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How Much Does Auto Transportation Cost?

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If you’re traveling by air or relocating for a new job, car shipping is a convenient way to have access to your own vehicle as soon as you arrive. A licensed and insured driver can pick up your car, SUV, or truck and load it onto a car transporter for shipping to any location in the world. It’s easy to schedule shipping, and it’s more affordable than you think!

You should budget around $1,300 when you’re in the market for car shipping, and you can find the best deals if you book your shipment several weeks before your trip. Your shipping quote is only an estimate of your final shipping cost, and it will often differ from the final price that you pay. Transportation brokers submit your shipping order in an open marketplace, and leading transportation companies will bid for the job. Automobile shipping service is always subject to seasonal demand, and there are several other important factors that can affect the final price that you pay. We’ll be discussing several of the key factors that can affect the cost of automobile transport in this article, as well as several strategies that you can take as a customer to ensure that you find the best possible deal.

If you ever have questions about auto shipping service, our transportation experts at We Will Transport It are here to help. You can contact one of our transportation specialists 24 hours a day at 1-800-677-1196 and you can also get a free auto shipping estimate online. Here’s a detailed look at several of the main factors that can affect your overall shipping cost. We’re sure that you have plenty of auto shipping questions, and we’re standing by when you need assistance. We believe in providing legendary service for every customer, and we can save you 10% more on door-to-door auto transport to any destination in the world.

What is the Average Car Shipping Cost?

Our $1,300 estimate is based on the current industry averages for car shipping. Open carrier shipping for a short distance (under 500 miles) will cost a little over $600, and enclosed transportation for a cross-country trip will cost around $1,800. Open transport is the most affordable option, but it won’t protect your vehicles from the weather while they’re in transit. Enclosed transportation is a great option to ship classic cars or luxury vehicles. You’ll spend an average of 30-40% more for enclosed transport, but it’s a small price to pay to ensure that your most prized possessions travel safely.

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Shopping for auto transportation is like shopping for any other type of service, and you should always solicit at least three bids. Your price estimates should be more or less the same, but some companies might be able to offer you a slightly lower price. An independent transportation carrier won’t have as much overhead, and a larger company can often offer great rates on routes that it services on a regular basis. Transportation brokers will submit your shipping job to trusted transportation companies, and they will compete for your business.

How Auto Transport Companies Set their Prices?

There are several important factors that will influence the cost of auto shipping, including the mode of transport, the size of your vehicle, and the distance for your trip. There’s a lot of competition in the auto transport industry, and that’s great news for you as the consumer. Here’s a little more detail about how auto shipping costs are calculated.

Open transport is your cheapest option

Open carrier auto shipping is the most popular and economic option for consumers who want to ship their vehicles. An open transport carrier is capable of transporting up to nine vehicles at a time, and transportation companies use open carriers to deliver vehicles for both consumers and auto dealers. If you own a classic car or a luxury sedan, you can schedule enclosed auto transport for your vehicle. Enclosed shipping costs about $400 more, but your car will be protected from the weather for its entire journey.

Average car shipping price by transport type

The average estimated cost for open transport shipping is around $1,080 for a cross-country trip, and the average estimated cost for enclosed auto shipping is around $1,500. Open auto transport is cheap and easy, and the most popular way that consumers choose to ship their vehicles. Unfortunately, your vehicle won’t be protected from the sun and the rain while it’s en route. Enclosed transportation is a great option for new auction purchases, and it’s also a great way to transport car parts or motorcycles.

How can I estimate the average cost to ship a car per mile?

You should expect to pay around .80-$1.00 per mile for open carrier transport, but that’s only a rough estimate. Most auto transportation companies base their pricing for auto transport on more than just the mileage for the trip. You’ll get the best price on a per-mile basis for a longer trip, but your pricing will also be affected by the size of your vehicle and seasonal demand.

Longer trips are more expensive

We’re all experiencing the inconvenience of increasing gas prices, and longer trips put more mileage on trucks and require more fuel. These are some current estimates of transportation costs based on the distance for the trip and the mode of transport.

Travel distance Open car transport cost Enclosed auto transport cost Average
1-499 miles $630 $930 $780
500-999 miles $790 $1,120 $960
1,000-1,499 miles $1,070 $1,510 $1,290
1,500-1,900 miles $1,320 $1,730 $1,530
2,000-2,499 miles $1,360 $1,850 $1,600
Over 2,500 miles $1,350 $1,830 $1,590

Bigger vehicles cost more to ship

It shouldn’t be surprising to learn that heavier vehicles will cost more to ship. Cars are the cheapest types of vehicles to ship, and shipping trucks will cost you about $150-300 more. These figures are only estimates, and you’ll get the most accurate pricing if you know the total weight of your vehicle. You can find that information online or in your owner’s manual and should keep that information handy when you call a transportation broker to get a shipping estimate.

Type of vehicle Cost average Open transportation Enclosed car transportation
Car $1,150 $970 $1,340
SUV $1,280 $1,080 $1,480
Truck $1,450 $1,210 $1,680

Why is car shipping pricing different?

