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How car shipping works in Connecticut

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How much does car shipping from Connecticut to Florida cost?

The average cost to ship a car from Connecticut to Florida is between $1,565 and $1,925. Depending on the location, the price will vary. For example, shipping a vehicle from Brookfield, CT, 06804, to Miami, FL, 33135, might cost between $850 and $1,327.

The distance between Connecticut and Florida is 1,241 miles. The estimated transit time is between 3 and 9 days.

Shipping a car in Florida during the summer can cost up to $500 more than during the rest of the year.

Auto shipping in Connecticut typically involves two options:

Open car transport carrier

This is the most common and cost-effective option. Open carriers can transport multiple vehicles simultaneously, reducing the cost per vehicle.

Enclosed car transport carrier

This option provides extra protection for high-value or classic, sports, antiques and luxury cars, for this reason the shipping car price in a enclosed carrier will be higher.

Cheap car shipping options from Connecticut

What are the ways to reduce the price of shipping your vehicle?

  • The cheapest way will always be with any service industry is to do it yourself. You can drive the car but this will only put miles on the vehicle and cause stress or an accident. Having a transport service will free up your time, to spend on a vacation and spend time with your family.
  • Meet the driver at a more desired location. Ask your broker if you can meet the driver at a more populated location to save you money.
  • Having a broker like We Will Transport It, we can save you hundreds by giving us time to find the cheapest carrier. Tell your agent that you have a week for the carrier to pick up your vehicle. This will give us the option to wait till there is a truck in your area to pick up your vehicle. Having the option to pick up your car any day of the week will always save you money.

5 Completed Car shipping Jobs out of Connecticut

From ToShipping QuoteMiles
Danbury Connecticut, 06810-Morrisville Pennsylvania, 19067$400133 miles
Hartford Connecticut, 06106-Goldsboro North Carolina, 27534$700625 miles
Easton Connecticut, 06612-Portland Oregon, 97214$1,6002,957 miles
Branford Connecticut, 06405-Los Angeles California, 90007$1,4502,881 miles
Hartford Connecticut, 06114-Junction City Kansas, 66441$1,1001,446 miles

* Prices shown above are from previous jobs we completed in 2023; they fluctuate depending on diesel and the time of the year.

5 Completed Jobs going to Connecticut

From ToShipping QuoteMiles
Norwood Massachusetts, 02062-Wilton Connecticut, 06897$350116 miles
Davie Florida, 33314-Stamford Connecticut, 06902$1,1001,309 miles
Iowa City Iowa, 52240-New Haven Connecticut, 06511$9501,080 miles
Idaho Falls Idaho, 83404-Southbury Connecticut, 06488$1,6002,335 miles
Bakersfield California, 93301-Meriden Connecticut, 06450$1,7502,898 miles

* Prices shown above are from previous jobs we completed in 2023; they fluctuate depending on diesel and the time of the year.

Car Shipping to/from Connecticut

Part of New England, Connecticut is bordered by New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. A large part of this tiny state is considered to be included in the New York Metropolitan Area. Connecticut has a long history of maritime activity, thanks to the Connecticut River, the Thames River, and ports along the Long Island Sound (which makes up the state’s southern border).

Finance, Insurance, and Manufacturing comprise the most significant portion of Connecticut’s economy. However, many Connecticut residents travel to New York City for work. This surge of commuters creates a significant traffic problem along Interstate 95, sometimes spilling over to Merritt Parkway.

Car Shipping to Connecticut

What You Should Know About Connecticut Auto Transport

If you are considering hiring a CT Auto Transport Service, please remember the following important points.

  1. No company can offer a flat-rate fee for shipping, many factors are involved, and so carriers will provide a quote after discussing the details of your auto transport in Connecticut.
  2. You should NEVER be asked to pay an upfront deposit for Car Shipping in Connecticut.
  3. Always get several quotes from different carriers before agreeing to sign a contract with a particular one.

Car Shipping Companies in CT

If you are looking for Car Shipping Companies in CT, you must call We Will Transport It, the number one Car Shipping Connecticut Company and five-star Vehicle Transport Company in the US.
We use Covered Car Transport (Enclosed Auto Transport or Enclosed Car Shipping) to protect your car and do very secure transportation and delivery.

What Factors Impact the Cost of Auto Transport Connecticut

Considering the information above, you may wonder how a transport carrier arrives at the quote you provided. Many details will impact the overall cost of transporting any car. These include:

  • The current cost of diesel gas
  • Taxes, tolls, and weigh station fees on the route to be traveled
  • Total distance to be covered
  • Insurance for the vehicle(s) being transported

The cost of running the carrier is divided by the number of cars transported. For this reason, open-air pages (which carry 8-10 vehicles at a time) are less expensive than enclosed transport carriers (which can only hold 2-3 cars).

