Yachts are not only large boats. They are an investment and a home away from home. You probably put a lot of thought into your yacht purchase. You picked the perfect style and the necessary features. You care for it and want it taken care of when it needs to be moved from place to place.

Yacht transportation can be difficult and stressful. However, if one follows these yacht transportation tips, planning and carrying out your yacht transportation should be easier and less stressful.

1. Collecting Measurements

Like with any transport, certain measurements are needed to calculate shipping price and method. The length, beam, height, width, and weight of your yacht needs to be carefully measured. Approximations that turn out incorrect could result in some serious problems. If the yacht is bigger or heavier than expected, it may not be able to be lifted by the crane available, it may be too large to fit through the hatch cover, or, for overland transport, the carrier booked could be insufficient for the job. Also, if the yacht is heavier than recorded, it could present an unexpected risk to those working with or around it.

2. Collecting Paperwork

Most of the paperwork necessary for shipping is handled by the transport company. However, the client needs to have these documents for customs clearance: certificate of registry, copy of passport, and copy of commercial invoice. By having the previous documents ready, and planning shipping in advance, the whole process will go much smoother.

Insurance policies should also be examined. Your yacht will need to be adequately insured in order for it to be shipped.

3. Pictures

Damages happen from time to time. Even the best transportation companies can make mistakes and add a scratch or a ding to an otherwise perfect vessel. The best way to protect yourself from potential damage is to photograph your vessel before transportation. Take pictures of the outside and the inside. If any damages occur, it will be easier for your and the transportation company to settle.

4. Preparing the Yacht for Transport

When preparing a yacht for transport, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • Secure all loose items inside the yacht including everything located in the galley.
  • All windows, ports, and hatches should be locked shut and the locking device should be taped over.
  • Curtains located at the top and side of the yacht should be removed to prevent water damage.
  • Electrical circuits should be closed and all batteries should be disconnected.
  • All personal equipment and belongings should be verified and itemized before shipment.
  • If the yacht is being shipped in a cradle, it needs to fit the exact contour of the hull and be in proper condition for sea voyage.
  • All fuel and water must be removed from the holding tanks.
  • All lockers, drawers, and cabinet doors located inside the boat should be secured shut.
  • Plastic or Plexiglas fly bridge windshields should be removed and stored inside the vessel.

5. Choosing the Correct Transport Company

Just because the price looks right, doesn’t mean the transportation company is the best to meet the needs of your yacht transport. It is important to find a company that will meet your needs and get your yacht from pickup to drop off safely. We Will Transport It can ship your yacht anywhere in the continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, Virgin Islands, and Costa Rica. They are also able to transport internationally. Contact them online today or call them toll free at 877-880-5991.