Car Shipping Connecticut

car shipping connecticut

Part of New England, Connecticut is bordered by New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. A large part of this tiny state is considered to be included in the New York Metropolitan Area. Connecticut has a long history of maritime activity, thanks to the Connecticut River, the Thames River, and ports along the Long Island Sound (which makes up the southern border of the state).

Finance, Insurance, and Manufacturing make up the largest portion of Connecticut’s economy. However, many of the residents of Connecticut travel to New York City for work. This surge of commuters creates a big traffic problem along Interstate 95, sometimes spilling over to Merritt Parkway.

What You Should Know About Car Transport Connecticut

If you are considering hiring a car shipping service, please remember the following important points.

  1. No company can offer a flat rate fee for shipping, there are many factors that are involved, and so carriers will provide a quote after discussing the details of your auto transport Connecticut.
  2. You should NEVER be asked to pay an up front deposit for car shipping Connecticut.
  3. Always get several quotes from different carriers before agreeing to sign a contract with a particular one.

What Factors Impact the Cost of Auto Transport Connecticut

Keeping in mind the information above, you may wonder how a transport carrier arrives at the quote you are provided. There are many details that are considered which will impact the overall cost of transporting any car. These include:

  • Current cost of diesel gas
  • Taxes, tolls, and weigh station fees on the route to be traveled
  • Total distance to be covered
  • Insurance for the vehicle(s) being transported

The total cost for running the carrier is divided between the number of cars being transported. For this reason, open-air carriers (which carry 8-10 vehicles at a time) are less expensive than enclosed transport carriers (which can only hold 2-3 vehicles). Enclosed transport is often the choice for customers with very valuable cars, such as antiques, luxury sports cars, or restored collectibles. However, for most customers, open-air carriers provide plenty of security and insurance.

Auto Shipping Connecticut Residents Love

We Will Transport It lists hundreds of carriers in our database, but we also have strict standards for who is listed with us. All of our carriers and drivers must be licensed, bonded, and insured, but more than that, they must have a solid reputation for five-star delivery service and plenty of experience in the industry. We want our customers to feel sure that they are getting a great deal and working with a great company, every single time. So, we’re confident that when it comes to car transport Connecticut customers will love working with We Will Transport It.

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