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What is the Logistics Behind Wide Load Heavy Hauler Services


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What is the difference between wide load and oversize load?

First, wide loads are defined as any load that exceeds the legal dimensions for highway travel – typically, anything over 8.5 feet (2.6 meters) across. On the other hand, oversize loads refer to any item that exceeds legal limitations in length, width, height or weight.

Big load movers nationwide and overseas

Anyone can hitch a trailer to their truck and haul a big load down the highway. However, problems arise when those loads are especially large and weighty. After a certain point, it becomes illegal for your to transport certain shipments without special equipment and permits.

Shipping Oversize Loads: How to Move Big Loads

An oversized load is anything that exceeds the legal limits for standard transportation. These require big load movers who specialize in work such as shipping wide loads.

Here’s how to start shipping oversize loads and what you need to know about the process.

Wide Load Shipping Services

Wide-load shipping services involve a lot of different moving parts. There’s planning out the route, acquiring permits, purchasing insurance, and more.

  • Trucking & Transportation

    The four main trailer types for shipping wide loads are as follows:

    • Flatbed trailer
    • Flat rack trailer
    • Gooseneck trailer
    • Drop deck trailer

    Your driver will also require a truck that is strong enough to carry the load, especially if it’s over the legal weight limits.

  • Oversize Load Trucking

    Loading your shipment requires properly measuring its length, width, height, and weight. Permit acquisition requires shippers to provide these specific measurements.</p >

    You’ll also need to figure out how to load and unload your shipment. Your choices will often come down to either a crane or a forklift.

  • Dedicated Logistics Specialists

    A dedicated specialist will go through all of the shipping procedures, such as confirming any special requirements, planning ahead, and coordinating with the end recipient. They will also calculate the wide load shipping costs for their client.

  • Permit Acquiring

    The carrier is responsible for acquiring permits and should include this in the client’s quote. Keep in mind that permit requirements will often differ based on location.

    For example, Florida has different permit limits based on weight and gross weight.

  • Route Surveys

    Your carrier will also plan the route to your destination. It’s essential that their truck’s path does not have any height limits. They should also look for roads with wider turns, if necessary.

  • Pilot Cars & Escorts

    An escort travels with oversized loads as an extra safety precaution. They help to warn other drivers of your presence as well as close off roads so you can make certain turns.

  • Oversize Load Insurance

    A wide load transport is almost always something very expensive and difficult to replace. It’s also a tricky ordeal transporting them at times, depending on their dimensions.

    As such, you’ll be well-advised to get freight insurance before putting it on the trailer.

Wide Load Transport Guide

How you transport your oversize load will depend on the types of shipping and the types of items. Sending something internationally also means navigating certain obstacles.

  • Aircraft

    You may decide to ship an aircraft instead of flying it due to its condition or the distance it needs to travel. In order to ship it, the plane will need to be dismantled into separate smaller parts.

  • Boats

    Oversized boats will require extra paperwork and permits for transport. Cranes may also be required to load them. The transport company will then plan out a route to avoid obstacles such as low bridges and high tolls.

  • Equipment

    If possible, oversized equipment will be dismantled and reassembled at the destination. Otherwise, it will be transported as is on a transport vessel.

  • International

    Shipping something like a car to another country can take multiple weeks, and the speed will depend on what kind of shipping the customer purchases. This often happens via ocean freight, as plane delivery is far more expensive.

    Likewise, shipping equipment internationally also happens on ocean freights that take longer to arrive. The same goes for transporting RVs and campers.

Influential Price Factors

There are various price factors that can influence how much it costs to ship a big load. These include:

  • An over-dimensional surcharge
  • The acquisition of permits
  • Any and all safety-mandated requirements
  • The cost of using a specialized driver.

A specialized driver has more just than years of experience and heavy haul training. They may need to know how certain equipment works and how best to load it. They should know how to handle odd-shaped equipment.

Big Load Shipping Dimensions

The maximum legal load is a width of 8.5 feet, and a height of 14 feet. Length and weight vary by state. Superloads are anything over 16 feet in width and may require temporary road closures.

Wide Load Shipping Regulations

Warning flags must be attached to anything that extends past the sides or corners of the vehicle. Amber or red lights are also necessary if traveling at night.

Shipping Oversize Loads: How to Move Big Loads

Some states require an additional rotating or flashing light on the top of the hauling vehicle’s cabin.

Transporting a Wide Load Overseas

Your options for shipping an oversized load overseas are via air freight or ocean freight. Ocean freight is usually more affordable, but can take much longer to arrive at its destination.

What Is Wide Load?

A wide load is any vehicle or load that is wider than 2.59 meters, or 8 feet and six inches. However, each state in the United States has its own standards for oversize shipments and their requirements.

What Is the Difference Between Oversized Load and Wide Load?

Technically speaking, all wide loads are oversized. However, an oversized load is over the legal limits. This could be in any category such as length, width, or weight.

While they are used interchangeably, a wide load refers more specifically to an object’s width alone.

What Makes Something Oversized?

A shipment is considered oversize if it is over the legal limits for length, width, height, or weight. An especially tall object may be considered oversized even if it’s not that wide or heavy. Likewise, a smaller item with incredible weight may also fit the category.

Why Is It Oversize Load and Not Oversized?

An oversized load can be considered a wide load if it only exceeds the legal limits in width. If it exceeds the limits of height, length, or weight, then it’s strictly considered oversized.

Why Do Cars Follow Oversized Loads?

Cars escort oversized loads to assist with road safety measures. They can block off lanes for large trucks making turns. Escorts are also responsible for warning other road users with flags, lights, and other features.

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