Heavy Equipment Transport for Businesses

If you need to Heavy Equipment Shipping for Businesses, odds are that it will need to be transported to other work sites at one time or another.

Heavy Equipment Shipping for Businesses, Heavy Equipment Transport for Businesses

When it comes to transporting heavy equipment or over-dimensional vehicles and equipment, you need to work with an experienced transportation company that knows how to get the load to its destination on time and in one piece. You want to deal with a safe, reputable transport company.

Here at We Will Transport It, Inc., we have access to a fleet of vehicles that can take your heavy equipment and oversized loads wherever they need to go. Among the vehicles that we have access to include:

  • 6-axle, 6-line, self-propelled trailer
  • Flatbed trailers with two axles and two-axle stretch with sides and/or pans
  • Stepdeck trailers with two axles, two-axle stretches, two axles with sides, pans, super-low, and other
  • Double drop trailers
  • Van trailers ranging from 40 feet to 53 feet
  • Specialty trailers, such as beams, outer perimeter, and dollies

Regardless of the size of your piece of machinery or heavy equipment, we can get you where you need to go. We have the experience, skills, and manpower needed to load and unload your machinery safely and ensure it is properly secured on the trailer.

Considerations for Heavy Equipment Shipping for Businesses

Each state has different requirements for hauling oversized loads and shipments. It is very important to know the legal requirements for each state to make sure the proper permits have been acquired.

Heavy Equipment Shipping for Businesses, Heavy Equipment Transport for Businesses

Before any flatbed load is moved, the exact dimensions must be determined and the exact weight must be properly calculated so the correct equipment could be used to transport the load. You need to work with a professional transport service experienced in heavy equipment shipping, so the five key areas can be addressed.

Here are the five key areas regarding a large load:

  1. Know the legal limits for flatbed loads.
  2. Find out if the load is considered oversized.
  3. Learn the rules so you will know if a travel escort is required.
  4. Understand the factors that could impact your schedule.
  5. Know the meanings and the requirements regarding special markings.

Heavy Equipment Shipping for Businesses, Heavy Equipment Transport for Businesses

A route must be set up and pre-determined before you leave on your journey. The size of the load is given utmost consideration.

Your route might be longer and travel farther out of the way to avoid getting stuck or blocking traffic whenever that can prevent. Your transporter will work with the appropriate transportation departments to ensure the load is legally transported.

To learn more about our heavy equipment shipping services, contact We Will Transport It today.

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