Car shipping costs are calculated by supply and demand, and your auto transport brokers will solicit shipping bids from transportation companies on your behalf. The shipping estimate that you receive will be based on the total mileage for your trip and the size and weight of your vehicle. Transportation companies will often increase their pricing during peak season, but you can lock in the best rates when you schedule your shipment early.

How auto transport bidding works?

When you get your price quote from your auto transport broker, you’re getting a price estimate based on the current market value for the auto shipping job. Once you’ve placed your shipping order, the broker will solicit bids from carriers. Some companies will offer a low price guarantee and will pay the difference if the shipper charges more than the quoted price, but you should review their policies carefully before you place your shipping order.

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Your broker will solicit bids on your behalf to find you the lowest price, and you’ll get the best deals if you’re patient and you schedule your shipment a few weeks in advance. Transportation brokers will usually spend about a week looking for the best deals, and they can often find unsold carrier space for their customers at deep discounts. Transportation companies want to ensure that their transports are running at full capacity, and a seasoned broker can negotiate great deals on carriers that are already making deliveries on your route.

Auto transport cost factors

Transportation companies often take different approaches to their pricing strategies for car shipping.

These are some of the main factors that transportation companies will consider when they offer a price quote for auto shipping:

  • Distance for the transport
  • Optional supplemental insurance
  • Expedited shipping
  • Multiple vehicles (it will cost more to ship two cars, but you’ll pay less per vehicle if you ship more than one)
  • Shipping route (it costs more to ship cars to rural areas than metropolitan areas)
  • Seasonal demand
  • Mode of transport (open carrier shipping vs. enclosed transport)

When it comes to auto shipping, you always owe it to yourself to shop around for the best price. You also shouldn’t be surprised if you get a different price from the same carrier later if you don’t book your shipment right away. Shipping costs are higher if you need expedited shipping for your vehicle, but transportation companies often offer great deals on unsold carrier space when departure is imminent.

Average cost to ship a car

The total cost of auto transportation is based on several different factors, and each company prices its services differently. Here’s a look at a few common shipping scenarios to help you get a cost estimate.

Average shipping cost by transport type

Open transport carriers are the most affordable way to ship a vehicle, and they’re also the most popular shipping option. Enclosed transportation is a “garage on wheels” for your luxury vehicle and it will cost you about $420 more than open transport.

Transport type Average cost
Open transport $1,080
Enclosed transport $1,500

Average shipping cost by distance

A longer trip will cost you more, but you’ll pay a lower rate per mile. Here are the average shipping rates based on transportation distance.

Distance Open transport Enclosed transport Average cost
1-499 miles $630 $930 $780
500-999 miles $790 $1,120 $960
1,000-1,499 miles $1,070 $1,510 $1,290
1,500-1,999 miles $1,320 $1,730 $1,530
2,000-2,499 miles $1,360 $1,850 $1,600
Over 2,500 miles $1,350 $1,830 $1,590

Average car shipping cost by vehicle size

A larger vehicle takes up more carrier space, and a heavier vehicle will increase the transport’s fuel consumption. Here are some shipping estimates based on the type of vehicles that you’re shipping.

Distance Car SUV Truck
1-499 miles $550 $630 $700
500-999 miles $710 $800 $880
1,000-1,499 miles $970 $1,070 $1,180
1,500-1,999 miles $1,170 $1,310 $1,490
2,000-2,499 miles $1,200 $1,330 $1,550
Over 2,500 miles $1,200 $1,340 $1,510


Our transportation experts at We Will Transport It are always available when you have specific questions about auto shipping services. You can speak to one of our shipping specialists 24 hours a day at 1-800-677-1196. Give us a call any time if we failed to answer your auto transport question in the section below.

  • How much does auto shipping cost?

    The average cost of auto transportation is around $1,110. A short trip of 500 miles or less on an open auto transport will cost you around $600, and a longer trip in an enclosed auto transport carrier will cost you about $1,800. Pricing is based on current demand, and rates can increase or decrease on a seasonal basis.

  • Do auto transport costs depend on which shipping company you hire?

    Absolutely! There are plenty of great auto transportation companies who are prepared to compete for your business, and they often price their services slightly differently. Your total shipping costs will be based on the mode of transportation (e.g. open carrier shipping vs. enclosed transportation), the size and weight of your vehicle, and the total distance for the trip. The price of car shipping can also be affected by supply and demand, and pricing is highest during peak shipping season in the summer.

  • What is the average shipping cost for open carrier transport?

    Open carrier ground transportation will cost you an average of approximately $1,080. A short trip of under 500 miles will cost about $630, and you should budget $1,200 or more for coast-to-coast ground transportation.

  • Which transportation companies offer the best rates on car shipping?

    There’s plenty of competition for your auto shipping business, and top companies are prepared to offer you great deals to ship your car, truck, or SUV. AmeriFreight, Montway Auto Transport, and Ship a Car Direct are three of the top shipping companies in the USA, and they currently offer car shipping for around $960 (about $180 below the current industry average). Be sure to get multiple quotes for auto shipping to see how companies compare on price. The fixed costs of ground transportation remain constant for different carriers, but larger companies can offer lower rates for routes that they service frequently. Independent carriers might be able to offer lower prices, but be sure that they’re qualified to do the job. If you ever receive a price quote for shipping that sounds too good to be true, be sure to see what the company’s previous customers have to say before you schedule service.

