5 Ways to Reduce Road Accidents When Transporting Oversize Vehicles

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Accidents When Transporting Oversize Vehicles

Transporting oversized vehicles can be difficult and, sometimes, even dangerous. Differences in speed, the size of the vehicle in question, and driving conditions all contribute to how hazardous any oversize hauling can be. Everyday driver do not understand the size and turning radius of most if not all large vehicles. Thus, it is the operator’s job to make sure they move their vehicle safely.

When transporting an oversized vehicle, it is important to follow these 5 tips to reduce road accidents.

1. Ensure Vehicles are Ready for Transport

Before transporting any oversized vehicle, it is important to make sure all aspects of the vehicle are in working order. Any loose pieces, that may fall off, need to be removed or secured. Windows and lights should also be cleaned so that is easier for the operator to see other motorists. Clean lights will also ensure that others will be more likely to see the vehicle.

2. Make the Vehicle Easily Seen

Adding slow-moving-vehicle (SMV) signs to the machinery is essential to ensure other people see your oversized vehicle. It is also good to give some extra warning if your vehicle will cross over the middle line. Flashing lights, SMV signs, and even a pilot car are advised when moving an oversized vehicle on any public road. Also, if machinery crosses, enters, or exits the road at certain locations, it is important to mark those locations with additional signs.

3. Be Extra Cautious

Operators of oversized vehicles need to be extra cautious when driving on public roads. Check multiple times before entering any public road, take turns slowly to ensure no waiting vehicles are accidentally clipped, and be well aware of your route of transport. Knowing where the vehicle is going, and the possible hazards that may exist along the way will keep everyone safe.

4. Never Travel at Night

It is difficult enough for motorists to see a slow-moving vehicle. Transporting such a vehicle at night is too dangerous for anyone to try. Cars will be less likely to see where the vehicle is and the operator will be less likely to see other cars. No amount of lights, pilot cars, or signs will make large vehicle transport at night safe. Just don’t do it.

5. Hire a Transport Company

If you need to transport your oversized vehicle over a large distance, it is best to contact and hire a transport company. A transport company will be able to put your machinery on a trailer and move it that way. They will also be able to get the number of pilot cars and permits needed to transport your vehicles safely, legally, and securely. Your vehicle will also be able to travel much more quickly. This is the best way to transport your oversized vehicle over a long distance.

We at WE WILL TRANSPORT IT has the experience and personnel available to transport any oversized vehicle safely. Please contact us with your oversized shipping needs. We will be able to get you a free quote and answer any questions you may have.

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