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Do you need Transport an Excavator to another State?

Moving an excavator over a long distance is a unique challenge. Size, weight, and even the shape of an excavator vehicle can leave some transportation companies scratching their heads. When you need fast, reliable, and cost-effective excavator transportation, you’ll need to know the right company to call.

If you have an excavator of any size and need to move it from state to state, or even locally, then We Will Transport It Inc. is the company to call.

We are one of the most experienced shippers in the nation and can provide competitive quotes when you need to transport an excavator from State to State.

If you’re ready to get the process started, then we have all the right tips to ensure a smooth experience.

Gather All of Your Information When You’re Ready for Excavator Transport Shipping Quotes

Excavator Transportation


Shipping an excavator is inherently costlier than shipping other types of vehicles, particularly standard passenger cars or commercial vehicles. From your own experience you will know that excavators are often oversized, they can be particularly heavy, and the shape of an excavator means that a flatbed truck will need to be used, rather than a traditional car transporter.

The unique needs of excavator transportation mean that you’ll need to provide detailed and accurate information when you are requesting excavator transport shipping quotes.

The following information can help We Will Transport It Inc. to produce a shipping quote quickly and with a high degree of accuracy.

  • The model and manufacturer of the excavator (this can help with sizing and weight specifications).
  • The gross weight of the excavator.
  • The dimensions of the excavator when positioned for transport. Length, height, and width should all be measured at the farthest extremes of the equipment.
  • Whether or not the excavator can move under its own power.

When you provide us with this information, we’ll get to work building the most affordable excavator transport shipping quotes that you can find today. We work with a team of expert logistics professionals, as well as the best shipping providers in the United States. The combination of efficient shippers and meticulously planned logistics help us to keep costs low.

The best prices will be available when you have a week or more to organize the quote and shipping details. The more time we have to organize shipping, the better the rates will be. If you need expedited shipping for an emergency or for any reason, then we will still work to accommodate your request while keeping our quote competitive with general industry standards.

Look to Real Reviews for Confidence When You Transport an Excavator from State to State

We are the leading shipping company in North America, providing a truly five-star service. You don’t have to take our word for it, and you can view our positive testimonials on Transport Reviews, our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, or our customer reviews on Google Maps.

We always strive to provide the best customer service and the lowest possible excavator transport shipping quotes. Our regular communication, a fully transparent service that gives you a fair deal, and flexibility, all make us the obvious choice when you need to transport an excavator from State to State.

Get Free Excavator Transport Shipping Quotes Today

The best logistics, the most trusted shipping providers in the nation, and industry-leading customer service are all waiting for you at We Will Transport It. Inc.

We’re waiting for your call when you need to move heavy equipment with affordable excavator transport shipping quotes. Heavy and oversized shipping can be complicated, but your shipping service shouldn’t be. We take the anxiety out of transporting large, heavy, and extremely valuable excavators. Get your equipment to a new job site, move it for storage, or even have it transported for sale.

Our team is standing by to help you with your excavator shipping request. Contact us today for heavy and oversized equipment at 844-218-0004, 877-880-5991 and 888-410-0076.

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