Florida Boat Transportation Regulations

We will transport it, Florida Boat Transportation Regulations

Oversized boats are just like oversized vehicles in that they require special shipping. Smaller boats (small boats transportation) are easy to hook up to the back of a truck and drive from place to place. However, the regulations for shipping bigger boats in Florida are much more strict and clearly defined. It is important to consider these regulations before shipping a large boat in Florida.

Legal Oversized Shipping Dimensions in Florida for Boats

Shipping companies and boat owners are in luck when they want to determine if a boat is oversized or not. The State of Florida has a very clear set of dimensions that determine whether a boat is oversized or not.

Here are the Florida State dimensions for an oversized boat:

  • Height – Any boat over 13 feet 6 inches tall loaded is considered oversized.
  • Width – Any boat over 8 feet 6 inches wide is considered oversized.
  • Front Overhang – The front overhang describes how far the boat protrudes from the front wheel of the trailer. Any front overhang over 3 feet is considered oversized.
  • Rear Overhang – Just like with the front overhang, the rear overhang is the distance from the rear wheel to the end of the boat. Any rear overhang over 3 feet is considered oversized.
  • Weight – Any boat over 80,000 lbs. is considered oversized unless the boat is specifically licensed for more weight. It is rare, however, for a boat to weight more than 75,000 pounds. This even true for boats that are fully loaded.

It is important to understand that the height and width of the boat is calculated after the boat is loaded onto the transport trailer. These measurements are used to to obtain all necessary permits.

Escorts and Boat Transportation in Florida

There are some sizes and conditions that require the use of an escort or multiple escorts for boat transportation in Florida. Yet, again the rules are fairly clear and any high quality transport service will be able to foresee all escort needs.

Regulations for Escort Use for Florida Boat Transportation:

Multiple Lane Highways-

  • Width – If the width of the boat exceeds 12 feet, one escort is needed in the rear. If the width of the boat exceeds 14 feet, two escorts are needed: one for the front and one for the rear. A police escort may be required if the boat’s width is greater than 15 feet.
  • Height – If the height of the loaded boat is greater than 14 feet 6 inches, one escort is needed. If the height exceeds 16 feet, two escorts are needed. Also, if the loaded height of the boat is greater than 15 feet, a site survey may need to be taken to determine a safe route of travel.

Two Lane Highways and Secondary Roads –

Additional escorts may be required by the DOT to safely move a boat along two lane highways or secondary roads.

Length –

When the transporting truck, trailer, and boat combined are longer than 95 feet, an escort car is needed. This is especially common with sailboat masts.

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