What do you need to know when Transporting a Boat?

Transporting a boat with the best boat transport Company

Do you need help Transporting a Boat?

Transporting a boat can be challenging, especially when you opt for a sea route. You need to make sure that the ship does not undergo any wear and tear during the trip.

The boat shipping process requires great attention to all the major and minor details. Then, you can haul the boat on your own with a tow vehicle or on its own bottom.

However, it will require more money and time. In addition, there are multiple factors to consider while transporting a boat, so taking this risk is not a good idea.

What should you do now? There’s nothing to worry about if you have no experience in transporting a boat. Here is a complete guide for you to help you transport your boat cost-effectively and effortlessly:

Opt For a Professional Boat Hauling Company

As mentioned earlier, you should not ship a boat yourself, no matter how small or large your boat is. The market is flooded with companies offering boat shipping and transport services. Shipping companies provide a suitable mode of transport for your ships and delivers them on time.

The entire process becomes effortless once you have opted for a reliable and reputed boat hauling company. Heavy Equipment Shippers have been serving transport facilities in the hauling industry for years.

Transporting a boat with the best boat transport Company

We are trusted worldwide and known as the best Florida boat haulers, which is not our claim. This is what our customers say about our services.

After completing multiple boat shipping orders, Heavy Equipment Shippers has become the most acceptable choice to prefer.

We provide you with a reasonably straightforward and stress-free way to transport your boat or other heavy equipment to any location. In addition, our team of professionals has some tips that you need to consider for hauling a boat effectively.

3 Essential Things to Measure When Requesting a Quote

You can get a free quote instantly on our website, or you may contact us directly. But before requesting a quote, there are some crucial factors to consider.

You need to measure the size of your boat, so we can arrange a suitable trailer, yacht, or any medium that you prefer for transporting your boat. Moreover, the quoted price also depends on the boat’s dimensions.

  • Overall length

    The overall length starts from the tip to the vessel’s stern, excluding the outboard motors, handles, extensions, and motor brackets. Your boat is considered oversized if it exceeds a length of 12.5 meters.

  • Overall Height

    The maximum height of most overpasses is 13’6’’. Therefore the size of a boat is crucial when transporting it by road. Moreover, according to transportation laws, the height of your ship determines when you are allowed to ship it by road.
    If your boat exceeds the legal size standards, you will have to request an over-height permit.

  • Overall Width

    The standard width of boats for shipping is 8’6’’. Again you need a state permit for a vessel more expansive than this limit.

Choose a Suitable Shipping Method

We are Florida boat haulers who offer multiple modes of transporting a boat. Depending on your boat’s size, desired time of delivery, and budget, you can select the method ideal for you.

Here are the most common boat shipping methods offered by our boat shipping and transport services.

  • Ro/Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off)

    In Ro/Ro, we transport your boat on its trailer from one location to another. We also provide trailers for boats. The load moves as one unit in this mode.

  • Flat Rack

    A flat rack is a better option if your boat is oversized and has to be transported overseas. A flat frame holds your boat firmly to the vessel while shipping.

  • Enclosed Container

    Fully enclosed vessel containers are a convenient transport medium if your boat falls in the category of ideal-sized boats. In addition, these vessels provide excellent protection while transporting a boat nationwide and overseas.

  • Yacht for Boat Shipping

    Companies ship boats by land in most cases. But if you have a large boat and a long distance to be covered, then a yacht can be the best choice.

    This mode of transport costs a tad more, and it is a challenging one. It is necessary to secure everything during the ocean journey.

    Are you looking for the best boat shipping and transport services? No worries when we are here. Our company specializes in seamlessly transporting any size of boat, along with handling all the paperwork and logistics.

Contact us now to provide your boat’s dimensions and requirements. Our team will deal with everything else!

How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Large Boat?

The charges are pretty high for a big boat because regular land transport is not a viable option in this regard. Moreover, it is also essential to request an over-height permit. You can call us now to get an accurate price for the size of your boat.

How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Boat?

The cost of a boat transportation depends on the size of your ship and the distance between pickup location and destination. Request an instant quote for your boat now via our website, email address, or phone number.

How Much Does it Cost to Haul a Boat Per Mile?

The cost per mile varies for every boat size. The charges are low for standard-sized boats, but you will have to maximize your budget for a boat that exceeds the size limits addressed by transportation laws.

Do you need cost-effective boat shipping services? We are Florida boat haulers who have the most affordable rates. So, hit us up now and get in touch with professionals.

How Do You Transport a Boat?

There are several ways to transport a boat. The majority of vessels are shipped by land on trailers by professional Florida boat haulers. But you can hire a yacht for hauling huge ships overseas. Moreover, people transport boats on their bottom, but it is practically a time-consuming and inconvenient process.

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