If you are having a boat transported, you might want to consider shrink wrapping it. When done properly, shrink wrapping a boat for transport is a fast, durable, and cost-effective way to protect your boat while it is in transit. Here are some tips for shrink wrapping your boat right. Make sure you properly pad any sharp objects on the boat as well as any vinyl interiors that could be damaged by the heat. All vinyl should have a single layer of shrink wrap over it. Anti-chafe tape on all areas that could suffer abrasions, such as vinyl graphics, is an extra protectant. Put tape over the fuel vent to keep the fumes from escaping in transport.

Wherever you are going to place hull tape, make sure you remove all mold and wax releases so the tape will properly attach. You can use rags with rubbing alcohol to clean those areas. The swath cleaned should be at least eight inches wide. If you need a boat transported, call on the team at We Will Transport It, Inc. With experience and dedication, you can rest assured that your vessel is in good hands.

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shrink wrapping a boat for transport