International Boat Transportation Tips

Watch this video for some essential international boat transportation tips!

Many people want to ship their boat internationally, but are unsure of how to start the process or prepare their boat. Once you know all the steps, transportation preparation is pretty easy.

Allow us to give you some tips on how to ship your boat internationally!

  1. Get Correct Measurements – Having the correct length, height, width, and weight measurements of your boat is important for determining the price of shipping and the permits needed for transport.
  1. Prepare Your Boat – Shipping companies suggest winterizing your boat for transport. Remove propellers, lights, antennas, and another other fragile or removable objects and store them safely. It is also important to secure cabin windows and empty water tanks and to cover your boat with plastic or a cover before transport.
  1. Make Sure All Transport Paperwork is in Order – It is important to have a clear plan of transport for your boat and to know all the needed paperwork, fees, taxes, and the custom forms necessary for the country you are transporting your boat to. A good shipping company can help you with this process.

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international boat transport tips