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Check out these Tips for Moving Your Boat. If you need further assistance or have any question contact our Boat Transport Experts.

When you move your boat, there are a few important things to take into consideration, and important details you will need, to get a proper price rate.

First thing you will need are the dimensions of the vessel: length, height, beam, and the weight of the boat. The height and the beam being two of the more important measurements for permitting and routing. Any boat exceeding 12’6” in height will require not only a height permit but also rerouting to make bridge clearance (most states 13’6”) and will additional require spotter trucks that have to drive the route in front of the truck hauling the boat. Any vessel with a beam that exceeds 8’6” will require permitting and most states require escorts after 12’6” and in certain areas will require police escorts through certain structures.

Tips for Moving Your Boat, Professional Boat Transport Company

Next thing to take into consideration is the location for the pickup and delivery. Is there a travel lift to load and unload the boat? Do you need a wet load or delivery? How will the driver get the vessel on and off his trailer? We have many options when it comes to that question. A qualified logistic agent will be able to provide you with all of your options when you call to get your free quote.

Professional Boat Transport Company

Also in the terms of where your run is located you have to take into account where you are in the country. Specialized boat trailers are generally located near coastal areas because that is where the majority of the work for this type of trailer is located. So in an instance where the pickup or the delivery is far away from where they can get more work, you will have to pay some dead head mileage for the truck to run without a load.

Tips for Moving Your Boat, Professional Boat Transport Company

We also offer service for boats that are already on a trailer, which is called “power only.” This gets your boat a transport tag and full premium insurance. When setting up this kind of service you will need to make sure the trailer has been serviced also ensure that the tires and bearings are fit for the trip. This is important because if a truck goes out to hook up to your unit, and it is deemed to not be “roadworthy” you will be assessed a “dry run fee” for the time and diesel fuel. The price is based on the size and weight of the boat so try to have as much info as possible when you call.

Regarding insurance, the value of boats vary greatly so make sure you have an estimated value of the boat in order to ensure that the proper amount can be placed on your boat. They will give you fair market value for your yacht, and in the case of a new purchase will cover the value of the purchase. With larger boats, you will want to be listed on the insurance document and have a copy of it sent to you to be put on file or provided to your financer.

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