Enclosed transport is often the choice for customers with precious cars, such as antiques, luxury sports cars, or restored collectibles. However, for most customers, open-air carriers provide plenty of security and insurance.

Auto Shipping Connecticut Residents Love

We Will Transport It lists hundreds of carriers in our database, but we also have strict standards for who is listed with us. Our carriers and drivers must be licensed, bonded, and insured. Still, more than that, they must have a solid reputation for five-star delivery service and plenty of experience in the industry.

We want our customers to feel sure they are always getting a great deal and working with a great company. So, we’re confident that when it comes to Car Transport Connecticut, customers will love working with We Will Transport It.

Car Shipping Connecticut

We Will Transport It is a five-star Connecticut Auto Transport, Connecticut Car Shipping, CT Auto Transport, International Shipping Company and a heavy load-hauling specialist that will give you the top rate service for a fair price.

Cheap Car Shipping

Open carrier shipping carrier is the most affordable and popular method of moving vehicles. Ship a Car Direct offers cheap car shipping services for long-distance moves at only 53 cents per mile.

Classic/Sports Car Transport

Enclosure auto transport is the best option when shipping a vintage car. This method protects your vehicle by placing it inside a sealed trailer. The cost of enclosed transport is higher than that of open transport.

How much does shipping a car in Connecticut?

Shipping a car in Connecticut can range from $650 to $1,650. The average cost to ship a vehicle in Connecticut is around $2.99 per mile for short distances, $1.99 per mile for medium distances, and $1.59 for long distances. The cost to ship a car depends on several factors, including the length of time you need to send your vehicle and whether you choose open or enclosed shipping.

Shipping a vehicle costs $950, $1,240, and $2,520 for short, medium, and long-distance shipments.

How much does it cost to ship a car from CT to CA?

The cost to ship a car will tend to fluctuate within specific ranges; for example, transporting a vehicle from Enfield, CT, 06083 to Los San Diego, California, 91911 could cost between $1,050.00 and $1,850.00 while shipping your car from New Haven, CT to San Francisco, CA might be priced between $1,560.00 and $1,900.00.

How long does it take to ship a car from Connecticut to California?

The distance between Connecticut, CT and California, CA, is around 3,000 miles. It’ll take 8 to 17 days to complete your car shipment.

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Completed car transport to Connecticut by We will Transport it

 Reliable Car Shipping Company in Connecticut

A customer needs to have their Jeep Liberty moved from Omaha, Nebraska,68007 to Trumbull, CT, 06611. We loaded it onto a 3-car open carrier and had the SUV delivered the very next day. The total time of transport was 12 hours. The total cost of transportation was $1,698.00.

Connecticut Facts

  • Connecticut is known as the Constitution State
  • The 5th state was incorporated in 1788
  • In July 2023, there were4,290,527 people living in the state
  • Hartford is the capital
  • Bridgeport is the largest city
  • CT is the abbreviation for Connecticut
  • The American robin is the state bird
  • The state flower is the mountain laurel

What are the major highways that run through Connecticut?

Connecticut received approval for its three primary Interstate highways in 1958: I-84, I-91, and I-95. To avoid duplication, state highways with the same number designation as Interstate highways were renumbered.

We provide nationwide auto transport services to and from Connecticut.

We are car shipping specialists nationwide and from/to Connecticut.

Haven, Connecticut

Car Shipping Services to or from Haven, Connecticut, 06525

New Haven Connecticut: 06807, 06880,06840, 06831, 06820, 06870, 06878, 06830, 06511, 06512, 06512, 06513

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Auto Shipping Services to or from Bridgeport, Connecticut

Bridgeport zip codes: 06601, 06602, 06604, 06605, 06606, 06607, 06608, 06610, 06673, 06699

Stamford, Connecticut

Car Shipping Services to or from Stamford, Connecticut

Stamford Zip Codes: 06901, 06902, 06903, 06904, 06905, 06906, 06907, 06910, 06911, 06912, 06913, 06914, 06926, 06927

Hartford, Connecticut

Car Transport Services to or from Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford Zip Codes: 06101, 06102, 06103, 06104, 06105, 06106, 06112, 06114, 06115, 06120, 06123, 06126, 06132, 06134, 06140, 06141, 06142, 06143, 06144, 06145, 06146, 06147, 06150, 06151, 06152, 06153, 0615, 06155, 06156, 06160, 06167, 06176, 06180, 06183, 06199

Waterbury, Connecticut

Auto Transport Services to or from Waterbury, Connecticut

Waterbury zip codes include:
06701, 06702, 06703, 06704, 06705, 06706, 06708, 06710, 06712, 06716, 06720, 06721, 06722, 06723, 06724, 06725, 06726, 06749

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