare a boat for travel, look here.

Negotiate to Fill Extra Space

If the trailer your boat will travel has some extra space, it might be possible for the transport company to fill it with another boat or anything else that needs to be transported. It is a good idea to ask your transport company or broker if this is a possibility. A bigger trailer may be cheaper if the cost is shared between two boats that are taking the same trip.

Don’t Delay!

Make sure your boat is ready in time for loading. Delaying loading because you are not ready will not only take time, it will also cost you money. By being late, you could be holding up multiple boats for travel. Plan ahead and get your boat ready ahead of time so you do not have to pay for being late.

Discuss and Understand Fees

In any boat transport, there can sometimes be a delay due to weather, mechanical problems, or even strike. This is especially true if a boat is being shipped overseas on a container ship. Any delay can increase the cost of shipping your boat. It is important to know if you or your transport company will cover any of these costs.

Following all these tips may help you save money when shipping your boat and they are a much better option than going with a lease expensive company that may not have the experience to ship your boat correctly.

We at We Will Transport Us have the ability and knowledge to ship your boat within the continental US and even internationally. We will ship your boat ourselves or find the best transport company for the job. Contact us for a free quote or with any questions about transporting your boat.

The measures you should take when locating a boat transportation company

In this fascinating technological era, it’s amazing how much we can gather with some simple clicks. Although hundreds if not thousands of transport companies exist, the number of professional, experienced, and trusted options is much lower. You want to locate a professional boat transportation company with sufficient experience when it comes to working with boats, ideally the same kind of boat you wish to transport.

Don’t just settle for any random company. It’s also important to check the company’s reviews online to get a feel of how the company conducts its operations. Fortunately, you can access our great average ranking online upon performing a Google search.

If you’re having a difficult time locating information concerning a company, but it seems to be a good fit feel free to obtain references. Remember, a great company will have no issue offering this information upon request.

Boat transportation companies

White boat from Florida on a trailer being haul for a truck

Locating the ideal boat transport company for your needs can be difficult but not impossible. As long as you know what you’re looking for and conduct due diligence, you’ll find the perfect company.

Finding the perfect transportation company for your vessel should not be difficult. However, there are plenty of transportation companies out there and many of them are not equipped to handle every boat shipping need.
Therefore, one must take the time to research their transportation company of choice to ensure they are the perfect shipping company to move their boat safely and accurately. Researching these four factors will make evaluating boat transportation companies easier.

Any boat that is too big to be pulled behind a personal vehicle needs to be professionally transported and this can sometimes get a little expensive. Many people will opt for the cheapest transporter available to save money, but this is not always the best choice. There are, however, some things a person can do to keep costs down and ensure their boat is safely moved from place to place.

Our boat transportation services

We at We Will Transport It have successfully shipped many boats, sailboats, and yachts safely and securely. You can rest assured that we will take care of all your shipping needs, keep communication lines open, and get your vessel where you need it on time. Call us toll-free at 877-880-5991 or contact us online.

We have the best boat transportation cost

Are you looking for the best boat transportation cost? If you intend to relocate with all your belongings and have decided to drive in the car you use to tow your vessel, you might think it useful to move your boat yourself. However, you’re likely to reconsider the decision once you recognize how taxing it can be to do so on your own.

It’s also important to consider the amount of time you’ll take during the trip. However, if you hire our reputable boat transportation company, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vessel is safe and you don’t need to worry about the extra obstacles involved during transportation.

As an experienced boat transportation company, we completely understand that your vessel is a valuable possession that requires additional care. Instead of experiencing the inconvenience of transporting your boat, you can simply contact us for effective services.

Boat Transportation main FAQs

  • Does the Transport Company have Cargo Insurance?

    At the very least, all boat transport companies should have cargo insurance to cover any damage that may happen to your boat during transport. Cargo insurance is important because most personal boat insurance policies will not cover damages that occur while the boat is being transported. This is something you can also check online at Enter the company’s insurance number to make sure it is up to date.

  • Can You Track Your Boat?

    Good boat transport companies will allow you to track your boat shipping progress with either a phone call or an online website. Tracking is important so that you know where your boat is at all times. Having a way to communicate with your transport company is essential for your peace of mind and for keeping the company honest.

  • What do Reviews about Company State?

    Assessing the track record of your chosen boat transport company is the best way to make sure they will provide you with the best service available. Luckily for us, the internet makes this research very easy. The first step would be to check out the business at the Better Business Bureau website. You can search for the company and the website will show you if they have any outstanding complaints against them.

  • Is the Boat Transportation Company Certified?

    When you are looking for a boat transportation company, it is important to check their certifications. Only transport companies that hold both a Federal Motor Carrier Authority and a Federal DOT certificate are legal to transport any vehicle, including boats. It is also important to record the certification numbers and check them online at This will tell you if the certifications are still valid.

  • Is the Transport Company Authorized?

    Not all companies are created equal and not all of them are legal. Transport companies that specialize in boat transport need to secure specific authorizations in order for them to operate. Checking certifications from the Federal Motor Carrier Authority and the Federal DOT are a guarantee that the carrier of your choice is fit and legal. Verify your carrier online at SAFER ( You will need the carrier’s MC and DOT license numbers.

  • How is the Company Insured?

    The personal boat insurance you have on your vessel may not be adequate to cover any damages that might occur during transport. Shipping companies provide insurance, but the amount may not be enough to fully cover your boat. Insurance coverage can also be checked on the SAFER website. Cargo insurance is recommended as basic liability will not cover the full cost of the vessel. It might also be a good idea to purchase additional coverage just in case.

  • Is Tracking Available?

    Open and honest communication is essential when shipping something as important as a boat. Many transport companies offer to track so that the client will know where their vessel is at all times. Ask your potential shipping company if they provide this option. However, even if a shipping company does not provide online tracking, they should provide the client with a number they can call to check the status of their boat. Keeping communication channels transparent and open to clients is the mark of a great service provider.

  • Is the Transport Company Credible?

    Checking credibility has become easier with the dawn of the internet. There are many websites available that will list reviews on the transport company of your choice. Any boat transport company you are looking into should have a positive and clean track record. This record is a guarantee that the company can deliver on its promises. The Better Business Bureau makes it easy to search for businesses and check their score. They also hold reviews one can read to get an idea about the service they may receive. Multiple cases of negative feedback or serious complaints are a good sign that you may need to look elsewhere for a better transport company.

Top Boat Brand companies

  • Bertram Yachts (headquartered in Tampa, Florida)
  • Boston Whaler (headquartered in Edgewater, Florida)
  • Chaparral (headquartered in Nashville, Georgia)
  • Grady-Whitev (headquartered Greenville, North Carolina)
  • Sea Ray (headquartered Detroit, Michigan)

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Boat Transportation Company

2004 Cape Horn Express 268 from East Hampton, Connecticut 06424 to Baltimore, Maryland 21202. The boat was on a trailer 30 long, 8.6 beam, 9.8 tall, and around 6,200 lbs. The vessel got to the port, had some barnacles, and had to be washed. When going overseas, there are many restrictions. The total price of the shipment was $1,375.00. Call our dispatchers today for all the details at 877-330-0051

Boat Transportation Company

2017 31 Ranger Tug CB from Anacortes, Washington 98221 to Santa Barbara, California 93101. The vessel needed a boat hauler to wet launch their trailer since there was no lift at the marina. We transported the boat for $6,900 and had it delivered in three days.

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