  • Where can I find an auto shipping cost calculator?

    We offer a free auto shipping calculator on our website, and you can get a quote in a matter of minutes. You can visit our website and input your shipping dates and locations, and we’ll show you the most up-to-date price estimates for auto shipping. Once you confirm your shipping order, our dispatchers will submit your shipping order to the nation’s leading transportation companies for bidding. We’ll send you an email notification once we’ve located a driver, and we can pick up your vehicle at your home.

  • Will my car shipping costs increase if I have a larger vehicle?

    Auto transportation is cheapest for cars and more expensive for larger vehicles such as SUVs and half-ton trucks. You should budget an additional $150-300 if you’re shipping a larger vehicle such as a half-ton truck.

  • Will it cost me more to ship my vehicle during the summer?

    Summer is the peak vacation season, and you can expect to pay the highest rates for auto shipping. The seasonal demand for auto shipping is also higher in the late spring and early fall.

  • How can I get the best available pricing for car shipping?

    Open carrier transportation is your most economical shipping option and it will be around $400 cheaper than enclosed transportation. Be sure to get multiple estimates, and schedule your shipment several weeks in advance to get the best deals.

  • How can I estimate the cost of shipping my car to Hawaii?

    If you want to ship a car from California to Hawaii, you should budget about $1,300-$2,200. Your car can be shipped in a shipping container, or on a roll-on transport. In order to get the best price for Hawaii car shipping, you should call for a shipping quote at least three weeks in advance.

  • How can I estimate the cost of shipping my car to Mexico?

    Ground transportation to Mexico will usually take 7 to 10 days, and you should budget between $1,500-$2,500. Your final shipping costs will depend on the size of your vehicle, the mode of auto transportation, and the total distance for your trip. It’s always a good idea to be patient when shopping for the best rates on international car shipments, and schedule shipping several weeks in advance.

  • What is the average per-mile cost for auto transport?

    Your average shipping cost will be slightly under a dollar per mile. You’ll pay a higher price to ship your vehicle a longer distance, but your average cost per mile will be lower. Your pricing for ground transportation will also be affected by the size and weight of your vehicle and seasonal demand.

  • How much does auto shipping cost?

    Your shipping costs will vary widely, but you should budget around $1,080-$1,200 for ground transportation. A smaller sedan will be cheaper to ship than a half-ton truck, and you’ll pay a lower cost per mile for a longer shipment. Seasonal demand for shipping can also affect your pricing, particularly in the summer and the fall.

  • How do transport carriers calculate their rates for auto shipping?

    When you request a shipping estimate, your shipment will be submitted to transport carriers for bidding. Brokers will solicit bids on your behalf, and transportation companies will offer their best pricing in an attempt to secure the shipment. The estimate will be based on seasonal demand, as well as the size and weight of your vehicle and the total mileage for your trip.

  • What is the best car transport company?

    Auto transport carriers have plenty of competition, and the best companies are prepared to do whatever it takes to earn your business. You can also easily find plenty of online reviews for the top transportation companies. It’s also important to review independent research to see how the transport carriers stack up. In 2022, Forbes independently reviewed bonded and insured transportation carriers, and you can find their rankings if you visit this link. The authors of the study only considered companies that offered online bookings, and the opportunity to read reviews and purchase additional insurance. collected almost 700 shipping quotes from over a dozen of the nation’s top shipping companies to rank the best car shipping companies. They based their final rankings on rates, customer service satisfaction scores, and ease of online access.

    Transportation companies have to stand behind their services if they expect to stay in business, and their online reputation will always keep them honest. Be sure to contact any companies that you’re considering directly for more information, and ask them for some recent references.

  • What information will a transportation company need to give me a car shipping quote?

    You’ll need to know your pick-up and delivery locations and dates, as well as the make and model of your vehicle. If you’re shipping a larger vehicle such as an RV, you might also need to know more detailed information about the dimensions and weight of your vehicle. It’s never a bad idea to keep your owner’s manual handy when you call to get your auto shipping quote in case your shipping agent has any specific questions.

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That’s been our look at how auto transport companies price their services, and we hope you found this information helpful. As the consumer, you have all the power when you shop around for your auto shipping quote. You can expect to get the best possible rates for auto transportation when you book your shipment in advance, and you should always get multiple estimates to see how the auto transport carriers compete on price. A company with less overhead will often be able to offer you lower prices, but you should trust your instincts if you ever see an estimate that sounds too good to be true.

If you ever have questions about auto shipping service, our transportation experts at We Will Transport It are always here to help. We also offer an easy-to-use online shipping calculator to get a free auto shipping estimate, and we can beat any quote for auto shipping. We never require our customers to pay up-front deposits to schedule any services, and your vehicle will always be transported by a licensed and insured driver. We love working with budget-conscious customers, and you can reach us 24 hours a day at 1-800-677-1196 to learn more about auto shipping anywhere in the world!

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