Pontoon Shipping – Transportation

A pontoon boat is an amazing thing but shipping it from one place to another is always going to be challenging and for good reason. On the water, your pontoon boat can be a source of great comfort to you. It can be the place where you relax it can be a spot where you simply enjoy yourself, and you can make some incredible memories on it.

When it comes to shipping it, however, you might find yourself pulling your hair out. Don’t worry, a good pontoon shipping company can help you out significantly, and will even make sure that you get the lowest possible price. Let’s talk a bit about the cost of using our pontoon shipping company.

How Much does it Cost to Use a Pontoon Shipping Company?

Our immediate question will likely be regarding the price of the shipping service, and we completely understand! The problem is that we cannot give you a full estimate until we are able to take the following items into account prior to your departure:

  • Road Conditions – The state of the roads can easily change the arrival time and the price. If the route needs to change, or if additional tools need to be paid this could reflect the cost, so keep that in mind when you are booking.
  • Size of Pontoon – The size of your boat and the type of truck needed will play a significant part in helping us to determine how much we are going to charge for the service.
  • Routes Taken – A lot of the cost is determined by the route that is taken, for example, if there are multiple toll roads you will end up paying more, but it all depends heavily upon the distance traveled and the price of the tolls on a given day.
  • Distance Travelled – The price to ship a pontoon depends heavily upon the distance that will be traveled during the trip. For example, if you are only moving to the next city it could be very inexpensive, considering the type of service that is being employed. If, however, you are shipping a pontoon from state to state the price can rise significantly.

Though pontoon shipping quotes might be a bit on the high side, we bring you top of the line service and guarantees like no one else can.

How Long Does it take to Ship

pontoon transportThe time required to ship a pontoon from one place to another will depend on the length of the trip, the road conditions, time of year, and more. Obviously, a trip to a neighboring city will require far less time than moving to another state or even across the country, so evaluate your trip distance and make sure that you take the potential time into account. If you are planning a vacation, make sure that your arrival time lines up with the delivery of your pontoon!

Why Use Us?

There are quite a few boat shipping companies out there that can get the job done, but it is important to ask whether or not they care about the entire process. One of the biggest problems that we’ve encountered in the boat shipping industry is a disconnect between the initial service and the shipping. We strive to not only treat you well during the initial sale, but we also ensure that we hire only the best drivers to get your pontoon boat from beginning to end.

You are more than welcome to browse through our five-star ratings – we have completed thousands of jobs and utilize the best safety measures to ensure that your boat arrives both intact and on time – a feature that many other companies tend to be lacking.

Whether you’re planning a long vacation, a short fishing trip, or routine boat maintenance, you can trust us to get your pontoon out of the water onto the road, and to its final destinations. Check out our reviews, book your trip, and most importantly, leave us a positive review once we get your boat to the end of the line.


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